Wine Bottle Floor Lamp

by:Merttace     2019-11-20
Do you have a spare bottle build up that takes up space?
There are some very unique ideas about wine bottles online, but what I haven\'t seen yet is the floor lamp.
So, using some other material, they can be used to make a new floor lamp that turns your trash into a treasure.
Overview: The lamp I made consists of 7 bottles: 5 bottles are regular size (750 mL)
1 is omnipotent (1. 5 L)
, 1 is double magnum (3 L).
Side note: Obviously, there is a naming system for different bottle sizes, all the way up to a 6l imperial bottle.
I have two 3/4 pine trees at the bottom.
There are four bottles of ordinary size on this base.
Next is the other two 3/4 Komatsu (2nd base)
The bottle of shuangmagnan sits on it.
Next is a smaller 3/4 \"Pine (3rd base)
The universal bottle is placed on it.
Next is a smaller 3/4 pine tree (4th base)
A bottle of ordinary size is placed on it.
From the top of the last bottle, I connected the lamp kit to the copper pipe track.
You can change the quantity and size of the bottle according to the appearance of your lamp.
So, you can follow my instructions exactly, or you can use it as a guide to your lights.
I divide the following steps based on the base where each bottle is built.
Supplies: tools: the base of my lamp consists of two round pine wood with a diameter of 0. 75\" thick.
I had to stick the pine board together and cut a round piece.
An easy way to cut the perfect circle is to use the Dremel rotation tool, more than 561
The use of cutting drill bits and circular cutting rails.
Once you have two rounded sections on your base, you can add a nice edge using a fixed base router or router table.
I used Ogee in Rome.
In the center of the top of the base, use a hole saw Attachment/drill bit and power drill bit to make a hole that will allow your lamp pole to be installed comfortably.
I used a copper coupler for my lamp.
Optional: I added a small wooden ring around the copper hook.
I just think it\'s good.
I took some discarded small round blocks from previous cuts with a piece of hole saw attachment.
I used a smaller block hole attachment and cut a small circle from a round piece of wood to make this ring.
I then use my dremel and the sanding attachment to shape the top of the ring to get a nice round edge.
There are four bottles around the center bar of my lamp base.
So, I set up an area for each wine bottle at the top of the wooden base.
Place four bottles on the base around the center bar and track a circle for each bottle.
In order to route out a nearly perfect circle, I used the routing bit along with the circle cutting guide with dremel.
I route an almost perfect circle, and then I route the rest of the wood inside the circle using my plunge base router.
The wiring depth of the circle is about 0. 25\".
Finally, go straight a bit, wiring a line in the first part of the base, and when two pieces of wood sit together, the line will allow the light rope to sit between two pieces of wood.
The 2nd base located on the top of four ordinary size bottles is also made up of two pieces of 0.
75 \"the pine tree is cut in the same way as in the previous step.
1st pieces: cut the wood into a circle and can be placed around the neck of four wine bottles.
Good edge of the route (if you want to)
Like the previous steps.
Use a part hole attachment to cut a hole for the rod.
Then put this piece of wood on the pole and on the top of the four bottom wine bottles.
With a pencil, trace where the top of the neck of each bottle is placed on the wood.
Take the wood down and arrange an area for each wine bottleneck to rest on the wood.
2nd pieces: Cut your other piece of wood into circles slightly smaller than the first piece of wood.
Before moving on, the bottom of the other three bottles needs to be removed so that the pole can extend the light up.
For more information, please refer to my instructions on cutting glass bottles or networks.
After removing the bottom, I put the very large bottle on this 2nd piece of wood and tracked the outline of the bottle.
I then use my dremel, circular clamp and router bit to route the area where the bottle is placed on the wood.
The Dremel router drill bit is 1/4 \", the same thickness as the glass of this bottle.
The depth of the area routed out is about 1/4 \", so, in other words, the bottle puts 1/4\" into the wood.
Finally, use a hole saw Attachment/drill bit and power drill bit to make a hole in the center of the two pieces of wood and let the center Rod go through.
The base of 3rd consists of a circular piece with a diameter of 3/4, which is slightly smaller than the base of 2nd.
Cut this piece of wood using dremel 561 drill bit and round Cutting Guide.
Then add a good edge using a fixed router or router table based.
Remove the bottom of the next bottle, place it on this piece of wood, and follow its outline as in the previous step.
I then route the area where the bottle is placed on the wood using dremel or rotating tools, circular clamps and 561 cutting bits.
Dremel 561 bit is 1/8 \", the same thickness as the glass of this bottle.
The depth of the routed area is about 1/4 \".
Finally, use a hole saw Attachment/drill bit and power drill bit to make a hole in the center of the wood and let the center Rod go through.
For this piece of wood, follow the same procedure as in the previous step.
Cut off your wood to make it smaller than the previous base.
After completing the fourth base, assemble the bottle and base to preview the appearance of the lamp.
I assembled the center bar when I was at this step in case I had to cut some copper pipes.
Once you have everything sorted out, you can start sorting out wood and copper.
Wood: I Dirty each base with Ming wax Ipswich pine oil
Based on internal stains, each piece is coated with a two-layer Minwax satin polyurethane coating.
Copper: I polish the copper with very fine steel wool and coat each piece using Minwax transparent glossy polyurethane.
I decided to remove all the labels on the bottles.
This problem can be solved with warm water, soap and soap.
In order to connect the lamp kit, I have to find a way to fix it on the top coupler of the copper pipe.
I found a stick with a slightly smaller diameter than the coupler, used a bit the same size as the lamp nipple, and drilled a hole in the stick.
I then cut a piece into half the size of the coupler (
So that the copper tube can be inserted into the other half of the tube).
I made sure the nipples were snug in the hole I drilled, and then I removed the nipple wood from the coupler.
Next, I connected the wooden base of the two bottoms with 4 brass numbers6 1. 25\" screws.
After that, I put the light rope through the slot I wired on the Bottom Wood. (
You can also put the rope between the wood and screw the two screws together. )
I bought an extra light line and attached it to the light line of the previous thread to increase the whole length.
Once the wire goes through the base, start adding different Rod joints and bottles along with the corresponding base.
Connect the lamp kit to the nipple wood block and follow the instructions on the lamp kit to connect the wire to the bulb socket.
After that, be sure to test your new light and find a nice shape to replenish it.
Optional: you can add jute or hemp rope to the wooden base at the top of the bottle for extra touch.
This is not shown in my photo.
I hope you enjoyed reading my instructions and was inspired by making your own bottle floor lamp.
I hope you enjoyed reading my instructions and was inspired by making your own bottle floor lamp.
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