things to know before buying a wooden wardrobe for your bedroom

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Storage is an important factor when you choose furniture for your home.
With the right choice of wardrobes, cabinets and dressers, it\'s easier to organize around the house.
As long as the storage space of the bedroom is taken into account, the wardrobe or closet is the most practical furniture.
You can use it to store clothes, bedding, warm clothes, toys, beauty products, cosmetics and shoes.
Choosing the right wardrobe for your family will depend on different factors such as the size of the room, storage needs and lifestyle.
The material of the wardrobe determines its service life and firmness.
Solid wood wardrobe is the most popular in the family-
Owners around the world because of their classic style, features and longevity.
They are versatile in style and functionality.
They can be customized for any type of home decor.
The best place to install a solid wood wardrobe in your house is the bedroom.
When the bed becomes the focus, you can match your solid wood wardrobe design to complement the wood finish of your bed, dresser and side table.
So you can create a lovely theme for your bedroom, which will be an aesthetic and will also meet your storage needs.
However, before you can choose a solid wood wardrobe online or offline, you should learn about the various designs and styles to understand the type of furniture that suits your requirements.
Depending on the size and number of doors, there can be five different types of cabinets.
You have to decide which one you need depending on the size and storage needs of the room. Single door -
Solid wood single wardrobe is ideal for small rooms, for example, a children\'s room in a single room or a small bedroom or a guest room in the home.
One of the single door sheesham wood wardrobes available online is the Durque wardrobe in Aprodz.
This slim and tall wardrobe can be installed in a corner with a small space.
These types of wardrobes can also be added to a larger room where there is already a solid wood wardrobe and it still needs some extra storage space. Double Door -
Double door closets are the most common as they can accommodate rooms of all sizes.
Solid wood double wardrobes like Aprodz\'s Antelya are perfect for medium size bedrooms.
There\'s plenty of room in the closet to tidy up clothes and daily supplies, but it\'s not big enough to squeeze on the floor. Triple Door -
The three-story wardrobe is a wardrobe with three enclosed compartments.
Solid wood wardrobe with 3 doors to meet the needs of the master bedroom and spacious rooms.
These wardrobes allow you to organize all kinds of items from clothes to bags and shoes.
However, they are not suitable for smaller bedrooms as they can be very spacious. Four Door -A 4-
Door solid wood wardrobe is ideal for couples and families sharing wardrobes. A four-
The door closet will fit into a large bedroom as it organizes almost everything you need, so it could be a very worthwhile investment. Five Door -
5 door solid wood wardrobe is the largest variant of the cabinet on the market.
They can cover the walls of the whole room.
Spacious master bedroom.
These wardrobes can be divided into finishing units for clothing, shoes, GFD and bedding.
They can be a single solution for all storage in the room.
Once you walk into a different store, you will find four solid wood wardrobes of different styles for sale.
Wardrobe-sliding door
Stylish solid wardrobe with sliding doors.
They save space as the doors are not opened.
Solid wood sliding wardrobe doors move with the help of metal channels mounted on the bottom and top of the cabinet.
This type of closet can be placed against the wall.
They can fit into a medium size bedroom due to ease of operation. Built-
Wardrobe or wardrobe
A solid wood wardrobe with doors is built into the wall.
These types of cabinets are customized according to the size of the room or the available space of the room.
These can be made according to your requirements, suitable for corners and save a lot of space.
Hinge cabinet
Solid wood wardrobe with hinge door is a traditional wardrobe design common to most families in the world.
These types of closets can be built on the wall or stand alone in the room.
You can find a variety of things from solid wood small wardrobes with single or double hinge doors to spacious wardrobes with drawers and shelves. Walk-in closets -Walk-
There is a separate space in the wardrobe that can be converted into a wardrobe.
These styles are very luxurious and are suitable for large apartments or spacious residences. The walk-
The cabinets are created separately from the bedroom so there is a dedicated dressing area.
To give a more traditional feel, there may be sliding doors, partitions, or wood liners.
Inside, there will be shelves, compartments and drawers to tidy up your clothes and plenty of standing space to dress up and dress yourself up.
What factors should be considered before choosing a cabinet?
No matter which style cabinet you decide to buy, you can customize it according to your bedroom.
Many furniture stores offer custom solid wood wardrobes in India.
Even if you want to buy a ready-made wardrobe, there are a few things to consider before choosing.
A properly chosen closet will be functional and value for money.
While the budget is the main criterion for choosing any furniture for the home, there are still some factors to consider before purchasing a ready-made or custom wardrobe.
The size of the room or the available space in the room-
The size of your room will determine the size of the closet you choose.
You need to measure the height of the wall you use to place the furniture.
The closet in the bedroom should not make the place crowded.
Beautiful and practical solid wood assembly wardrobes can be customized to complement your bedroom decor or you can prepare a ready-made cabinet of the right size for your space.
Therefore, you can choose a small size solid wood Nursery wardrobe for your baby\'s room or spacious five bedrooms
Door closet in master bedroom.
Storage needs -
You should be clear about your storage needs before choosing cabinets to put in your bedroom.
You have to think about the kind of clothes you need to organize, for example, if your wardrobe will store coats, suits, shirts, dresses, ethnic clothes, or if you need to store shoes, towels or bedding.
You can also organize your clothes together using solid wood wardrobes and drawers.
In this case, you may need a smaller closet with a smaller compartment.
For example, if you are a single person living in a small apartment and don\'t have much space to organize, the solid wood corner wardrobe in the bedroom can satisfy your simple lifestyle.
If you are a family or have children, you can choose three door wardrobes to separate your clothes, or choose a solid wood children\'s wardrobe, such as the single door Stockholm cabinet of Aprodz, for you.
Analyzing your storage needs will also help you decide if you need a shelf or a closed compartment or drawer.
Material and color
When choosing a wooden wardrobe, you may find a variety of materials such as mango, sheesham, oak and recycled pine.
The classic sheesham wood wardrobe can be an extremely elegant part of your bedroom, and oak is a very popular choice among customers around the world.
You can choose to buy a wardrobe to match the look and finish of other furniture in the room.
Dark solid wood walnut wardrobe may have eternal appeal and can match the interior decoration of various styles.
In addition, choosing the right color for your wardrobe also depends on the decoration of the room and the color scheme of other furniture, such as bed, side table and vanity table.
For example, a solid wood white wardrobe with drawers, such as Porto in Aprodz, is perfect for a room with a white wood bed or monochrome furniture. Style -
Once you have decided on the size, material and color of the wardrobe, you can choose from the various styles we have discussed.
You can choose the door-
Type like slide or hinge, like elegant and modern, retro or chic design, or create avant-garde decoration with solid wood antique wardrobe.
The Indian furniture store offers a wide variety of designs and styles for bedroom closets.
You can go to a nearby store in your town or an online store selling solid wood wardrobes in Bangalore or other major cities in India. Features -
When purchasing the wardrobe, look for additional features to get along with the furniture.
This will depend on your storage needs and the size of your room.
You can choose a solid wood wardrobe with a mirror to help you dress or dress up instead of investing in the dresser alone.
If you have to separate the smaller clothes from the larger ones, you can choose a solid wood double wardrobe with drawers so that they can be sorted out correctly.
Also, you can decide on other features of the vertical storage space, whether there should be rods and hooks, and the number of shelves you need.
If you want to invest in a closet that can tidy up almost everything in the bedroom, go and buy a spacious solid wood wardrobe with shelves and drawers. Combined with a vertical compartment with a complete storage solution.
The price/performance ratio of wooden cabinets is very high, and it is worth investing for decades.
So consider each standard before making a purchase decision.
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