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When actor Fabrizio Filippo looks for the background for his short film, he doesn\'t need to go too far to find the perfect place.
He ended up using his house, one and a half.
Victorian detached villa in Riverdale.
Philip\'s letter, the execution of the conduct and instructions --
The film \"human\" premiered at 2004 Toronto International Film Festival.
Filippo is also the creator, writer and supervisor producer of Showcase billable time (
Sam capanelli, the lawyer he played).
In July, he will be on stage in an inconvenient musical, the Fringe music festival, written by his billable time co-op.
Stars Brandon Fira and Fira\'s brother Kurt
After moving home from Los Angeles, he bought the red brick house in 2001.
He now shares his home with his wife, Robin Payne, who has just been a year old.
Filippo said: \"We used my house mainly because I knew the limitations of the location and only I was in the house at the time, so I wouldn\'t bother anyone.
I decided to shoot here because I had as much time as I could in this place.
\"I moved out for a month.
All my furniture is stored in the basement.
The living room and dining room were re-painted in blood red and looked old and cracked as if they were falling apart.
Spider webs are everywhere.
\"It\'s really great to see it, but I will never do it again.
Although blood-
The red paint was replaced by gray.
Filippo said that the blue hue still retains some elements, including the beige artificial treatment created by the set designer Vlasta svotrs on the wall in the upstairs lobby.
Svotrs achieve shadow effects by crochet tablecloths.
The rest is also scratches on the walls and burns from overheating lights on the ceiling of the bathroom.
\"I kind of like how it looks because it tells a story.
I never liked to have a perfect home.
\"Probably because I\'m Italian, everything has to be very clean.
I like the gap in my house.
\"We really want to redo something, some of which has to do with the traces left by making the film,\" he said . \".
When a friend of a friend told him the two, Phillips had offered a conditional offer to the other houseFloor House.
He took a look and fell in love with the quality of the Victorian era, including the original light --
Colorful hardwood floors and high ceilings.
This is the childhood home of the late television and broadcasting company Gordon Sinclair, who has been at his home since 1904.
\"During the flu epidemic, Gordon Sinclair got the flu and was isolated at home.
His dad had promised him the fireworks for the day of Victoria, so they lit the fireworks outside our bedroom window.
\"Unlike the actors who are eager to live in the Hollywood mansion, Phillips always imagines himself living in the Victorian age of Toronto.
So when he bought the starter home, he felt like he was really there.
Phillips says he can be handy at home, but his only DIY project so far is the installation of modern fixtures.
The first time he hung up was the chrome-plated device on the table.
Did not proceed as planned.
With a How
In order to book and handle the unmarked circuit breaker, Filippo and his friend spent four hours installing the fixture.
He described his decor as eclectic.
\"I like to combine the modern style of fashion with antiques and distressed things.
I am an old modern man.
Outdated values
\"There was an argument right away when my wife moved in-of course, I mean the best way.
We compromise on most things.
The finished basement has a storage room, laundry room, and a lounge that Filippo calls his \"man\"
He kept his hockey equipment.
The walls are white and the floor is the old red carpet left by the former owner.
The main floor on the left side of the foyer is open-
The front is the concept living room and the back is the dining room.
Behind the house is a kitchen with white walls, fine wood furniture and appliances with light wood countertops.
The floor is covered with thick planks painted in white with rustic gold plaid patterns and burgundy borders.
The couple enjoyed hanging out in the living/dining area.
In fact, they were married there-after cleaning the room, 10 people were arranged with a variety of white flowers, candles and photos of the couple.
The top panel of the living room picture window is the original stained glass.
Half window treatment.
White curtains with white blinds.
There is a white carpet on the floor.
The lighting equipment is provided by Chrome halogen lamp and Japanese paper lantern floor lamp.
They recently bought a dark brown sofa from Princess on Broadview Ave.
The store has also redecorated an Ottoman in red fabric and a little Ottoman in his 60 s.
Black calf chair, black-and-
White velvet brocade.
Long and thin vintage coffee tables are dark brown with an Ikea entertainment unit in a remote locationwhite lacquer.
The most important thing is a 41-inch flat-screen TV.
The restaurant has a rectangular country.
Style barnboard table surrounded by dark Gothic
See chairs from flea markets
There\'s a medium in this room.
When Mason and Rich were young, the piano and the phonograph his wife found were stained.
Almost all the works of art at home are created by Filipinos themselves-mainly modern oil paintings on canvas.
In the foyer is a precious painting of Penn\'s string quartet.
Master bedroom, office and library upstairs.
Stains in the bedroom too-glass window.
The walls are painted dark blue;
Dark teak king bed with white bedding.
Penn has a white lacquer.
Filippo installed three white cabinet units on the wall, the office he used to buy things.
The bathroom is large;
It was renovated by the previous owner and extended the room.
\"We really wanted to redo this bathroom.
Since we had been arguing for the sink, I wanted to change to a new tub and double sink.
\"A girl should have her own sink-my wife should have one too,\" he said with a smile . \".
Phillips says his career may take him back to Los Angeles, though. A.
He plans to take root somewhere in the city.
\"I love Toronto and even if it\'s part of the year, I want to live here for the rest of my life.
\"Two years later, we started talking about moving because the house has fallen several times. It is a semi-
So it might be noisy.
Besides, we have to park in the street.
As for his next home, Filippo announced it would not be a fixerupper.
\"Decoration can end your relationship.
A lot of people are decorating, but for me, it wouldn\'t be a headache if you could find what you wanted.
\"Take a look at Filippo\'s artwork and watch his short film\" Human Kazoo \"online at fabriziofilippo. com.
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