travis: shaping up a big white condo box

by:Merttace     2020-05-19
Q: The living area of the two of me-
The bedroom apartment is a long, white, open stretch;
The kitchen, living area and dining area are all face-to-face.
One wall is mainly glass (
Windows and doors on the balcony).
Please, can you give me some design ideas that will spoil the sense of founder?
A: I have found some tips to cover up the awkward building well and make the apartment feel like a cold space.
If your apartment is like most new buildings, you will also have uneven ceiling and wall lines due to Partitions.
To enhance the look of the apartment ceiling shown here, I enlarged the partitions that hide the kitchen electric box and decorated it with the same wooden finish as on the island.
There is also a wide wooden strip hanging from the ceiling of the living room.
The warmth of the wood color and texture is attracted to your current eyes, while other angles are painted white and are no longer so aggressive.
The back wall is an obvious focus;
Play it with bold wallpaper.
Paintable embossed wallpaper is a great choice, it is durable and easy to hang and you have a lot of design options.
Once it rises, prime, then paint with a solid color, or wash with a second color on the base coating to enhance the design of the bump.
You can either have a flat finish or play dramatic with bold colors in high gloss.
I can install two-
The way fireplace is located between the living area and the dining area. The see-
By the quality of these units, they are perfect for small spaces.
Natural wood and neutral tones are always stylish and clean.
What\'s more interesting than the beautiful pink wall?
Q: We have a long and rectangular open concept living/dining room.
I wanted to decorate the living room as a chic light space but wanted to make the dining room more eye-catching.
How to decorate each room as its own unique space while ensuring a harmonious design? Thank you.
A: You can create a dramatic atmosphere in the dining area in many ways.
Exists with a more neutral living room.
Choose a fabric with a strong pattern for your dining chair and window.
The color contrast can be as simple as black and white, or you can try the traditional red or lemon yellow fire to get a more modern effect.
You can also add drama to the back wall of the restaurant with wallpaper.
Fat red and white stripes or oversized patterns can be a huge focal wall or take a look at the drawable relief wallpaper described in the above letter.
Then think about lighting.
Why not hang a trendy modern chandelier or chandelier on the dining table?
Look for an exciting array of lights at home or in the lighting store for the living room and dining room.
The lights at the similar end will help unite the space.
As long as you have a consistent style or a bit of continuous color, you can mix your mood without causing an uncomfortable interruption of the rhythm.
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