Triton - Fluorescent Lasercut Floor Lamp

by:Merttace     2019-11-18
Meet Triton, DIY 3-
Light bulb fluorescent floor lamp made of Home cut wood and Home Depot standard parts.
This set of instructions will provide you with all the information and files you need to build your own Tronto.
If you want to build your own Triton but don\'t have a laser cutter, please vote for this project in the hurricane laser race.
If I win the laser cutting machine, I will make the set of wooden parts and sell it online!
Let\'s start! -
200 laser cutting wood parts (
More information on the next step)-
6 fluorescent lamps/bulb sockets (3 packs of 2).
BP-GE model:FM.
There are Home Depot or Amazon. -
3 fluorescent bulbs48 inches long. Size T8. -
1 GE electronic ballast for 3 or 4 T8 bulbs.
There are Home Depot or Amazon. -Gorilla glue (
Very small amount)-
3 Standard corner braces. 1. 5-inch size.
There are Home Depot or Amazon. -1 3-inch PVC pipe. 47 inches long.
Use a hacksaw to cut into length if necessary. -
15 feet of 12 specifications solidcore wire (not stranded).
At Home Depot, but I bought mine at Ax.
A local supermarket. -1 pack (5 qty. )
Disconnect the power plug lamp (
Exotic wire connectors).
But at home. -
7 Standard wire connectors.
But at home. -20 flat-head screws. 1/2-inch in length.
Something like this: Home Depot. -
1 wire ring terminal.
But at home. -1 grounded (3-prong)
Power cord with plug.
It needs to have ground or the lights won\'t turn on! Amazon. -
1 lamp pedal switch. (
Optional, but if not, you have to unplug the light to turn it off). Amazon.
Wooden parts from 1/4-inch plywood.
I used birch plywood from Home Depot: the plywood linkA DXF file with cut pattern is attached below.
It is designed for the 24 \"x 48\" cutting machine. -A drill-
Phillips screwdriver-
Ruler and pencil-Drill bits (
One for the guide hole, one slightly larger than the shaft of the screwdriver)-
Wire cutting machine/wire stripping machine-
A small amount of Gorilla Glue
Electrical tape-
Clip or clamp (
For pressing wire ring terminals)-A hack saw (
If you need to cut PVC to length)-
Laser cutting machine (
If you want to make wooden parts yourself)-
Some heavy books
Used to press parts together after applying Gorilla Glue)
It\'s time to start construction! Parts needed:-
10 pieces of wood for the base-
14 pieces of wood for capTools needed :-
Gorillas assemble the base in order with a very small amount of Gorilla Glue.
When it dries, place one or two heavy books at the top of the Assembly.
The top cap does the same, including the small Triton logo. Parts needed: -1 foot switch-1 power cord-
1 wire ring terminal tool required :-
Electrical tape-
Deputy clamp/curler Description: First Press the wire ring terminal to the green ground wire of the power cord.
If the 1 feet switch is not used, go to the next step.
If you are using the 1 feet switch, you need to pass the black and white wires of the power cord through the switch.
I can\'t find any ground switch, so the green ground will bypass the switch.
I suggest recording outside the switch with electrical tape. Parts needed:-
1 Electronic ballast-
2 Standard wire connectors
Need 1 screw tool :-
Wire cutting machine/wire stripping machine-
Phillips screwdriver
Drill a pilot hole with a small bit, and another bit a little thicker than the shaft of your spiral drive through the three lines on the power cord through the holes on the base, and connect the positive and negative lines to the wires of the positive and negative line ballast.
Drill holes in PVC pipes about 2 inch from the end of the pipe.
Drill a hole directly from opposite it with a larger drill bit.
Put the blue and red cables on the ballast through the pipe and put the ballast into the pipe.
Align the bottom screw bracket of the ballast with the guide hole and place the loop terminal of the ground wire above both.
Place the screwdriver in the Big Hole and fix the ground wire and ballast on the pipe with the screw. Parts needed:-
2 Standard wire connectors
Additional line tools are required :-
4 lines, each about 4 inch long and peel off the end.
Cut 2 pieces, about 8 inch long and peel off the end.
4-Annex 2
Connect the inch wire to one of the yellow wires of the ballast with the standard wire connector.
Plug two free ends into one of the bulb sockets.
Connect the remaining 4 wires to another yellow line. Pre-
If required, tighten them with pliers before connecting them to the standard wire connector.
Feel free to wrap these connections with tape if needed.
Connect two short wires to one bulb socket and two long wires to the rest of the bulb socket.
If you make a mistake and need to remove the wire, please push the paper clip into the vertical slot in the following figure to remove the wire. Parts needed:-
3 screwdriver required :-Drill-Small bit-
Phillips bitPlace outlet so that the outer surface of the bulb is flush with the opening on the base.
Mark the screw hole, drill the guide hole, and fix it with the screw. Parts needed:-
3-angle braces-
12 screws required :-Drill-Pilot hole bit-
Phillips bitMark angle support and drill the three positions of the pilot hole on the base and pipe.
Fix the corner brace with screws. Congrats!
The hardest part is over! Parts needed:-
180 blocks of Main pile (Yes, seriously)Tools needed:-
Put some tunes on your hands and some patience and start stacking!
Be sure to start with a larger part so that it is placed on the base and then alternate the parts from there.
If the blue and red wires on the ballast block your way, tie them to the inside of the PVC pipe.
Line up the pieces when you go. Parts needed:-
3 light fixtures disconnected-
2 Standard wire connectors
Spare line tools required :-
Wire cutter/wire stripping machine if you want to rearrange the stacking pieces, the top socket assembly needs to be removable.
To achieve this, the lamps disconnect the top connection using the lamps, which are easily and reliably connected and disconnected.
There are 2 blue and 2 red wires from the ballast.
Two red wires will be connected to a socket.
Each blue wire has its own socket and needs to be divided into two wires.
Cut 10 wires with a length of 4 inch and peel off the end.
Connect 2 wires to each blue wire of the ballast with a standard wire connector.
Connect each pair of wires to a male end where the fixture is disconnected.
Plug the wires into the bulb socket and connect each pair of wires to the parent end where the lamps are disconnected.
Three disconnect connections. Parts needed:-
Remaining pieces of wood needed :-Drill-Small bit-
Phillips aligns the socket so that the bulb is flush with the outer edge of the wood piece and marks the screw hole.
Stack the two blocks together and drill the guide holes.
Then fix the socket with screws.
We have the light bulb ready! Parts needed:-
3 fluorescent bulbs (T8, 4-foot size)Tools needed:-
Your hand slows the light bulb a little through the hole.
Align the pins of the bulbs so that they point to the center (
In unlock position).
After all the bulbs are in place, place the top socket on the bulb.
There should be a few inches of bare bulb on the top.
Hold the bulb, rotate it 90 degrees and lock it in place.
This is what every bulb does.
Once all bulbs are fixed on the socket, place the top cover on the top socket assembly.
This will hide the top connection and exposure part of the bulb.
There\'s only one thing left to do! That\'s it! You\'re done!
Plug in and enjoy your new Tronto lights!
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