Voice Control Storage in a Table Lamp !

by:Merttace     2020-04-28
Hello everyone!
Welcome to my first structure.
Do you find it difficult to store components such as resistors, capacitors, transistors, diodes, modules, etc?
Here\'s an extra way to solve your storage problem.
I am a mechanical and electrical engineer, I do the project myself, but every time I work, my components have storage problems, I have to find my components first, this is a waste of time.
So I want to build something that can save my components in a specific way and can easily pick and place them using minimal space without wasting time.
Then I saw a desk lamp, and I think almost every inventor used it when he invented the project there.
So I guess why we don\'t use this light to store our components so that the components are more convenient.
Then I started thinking, where can I store it, I had to automate this storage unit because I was an mechatronics engineer.
I was scanning the desk lamp that was held in my hand and I observed that almost every desk lamp had an empty base because the base was only there to support the lamp on it.
Then I began to think about how we used the space.
This desk lamp I made can store up to 6 different parts.
Stored in a compartment like a pizza slice, each slice contains different ingredients.
With the Bluetooth module and Arduino UNO, this desk lamp is completely controlled by the phone.
At first, you have to decide which compartment contains which components and store them accordingly, when you need a component, you just need to call its name resistor as you said, the servo will then rotate in such a way that the compartment containing the resistor will appear, and you can simply pick it up and use it anywhere, each with the same assembly.
If you don\'t want to talk, you can also click on the component symbol in the app and it will appear.
Code to set the servo to zero position:/connect the servo pin as follows--> GND RED---
> 5 v of Arduino ORANGE---
> The execution of the Arduino UNO of the pin (including the Servo servo1; void setup(){servo1. attach(11);
/Servo connect to the pin 11} of arduino}void loop(){servo1. write(0);
/Write the position of serv01 to zero}void setup(){servo1. attach(11);
/Servo connect to the pin 11} of arduino}void loop(){servo1. write(0);
/Write the position of serv01 to 0 delay (2000)
/2 second delay. write(30);
/Write the position of servo 1 to 30 delay (2000)
/2 second delay. write(60);
/Write the position of servo 1 to 60 delay (2000)
/2 second delay. write(90);
/Write position of servo 1 to 90 delay (2000)
/2 second delay. write(120);
/Write the position of servo 1 to the 120 delay (2000)
/2 second delay. write(150);
/Write the position of servo 1 to the 150 delay (2000);
/Delay 2 seconds}
Programming for Arduino UNO: # includes # includes Servo servo1;
String read string; int bttx=9;
/Tx of the Bluetooth module is connected to pin 9 of arduino int btrx = 10;
The rx of the Bluetooth module is connected to the pin 10 of the arduino Software Bluetooth (bttx,btrx);
# Define relay 8int lamp _ state = 0; void setup(){servo1. attach(11);
/The servo is connected to the pin 11 of the arduino serial. begin(9600); bluetooth. begin(9600); digitalWrite(relay,HIGH); pinMode(relay,OUTPUT); }void loop(){while(bluetooth. available()>0)
/If the Bluetooth module is transferring data {delay(3);
Char c = Bluetooth. read();
ReadString = c; }if(readString. length()>0){Serial. println(readString); if(
ReadString = \"resident\" | readString = \"register\" | readString = \"REG0\" | readString = \"registor\" |{servo1. write(0); }else if(
ReadString = \"capacitor\" | readString = \"CAP0 \"){servo1. write(20); }else if(
ReadString = \"dial\" | readString = \"diode\" | readString = \"DIO0 \"){servo1. write(45); }else if(
ReadString = \"transistor\" | readString = \"transistors\" | readString = \"TRAN0 \"){servo1. write(65); }else if(
ReadString = \"model\" | readString = \"MOD0\" | readString = \"module \"){servo1. write(90); }else if(
ReadString = \"screw\" | readString = \"screws\" | readString = \"SCR0\" | readString = \"school \"){servo1. write(120); }else if(
ReadString = \"light on\" & lamp _ state = 0 | readString = \"light on\" & lamp _ state = 0 | read = 0){digitalWrite(relay,LOW); lamp_state = 1; }else if(
ReadString = \"lights off\" & lamp _ state = 1 | readString = \"lights off\" & lamp _ state = 1 | read = 1 | readString = \"& lamp _ state = 1 | readString =\" LON0 \"& lamp _ state = 1){digitalWrite(relay,HIGH); lamp_state = 0; }}readString=\" \"; }
This is a friend and I hope you enjoy my guidance and feel free to ask me any questions in the comments section below; )
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