‘Well-appointed’ condo needs little tweaking

by:Merttace     2019-11-23
In 890-two years. square-
Foot and her husband are tired of the \"White of construction workers\" walls and narrow living rooms.
The unit already has several advanced features, including oak hardwood floors, Lea wrote
Foot ceilings, crown molding and marble floors in the foyer and bathroom.
\"This apartment is good --
The hotel offers laundry facilities and laundry facilities.
In addition, the master bedroom itself is a private suite with high ceilings adding space to this small space, \"said Jean Akerman, owner of Jean Akerman interior design.
The only major flaw Akerman can see in this floor plan is 10-foot-
Large living area.
Nevertheless, Akerman suggests some adjustments such as opaque glass doors in the second bedroom so that the light can spill into the lobby.
Akerman recommends hanging a glass rack and artwork on the left (toilet) wall.
(She said it only reflects the kitchen without a mirror.
Because the kitchen is in front-and-
Akerman reminded Lea not to mess it up when entering the apartmentfree.
\"There is no toaster or coffee machine on the counter,\" she said . \".
\"Instead, invest in some elegant building kitchen accessories.
It may be an Alessi kettle or an Italian chrome coffee machine.
\"Akerman offers an innovative and sophisticated solution for handling narrow living areas.
She suggested a floor. to-
Ceiling square wall (column) 7 feet from kitchen cabinet Taipei edge and three others-
The foot south of the balcony door, lined up with the first door.
This will divide the space into two different areas.
Top seven
The feet of space will accommodate a 28-by-54 inch glass dining table with one end attached to the exterior wall.
Lea can pull the table out for the company.
) Akerman will strengthen the restaurant with a slim modern fixture that will support the length of the table.
Between the first and second pilaster, Akerman visualizes a modular Italian sofa with its long part leaning against the exterior wall and the short part at a 45 degree angle to the window.
Such arrangements allow enough space for people to go to the balcony.
There is also room to place the chrome arc light (1960 s retro) behind the tilt section ).
Akerman suggests finishing the living room with a small cube gathering table in the eyes-popping colour.
\"I will use the vast walls behind the sofa to draw huge architectural graphic murals of the skyline or city landscape,\" Ackerman said . \".
\"This will add to the depth and interest of the space and is also all the drama needed in the living room.
\"(What You Need Is Love, www.
You need lovecom.
) The low shelf unit under the flat panel TV will be installed on the opposite wall.
In addition, Akerman sees the balcony as an extension of the living room, so she recommends that Lea invest in attractive weather --
In the winter months, proof furniture and large luxury flowerpots are prepared for summer flowers and tall yew.
Akerman loves privacy and Square-
The shape of the second bedroom.
She urged Lydia to \"stir-it-
The location of the bed is unusual.
She will give the Queen an angle.
There is a size bed in the upper left corner, not a huge headboard, but a tall potted green leaf plant behind it with a low headboard.
\"I would add a pair of bedside tables and a great dresser or closet to the outer wall. And that’s it.
This leaves a clear entrance and a spacious and airy atmosphere, \"Ackerman said.
While Lea has sunshine in the north, she still needs blinds to cover the early morning sun.
Akerman recommends simple Hunter Douglas vertical fixtures for all windows.
Liya can also put filmy sheers in the living room.
Akerman found that in the small room, the window was practical, neat and didn\'t bother.
In order to warm up the room, Ackman suggested applying soft butter to all the walls
The cream is the same color as the ceiling, but it is 20 cents lighter.
This will provide a pleasant background for accessories and fabrics in stylish charcoal and sapphire --grey hues.
Akerman will stick to clear white on doors, Crown styling and decor.
\"I will continue to update this suite with contemporary art and apartments --
\"Neutral woven carpets or carpets with subtle geometric patterns,\" she said . \"
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