unlock the happiness in your home: we talk to three home improvement rising stars about how to make your pad a feel-good place

by:Merttace     2019-11-24
Nothing feels better than being a home.
From increasing the greenhouse-
Our windowsill has valuable plants, or a fresh coat of paint in the living room, and everyone has a sense of pride when you print your personality in your own place.
According to the new, a major European
In collaboration with the Institute of happiness, more than 13,000 people have been extensively studied on how our property affects our happiness, our family is much more important to our happiness than our income or even our work.
However, is this true for millennials? We talk to three family improvement people who are sure to believe this.
In the first home improvement annual Nova competition launched to celebrate the 50 th anniversary of the retailer, these three rooms
Vampires are committed to creating a space that represents their personal style and demonstrate their practical home improvement skills.
Therefore, he won our judges-Tom Dyckhoff, director of architecture and design historians and broadcasters, B & Q categories, surfaces and decorations, Iain McColgan and Metro Home EditorLiz Burcher-with the final say . . . . . . But which room in mostI do you feel would like to commemorate the 50 th anniversary of B & Q and try to incorporate 50 rooms into the space.
Something or someone in 50 years is a huge achievement, so this space is to let people relax and think about things in the past 50 years, then think about what the next 50 years will look like.
I feel like the area I created is modern, custom made and clean.
I bought an abandoned house because I wanted a challenge! It was crazy;
I have to mess up the whole thing.
Visually I\'m happy with this, but manually, I \'ve never done anything like that before.
So, when I bought the house, I thought, \"What did I do to get myself in trouble,\" and for more than two years, I learned as I walked.
I don\'t know at all, so I watched the guide and the video below.
I want to take the challenge and it makes me proud to know that I have basically rebuilt my own house.
Especially when people come over and say, \"it\'s cute.
\"I am very proud of this-this is my dream home and a place where I can relax and have fun and where I want to see my family grow.
My inspiration for this baby bedroom is not only a symbol of a new life, but also an idea to enter the outdoors with a secret garden.
When I choose my product, I want to incorporate the beauty of nature and its vivid palette.
I dream of encircling babies with symbols of love and joy, such as hummingbirds, growing through patterns of plants and flowers.
In the end, I was going to build a room full of happiness and love that was definitely created with this room!
It has to be a colorful and uplifting thing-I like to think I might live in Wolverhampton, but my lounge feels like it could be anywhere!
I think sometimes people are afraid of colors, but I like the idea of color contrast-like holiday streets in Spain or quaint Portugal-and bring it into my game scene --up. Yes!
The way you choose colors will leave you such a lasting positive impact.
I think the way we decorate the house has a great impact on how we feel.
I like how people feel when they visit my home, and I like the things around me that make me feel happy.
I decided to design a living room with the allocated space.
I went to me-
Look inspired by Scandinavian interior design;
Depicted by its minimalism, functionality, and beauty.
The final product is a beautiful, open, fresh, attractive living room.
Using the right combination of B & Q products, attention to detail and design talent, I was able to create the perfect living room while staying within budget and giving priority to features.
Since I still live at home with a big family, it is very important to have my own space.
I came back from college and found out my sister stole my room!
Therefore, my first home improvement experience was to change my spare room to my own oasis. Yes!
What I really like about interior design and home decoration is that these small changes can make a huge difference.
But what I really think is that your outer space and surroundings have a huge impact on your inner space-your spiritual and emotional space.
So if you have a clear, fresh room and home, I\'m sure you have a clear, fresh mind.
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