by:Merttace     2020-04-28
This is a quick and easy project that anyone can do.
Put this vintage wooden desk lamp in the living room, kitchen or children\'s bedroom to add warmth to your family.
Once you have put Edson\'s lights on, you will start to criticize all the other lighting devices in your home.
The unique design of the lights will change the way you light your room. Let’s do it! Materials:-
290x90x70mm piece of wood (WxDxH)-
Two sockets
DPDT On-1 heavy toggle switchOff-
Two Edison bulbs1.
5 M electrical parallel cable, 1. 5mm2-
1 male power plugTwo wood screws
1 Pc 5mm silver chrome-plated metal LED bezel panel display wood finish (
No matter what kind of wood finish you like
I use mineral oil and wax)
In my opinion, the most important stage in a project is to write your ideas on paper.
You have a project idea that feels right.
This is the beginning. Sketch it out!
It takes only a few seconds to get the idea from your mind.
Draw some more ideas now.
You won\'t know if your first idea is the best before you explore others.
Two sketches were drawn. . . .
It\'s still alive, it\'s still alive! ! : )
I have some wood blocks and in my design I find that the best size is 290x90x70mm wood blocks.
The size I use is written on the sketch.
I used a 35mm drill bit to drill holes to hold the socket.
I made two holes. 4mm)
Through the cable in each socket hole.
I used two drill bits, 12mm and 35mm for the switch.
This is the most critical part of the project.
I use a guide to control the depth of the drill.
12mm bit on top (
20mm deep).
So I used the same center line to drill the bottom with 35mm.
I like to keep the thickness around 8mm and I can adjust it according to the switch if needed.
To accommodate the cable, dig a channel with 8mm and connect the switch hole to the two socket holes.
Many carpenters turn to oil and wax finishes when they first try to tidy up, which is for good reason.
They are easy to apply and are almost foolproof results, no applicator is required except for a rag, and the wood looks rich and natural.
In my desk lamp, I decided to route as shown in Circuit 1.
If the toggle is in the middle position, both lights are on and off if the toggle is left or right.
But I designed the second option where you can turn on only one light or both at the same time. It\'s up to you!
Connect the cable after the circuit, fix the socket on the wood using wooden screws and install the switch and power plug. Just it!
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