Tom Sietsema’s restaurant review capsules

by:Merttace     2020-04-24
Here\'s a mini review of the Washington hotel
Regional restaurants can be found in Tom Sietsema\'s recommended list. 1226 36th St. NW, 202-965-1789 www. 1789restaurant.
Com tradition has always been part of a 1789 visit in the shadow of Georgetown University, but gentleman jackets are no longer recommended.
Each restaurant has a distinct personality;
Everyone likes the flashing desk lamp, the corner of the private party and the classical music that does not interfere with the conversation.
The server is elegant and charming.
The appetizers are often more interesting than the main course, but this is the case in many restaurants. Full review.
701 Pennsylvania AvenueNW, 202-393-0701 www. 701restaurant.
Dress up for success
Or at least at the dinner club.
In soft blue and brown, 701 bend backwards to encourage customers.
For lunch, there is a bar serving five dishes and a glass of wine. The pre-
There is a theater menu for dinner on Sunday.
Not many upscale restaurants offer live music, but here, after the piano on Thursday night is the piano and bass on Friday and Saturday. Full review. 692 Federal St. , Paris, Va. 866-336-
0099Few restaurant is better than this hotel in the foothills of the Blue Mountains.
The chef is imaginative and artistic and likes to have delicious food on a plate.
But he never gave up the taste of gimmicks.
Although warm weather usually calls me in the slate terrace and underground water room with fireplace in winter, all private restaurants are welcome.
If you plan ahead, the upstairs offers reasons for your stay: six romantic rooms. Full review.
2519 Pennsylvania AvenueNW, 202-223-6941 www. bayouonpenn.
This casual fog bottom restaurant spans two floors, each with its own bar, dressed in colored beads, old lamps and posters collected from flea markets.
Yes, music nights are noisy upstairs, but who is going to New Orleans to celebrate a quiet place?
The kitchen made a fuss about the details.
The blackboard on the first floor announces weekly specials, one of which is the tradition of New Orleans red beans and rice, which is served on Tuesday rather than the usual Monday in bayuhei. Full review.
9812 Falls Road, Potomac, 301-299-3000 www. bezurestaurant.
At Bezu\'s com, fusion has given way to a completely French menu --
There is also an opportunity for diners to be fed like VIP guests.
The restaurant outside alternating orange fabric with Jerusalem stones on the wall and tall stalls, indicating that what Besu said stayed in BESU.
Avoid sitting at the table in the middle of the room if you can, which is the most uncomfortable of 50 or so seats (
It may help to call in advance).
Wine lovers are encouraged to book when Bezu offers half a bottle of wine on Monday nightprice. Full review.
1100 New York AvenueNW, 202-216-9550 www. bibianadc.
This is another place to eat Italian food.
Did I hear a yawn outside?
Bibiana could kill it.
The restaurant has a considerable advantage over chef Nicolas Stefanelli.
The best place in this charming space is the stainless steel backsteel-
Pearl curtains in the main restaurant.
It is as noisy as other places, but it feels cautious. Full review. 1337 14th St. NW, 202-567-2576 www. birchandbarley.
Frankly: I\'m not interested in beer.
That\'s one of the reasons why I\'m so passionate about Birch and barley and Greg Engert.
They make it impossible for you to stay calm until 500-plus-
Bottle expertise
When the sundmester walked up to the table and aged his Scottish beer with a whisky bucket, his enthusiasm arose. Husband-and-
Kyle Bailey and Tiffany McIsaac (
He focuses on taste;
She focuses on candy)
Follow in its footsteps and learn what it means to be a tavern.
For a diner, it\'s easy to fill your stomach on a breadboard and an amazing pretzel, but adjust your rhythm. Full review.
12724 Oak Road, Muqiao, 703-499-9550 www.
Com, as the owner of this French gem in Prince William County, it is easy for him to tell you personally that he not only cuts and stains on the mahogany table in the restaurant, he sews curtains for his windows, lay Virginia pebbles for his walls.
Yousuf Eagle esakel, who has worked in other people\'s restaurants for 25 years, went out alone a few years ago and experience has shown.
Bistro L\'Hermitage offers an elegant performance inspired by soft jazz and a kitchen that gives off quiet fun.
Nothing is very complicated;
A lot is worth it. Full review. 1201 24th St. NW (
Hotel Park Hyatt), 202-419-6755 www. blueducktavern.
Apple pies placed on marble counters, canned fruit jars on walls and carefully arranged garden of produce lead the way to the restaurant, with slender chairs and quilts on the walls further preparing for a family dinner. Not so fast.
Tony Chi, New York designer, created the space.
A maze of glass, steel and wood
Chef Brian McBride produced the American menu, a document to pay tribute to the farmers.
A table in the soft and bright inner sanctuary, close to the spacious open kitchen and oven burning oak and apple wood, like an orchestra seat in a cooking show. Full review.
815 Connecticut AvenueNW, 202-659-3727 www. bombayclubdc.
The Mumbai club has been in existence for 20 years, but it looks more attractive than ever due to $600,000 in revenue.
The gem tone on the Banquettes fabric and the pink color on the soft leather chair make the lady proud.
Some things will never change, though.
The service is still elegant and the white piano is still not suitable.
Enjoy the menu, you don\'t have to be a fool;
The delicious venison with the gravy of yogurt and cashew nuts is a winter dish that is delicate and delicious. Full review.
2800 Pennsylvania AvenueNW, 202-944-2026 www. bourbonsteakdc.
Com The name gives pride to the customers who are looking forward to it, I love the thick, dry food in the kitchenaged rib-eye.
But why limit yourself to eating meat?
In this luxury restaurant at Four Seasons Georgetown, a delicious dinner begins in a decadent atmosphere, with a bouquet of chips crispy in duck meat and warm truffles-butter rolls.
The restaurant is serious but it knows how to have a good time.
Regulars know to bypass the dark brown --
The hue of the restaurant is the best place to have dinner: Outside is the courtyard of Bourbon Steak, surrounded by flowers and fire pits. Full review. 425 Seventh St. NW, 202-737-7770 www. carminesnyc.
It turns out that the focus of attention is at its core.
Despite its size (
Nearly 700 seats
And its parents (
This is part of a New York chain under the Alicart group)
The success of this restaurant, I think it will fail to provide food that really tastes a little bit Italian grandmother\'s kitchen.
Trends do not have home in the list, this applies to all common pastaFavorite HouseFull review.
101 constitutional AvenueNW, 202-547-8100 www. charliepalmer.
Com is convenient for lobbyists and people they seek face-to-face time, this smooth gray-and-
Blue destination on the mountain (
Did you notice the Capitol opposite? )
It\'s also a great place to cut steak, thick ribs --
An eye or sirloin with a butter texture.
At the same time, the wine list on the American wine list means you can drink whatever you eat.
1330 Maryland AvenueSW, 202-787-6006 www.
Mandarin Oriental.
Com bookings for top tables have raised expectations.
This is a generous luxury cabin: you can order coffee with warm cardamom in it --orange cakes.
Frequent patrons may get tired of seeing the same entertainment site visit after the visit, but I know that if CityZen removes the small wooden box of the warm Parker house that appears with the main course from the drill, there will be riots.
Because I will lead the protests. Full review. 1122 Ninth St. NW, 202-589-0699 www. corduroydc.
Tom Power is lighter than any other chef in town.
The cooking here is simple and elegant, extending to this smooth, two-
Story townhouse opposite the convention center.
The wood is mostly golden and the lighting is easy, if you\'re looking for a place where you never need to raise the sound to be heard, even in (smart upstairs)
Here\'s the answer. Full review. 1520 14th St. NW, 202-319-1404 www. estadio-dc.
Owner and chef of Com wine mark Culler and Haydar Kalum
Proof of the Penn area theme, built their second project around snacks and small plates;
If you go with a team, you can cover a lot of areas.
The plate came out when it was ready;
To avoid the blockage of dishes, order a few snacks at a time.
The design of the place is as inviting as the food.
Main problem: too few seats (113)
Too much demand;
You can book after 6 pence. m.
Only when you are six or more people. Full review.
7272 Wisconsin AvenueBethesda, 301-652-8008 www. foodwineandco.
As the area is flooded with severe flooding
In recent years, bars that make delicious pies have been raised.
This relatively new Bethesda point pie, baked in a stone oven and dressed with the usual suspects, is satisfying enough, but not so noticeable that youFull review. 410 Seventh St. NW, 202-556-2050 www. hillcountrywdc.
This is a big barn to pay tribute to Texas. style barbecue.
No matter what fun you have here, it means messy, rollingup-your-sleeves eating.
The spareribs are the size of the motorcycle handle, and there is a lot of meat, just like the rest of the meat here, full of smoke.
Pork tenderloin is an occasional specialty that adds fat ribbons to juicy slices and rosemary to the seasoning.
There is live music downstairs from Tuesday to Saturday. Full review. 515 15th St. NW, 202-661-2400 www.
Jgsteakhouseppe ingtondc.
This is the designer work of W hotel chef Jean-
George in Wang Mr. Teng
No matter what your path is, if you don\'t squeeze in sometoo-
Creamy Spinach, you miss one of the best side dishes around (
Basil gave it a lift. .
Book in the restaurant with leather chairs and Palladio windows and usually allow you to join the \"skip\" line so you can get to the rooftop bar without waiting for the lift --
This is one of the most spectacular views in town. Full review. 1700 K St. NW, 202-535-5274 www. kellaridc.
Restaurants in legendary K Street (
Especially at this address)
Poor performance in recent years.
The elegant Greek newcomer, who has a brother of the same name in New York, hopes to overcome difficulties not only with a different accent, but also with an environment that takes customers away from the city.
When ordering starting with a shaved head, there are tough decisions to make --
Ice canvas for fish.
Large portions. Full review. 465 K St. NW, 202-682-3123 eatkushi. tumblr.
Decision, decision.
A small restaurant faces a lot of people in this Japanese pub in the new fashion Villa Plaza.
Would you like to sit at the restaurant, sushi counter or grill?
\"The whole menu is everywhere,\" said a hostess . \"
This is the special dish of Kushi.
Look for the supported live uni and place it on the broken ice on its pointed shell. Full review. 2813 M St. NW, 202-338-1784 www. lachaumieredc.
When comPatrons walked into the campus, they left Georgetown for the French countryside, which looked like every point in nearly 40 years.
By the way, this is a bouquet.
In the cold months, the heavy wooden beams, the ancient chandeliers and the crackling fire of crack convey the ancient-
Vintage charm in the main restaurant. (
Two smaller private areas are perfect for parties. )
The menu is appropriate;
The customer told the chef that they were not interested in updating Gaul Road. Full review.
1110 Vermont AvenueNW, 202-386-9200www.
Lincoln restaurantdc.
Com owner Alan Popovsky said the restaurant in the city center was designed and inspired by \"freedom, expression and liberation\" that Abraham Lincoln thought.
Sit next to your favorite people, because even Ethel Melman can be hard to hear in an environment that averages 100 decibels a week at night.
The Mason jar was used for drinks and snacks in this \"contemporary cabin\" and happened to find a room for 155 guests.
Large plates, small portions, simple desserts. Full review. 1805 18th St. NW, 202-588-1540; 453 K St. NW, 202-289-6899 www. mandudc.
There are only a few places in Washington where you can find bibimbap and Rice bulgogiand-
Vegetable platter and roast beef, along with other types of dishes, make Korean food easy to enjoy.
Kathmandu looks great and feels great.
But the taste is not as strong as they might be. Full review.
2401 Pennsylvania AvenueNW, 202-296-1166 www. marcelsdc.
Among all the high-end French competitors at the scene, named after the eldest son of veteran chef Robert wildemire, is one of my most eager to return.
The service is gentle and not sultry, the lighting eliminates any worries and the environment combines comfort with beauty.
If you are looking for a first-class steak you can easily find it here in the form of the Buffalo entrecote.
Long before the recession, Marcel put forward threecourse, pre-
Includes a theater menu for car service to and from Kennedy Center. Full review.
1700 Tysons Avenue, McLean, 703-506-4300 www. ritzcarlton.
\"A nice American restaurant with a French accent\" is described by Michelle Richard, his location in Ritz
Carlton Tysons Point Hotel, just a few miles from the exquisite Michelle Richard Chanel hotel and Bistro in Georgetown --
Fashion in downtown Michelle Richard.
The delicious esscargot pie is one of a variety of dishes that can excite the restaurant.
The inside of the restaurant is full of fun;
The sound is not very good.
When Richard and the crew opened fire on all the gas cylinders, happy food could no longer be found. Full review. 3000 M St. NW, 202-625-2150 www. citronelledc.
The restaurant in the underground hotel is in urgent need of renovation, but the blowout buzz --
The Fed\'s crowd and expert services help diners forgive their appearance.
Chef Michelle Richard is one of the best and brightest chefs in the country.
Few people have his talent to weave lines and colors in each dish, or his funny wit.
For example, the Frenchman\'s funny bouche could be a bite of four miniatures, including a quarterly-sized crab cake and a ratatouille-
The tortillas filled are a lot bigger than the stamps. Full review. 107 D St. NE, 202-546-4488 www. themonocle.
This insider party in Washington offers an unpretentious setting, where guests in sneakers are as comfortable as lawyers in pinstripes.
The menu is one-off;
The kitchen on the mountain is closest to modern cooking, with chili butter covered with ribseye steak. Full review. 2029 P St. NW, 202-872-
1180 in this private Italian restaurant run by the famous mellow Peter Pastan, you can always count on three things. 1)
Dinner will start with so much bread and antipasti, so tempting that you can\'t help but ask to pack the rest of the meal home. 2)The house-
The pasta and barbecue, usually a simple stew, is a form of restraint, but also the performance of the soul. 3)
This room has only 30 seats and is about as free and beige as it was when it opened in 1987. Full review.
800 Connecticut AvenueNW 202-463-8700 www. ovalroom.
Regulars like the White House press secretary highlight how close you are to another Oval Room.
If Tony Conte learned from him on the 4 th
New York star Jean Georges is like this: \"I try to keep things excited,\" said the chef in the Oval Room.
He pointed out that every dish should be \"a little popular and a little energetic \".
\"The color of the rat holy and chair on the walls is burnt orange, a smart place to see and be seen. Full review. 1200 16th St. NW, 202-448-2300 www. jeffersondc.
This is a place that refuses to recognize difficult economic times.
Does this gentleman want to prepare a velvet stool for his military case? (Oh, why not? )
Soon after you got a menu, something pleasant came up: the first warm cheese puff and a spoonful of scrambled eggs sparkling with domestic caviar;
Then the soup, maybe the liquid pumpkin made of cinnamon, is more delicious than the sweet one.
The menu is short for a luxury restaurant;
The chef likes to impress in a quiet way. Full review. 555 Eighth St. NW, 202-783-6060 www. postebrasserie.
I am afraid of the cold weather.
This means suspending one of the best ideas ever at this Monaco Hotel restaurant: outdoor teak --and-
The stone table next to the tomato, raspberry and herbal garden provides you with a chance to graze (pick one)
Bull bris, wild king salmon, little goat or crackling suckling pig cooked on nearby Woodfired grill.
Fortunately, the restaurant is also delicious. Full review. 2020 K St. NW, 202-466-
8811 the long-run steak house in the city center is not so much a restaurant as a ritual;
The atmosphere is very elegant and the staff is very helpful. of course, the most important thing is the ribs.
Rule of civilization;
Men need to wear jackets and ties, and live piano and bass music create dinner --
The feeling of the club, red meat and stiff drinks are worth celebrating, not guilty. Full review. 633 D St. NW, 202-637-1222 www.
Prepare delicious Indian food.
There\'s nothing on the chef\'s menu that I don\'t want to eat anymore.
Vikram Sunderam is a genius with spicing, but I also appreciate the way Mumbai natives combine fresh ideas with traditional ideas.
Comfortable service and attractive background.
That\'s right. The restaurant is really ugly.
But it\'s a small price for a meal.
I\'m talking about diamonds. Full review. 110 S. Pitt St.
Alexander, 703-706-0450 www. restauranteve.
Com five courses, seven courses, nine courses: there are multiple ways to explore 50-
Seat tasting room next to Eve less-formal bistro.
Another option is to return the menu to the waiter and surprise Armstrong with what he thinks is best, this may include any repertoire of the entire restaurant in this elegant, refurbished dining area of Alexandria\'s Old Town with 63 dishes. Full review.
3417 Connecticut AvenueNW, 202-244-7995 www. rippledc.
Com I have always admired Ripple\'s enthusiasm for service and the wit of the restaurant, and now I can guarantee the cooking work this year --
Old restaurant in Cleveland Park.
Since chef Logan Cox came to May, the modern American Bistro has evolved from a shiny gadget to a certified gem. Full review. 2275 L St. NW, 202-730-2500 www. risdc.
One of the great liberation of Com\'s offering of modern American menus is that it extends the chef\'s right to order;
Contemporary \"American\" cooking can be almost anything.
Of course, Ris is named after its chef, Ris Lacoste, whose repertoire has almost as many accents as Meryl Streep.
The food was served with generous hands.
Customers tend to like or dislike the interior, the interior opens in a bar, continues to place a bunch of tight tables and goes in different directions with small private restaurants (
The most attractive table). Full review. 1112 F St. NW, 202-367-1990 www. toscadc.
Com is usually packed with fat cats, which is probably the most touching --and-
A restaurant in town.
But is it also suitable for food lovers?
If I have questions in the past few years, the two recent dinners for lobbyists have taken them off, and on April, lobbyists celebrated their 10 th anniversary.
I applaud Tosca\'s \"Dinner at dusk\" deal, three-
From 5: 30 to 7, there are many courser of choicem. for $38 —
About how much you will spend later in the evening to buy a fish main course. Full review. 922 N St. NW, 202-408-9724 www. rogue24.
Choose from 16 or 24 \"upstart\" courses and Rogue 24 will not fit everyone.
I don\'t recommend places for blind dates or meat-and-
Sensitive potatoes
Many small plates are decorated with edible dust and dirt.
The instructions for some dishes are ridiculous, including a radish on the butter brushed out of the bowl with your fingers.
However, by the end of the night you may consider purchasing tweezers for your kitchen and may book a return trip. Full review.
11414 Rockville Pike, North Bethesda, 301-984-5252;
7863 N11L corner center suites Tysons, McLean, 703-288-3852 www. seasons52.
The same company with Olive Garden and Red Lobster (
Darton restaurant
Claiming the concept, the cook in season 52 was relatively relaxed: there were no dishes on the menu that exceeded 475 calories.
Chef Ben Erjavec says he does not use cream or butter when cooking, and there is no fryer in his kitchen.
There are a lot of reasons on the wine list that you might be on a diet. Large-and small-
Party size accommodation is available. Full review.
1330 Maryland AvenueSW, 202-787-6868 www.
Mandarin Oriental.
The name suggests something folk, but in luxury hotels the food for the simpler siblings of the City Zen is tempting.
Not far from several local theaters, suvester will wisely cut its trencherman section;
Some of us would rather not fall asleep in the second half of the show.
Interior advice: tables 91 to 94 have views of Potomac, but the most romantic landing here may not be.
86, although the service is serious, the menu allows you to have some fun. Full review. 1503 17th St. NW, 202-462-8999 www. sushitaro.
Com does not have a better source of sushi in Washington, and there is no more inviting environment to enjoy sushi.
To experience the most exciting restaurant, you will need to upgrade from the narrow main restaurant to the handmade white oak counter at the back and order the chef\'s tasting menu, starting at $100 per head
Many details explain the sublime label: gorgeous crockery, ground mustard in front of your eyes, a private cooking show starring Yamaki and Kitayama chefs. Full review. 1739 N St. NW, 202-331-8528 www. tabardinn.
Named after Chaucer\'s place of stay in Canterbury Tales, open until 1922.
But the kitchen is very important.
Low ceiling and black packaging-and-
Although it is a tile floor, the main restaurant is cramped and crowded.
I prefer the comfort space upstairs if the weather permits, or better yet, the enclosed garden.
The address of the hotel is in a quiet tree.
A crowded street near Dupont Circle Island gives it a well of airkept secret.
The occupied sofa of firedragon lounge tells you otherwise you \'d better book. Full review.
575 Pennsylvania AvenueNW, 202-637-6100 www. wolfgangpuck.
The best cone in the city?
My vote is not to go to the expensive gelateria in Logan Circle, but to the source next to the news Museum.
Chef Scott Drewno and his staff are here to fill fragile, slightly sweet sesame seeds and flavored o cones with chopped tuna tartartare and shaved bon fish.
Restaurant pot
The concept of Asia was proposed by California boss Wolfgang Parker, but the feeling of this sector is personal, not corporate. Full review.
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