winter interiors guide: warm up your home with tartan prints and cosy carpets

by:Merttace     2020-04-12
Quietly bypassing the record of breaking, this is the hygge trend, here are some ways you can eliminate the goose bumps in your home and comfortably during the last period of hibernation(
Note: candles included-just no Swedish pine scent).
Carpet diemRugs have been popular for the past few decades.
Throw on the wood floor and roll and replace without being too much trouble.
However, with homeowners actively investing in time-tested interiors, the fitted carpet is rising again.
I think a space with carpet is an underlined home.
Using the right hue in the right space, the carpet can draw together the overall look of the interior.
For me, this is not only a return to the fitted carpet, but also to the more traditional interior design concept.
Warm red and thick and comfortable carpet of mustards-maybe even a plaid (
More information on this)
-Will add an instant old-
The worldly charm of your space.
With regular linen
Cushion sofa and armchairs with wings and add cushions to reflect the tone of the floor.
Decorate it with a grid-yes, a grid!
Sometimes you can find home in one mode and warmth in one tone.
To give your interior a relaxed, intimate and gracious feel, decorate, lay, or cover with grids, grids, and grids.
For those who have just come into contact with the world of tartans, checkups and plaids, one of these patterns can be overwhelming.
A plaid sofa, carpet, or plaid mat will provide the cheerful warmth of the carpet without committing to a bold trend.
Using grid, grid or grid furniture as a key piece of furniture can keep your home light and airy.
However, in order to achieve a completely comfortable effect this winter, the carpet or curtains do not need further work to get you home in the winter --ready.
Don\'t forget the coffee table. The coffee table is the center of any comfortable sanctuary, so be sure to design it cleverly.
Avoid confusion and use the space to display exquisite decorations and candles next to the great coffee table books. A sweet-
Smelling the candles will provide a warm atmosphere, and the soft flashing lights are both relaxing and flattering for the space and for any guest who comes to avoid the cold.
One condition for the success of the coffee table is its function.
In other words, it is important to look beautiful and plan, but make sure there is enough room for a few coffee cups.
Getting glowLighting is one of the most important things to create a relaxed and comfortable atmosphere at home-so this is my lighting commandment: Don\'t use downlights if possible.
The desk lamp and floor lamp are your best friends and will help you achieve a comfortable and flattering environment.
Put them on the eyes
Avoid strange facial shadows.
Use a dimmer switch on your light so you can control the level of light over the night.
Even the simplest lights look luxurious.
Tips above: carpets and carpets bring immediate warmth to your space-both physically and aesthetically.
Traditional printed patterns and patterns, such as grids and grids, are very attractive and are the perfect choice for winter interior design.
When it comes to winter, the coffee table is the center of the family.
Keep it looking beautiful and tidy with plenty of room for a few cups.
Lighting is undoubtedly the most important device to turn your home into a comfortable paradise.
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