the new trends and big names in luxury furniture design

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You can put a \"deluxe\" label on the furniture according to the price of the furniture, but isn\'t that a bit cheap?
Style and innovation
Priceless qualities that support the eyes
A better benchmark
Some trends stand out. Computer-
Control manufacturing creates works with amazing precision and complexity.
Unusual materials, from burnt wood to debris on the beach, have all reshaped ideas that can be used to make chairs, tables, or lights.
Unique or limited
At the same time, the plates bring more exclusivity to the furniture project similar to the art world.
The following designers are Bold Pathfinder when creating Sculpture Objects with furniture functions.
The unique natural form of the top table inspired some of the most outstanding table manufacturers.
Jack Phelps integrates the angular plane of the purple crystal geology into his limited-
Star console version.
In this amazing unity of science and workmanship, the sparkling flat surface contrasts with the jagged seam of the mirror section of 900 independent sizes and angles, which obtained 2013 Claxton
Oscar for contemporary British furniture.
For his \"pine sculpture\" table, the Korean Creative Jae Hyo Lee adds gorgeous geometry to the chopped cross
This unremarkable piece of wood is inlaid in a burnt place.
Black Wood in contrast.
Leading British manufacturers have also deployed black wood in their worktake the rough-
Hewn Bowl table by Jim Patric and Liz Walmsley, time and space table by Michael ferfax.
House Rules: novelist Justin Cartwright is the ultimate designer pool in a mansion. New trends in luxury furniture design and big names, where will you buy luxury homes for 4 million?
Buy a five-
Living at the endless Nile table in Wentworth Karim Rashid as your mansion, Egyptian designer Karim Rashid is a model of diligence. It has over 3,000 designs and 300 awards worldwide.
His endless Nile table (above)
With a pure white and Woody version, get inspired by the idea of the slow winding roads of the Nile and traditional desktop geometry.
Designer Profile: Zaha Hadid won the Global Architectural Award, and Zaha Hadid turned her awareness of daring to furniture.
\"There is a lot of liquidity between furniture and buildings now,\" she explained . \".
\"One of the most exciting things about furniture design is that the production process between ideas and results is much faster.
\"Hadid\'s new enthusiasm inspired her 2013 opening at the crekenwell design gallery in London to showcase works such as liquid Glacier tables, where the geometry of the plane translates into a fluid whirlpool. \"Our avant-
\"Avant-garde design has inspired new technologies, technologies and materials,\" she said . \"
\"These, in turn, inspire us to push further into the design of envelopes.
\"Chairs that dare the quirky feel cocoon of British designer Freyja Sewell became the focus at the 2013 London design show, and Hush is now in Durham production.
It is made of biodegradable materials, the housing is made of felt, and the internal padding is made of recycled wool fibers discarded by carpet manufacturers, providing a \"luxurious escape into quiet natural spaces \".
The Pod can also be folded into a \"bean bag-
It\'s like an armchair around a nanny.
Meanwhile, the Ripple chair by South Korean designer Ron Arad Kinnier Parker has made a furniture that is hard to understand.
For his painting series, which includes two chairs, two lights and a table, he uses a cross wire to mimic the look of the Cross
2D sketches suddenly appear in 3D reality.
To perform these works, Park hammer wires of different thickness to increase the distortion that best reflects the change in the line drawn by the pen.
\"What fascinates me most is the moment when the lines are twisted,\" he explained, explaining that his work is more about space and air, just like solid matter.
The haze furniture series launched by compatriots Yuanmin Park is different.
It features chairs and tables made of rectangular slate of opaque pastel resin, exudes a solid flavor.
The translucent nature of the resin allows the color of each element to be displayed along the connection.
The series is currently available only as a series
But the Netherlands
The Park-based park plans to expand it with cabinets and more chairs and tables.
Designer Profile: Ron Arad Israel-Born in London
Based on this, Ron Allard studied architecture before turning his attention to handwork in his 80 s.
Assembled furniture made of quirky materials.
His iconic Rover chair, made of old car seats and steel pipes, highlights his knowledge of design rationality and weldinghow.
Limited though-
Arad\'s name, he has developed furniture on a large scale
The production version of his 1991 soft heart rocking chair and other classic works.
A recent design for the Italian furniture brand Magis called \"stupid\" is rustcoloured, low-
A sleeper with an infinite symbol as the starting point.
This symbol expresses Arad\'s visionary optimism, which has been used in some other works, such as his Ripple Chair (above).
He is passionate about the possibilities of materials and technology, and he says, \"there is almost no limit to smart materials and sciencefi production.
\"What\'s in the store?
Complexity and customization are the slogans of the following designers.
Tina Rod, who graduated from Central St Martin\'s College in London and is now based in Berlin, makes cabinets with complex geometric patterns, just like Violetta Garland.
However, unlike Galan\'s stylish decor, Ronde\'s work is based on the more mysterious 21-
Century geometry-
She said, \"inspired by buildings and structures . . . . . . Reassemble and make it into a furniture structure \".
Interesting material pairing for Peter Stern\'s wave C console includes cardboard and Chrome
Her structure/facade is plated with steel, refined with steel, aluminum, Fendi leather
Looks like a naked facade.
Find her work at the Fumi Gallery in London.
Headquartered in Chile, GT2P Studios combines mathematical algorithms with digital manufacturing to create what the company calls \"parametric furniture.
Its double shelves are made using the set-in formula of the Lijiang, which allows the shelves to be customized in size, shape and number of internal partitions to meet the requirements of each customer.
Another interesting thing is wood. and-
Delicious \"honeycomb\" spreading steel wall cracking shelves.
Elegant crumpled front of the wave C console (above)
It embodies the interesting post-modern and sharp works of British designer Peter Stern.
His mixed material
Polished steel, flat glass and gorgeous spray
Paint veneer
It is another trademark, as well as the luxurious finish of fine wood veneer and half finish
Precious inlays such as burrs and masterbatchof-pearl.
Designer Profile: Violeta Galan with a background in structural design engineering in London-
Furniture and straw inlaid artist Violeta Galan creates a storage space that adds a modern flavor to the ancient craft.
Her OpArt beverage cabinet won the best performance at tent 2013 in London.
Garland\'s description of her first encounter with straw inlays in France captures its magic: \"Many patterns of sunlight, rainbows of straw, forever
Change the light playing on the surface.
\"Inspired by learning this technique, she now uses geometry and optical effects to highlight the unique qualities of the straw.
The inspiration of the period comes from the art of decoration, and when the inlaid works are the epitome of charm, Garland\'s goal is to \"create furniture --
Bold and colorful patternsthat is eye-
But there is still a feeling of Eternal Elegance \".
Light relief naturally provides source materials for many leading light designers.
Sarah Angold uses marine animals such as jellyfish and sea anemones as a template for her flashing lasercut and acid-
Etched acrylic tone.
The computer can be cut, but the manual production of human beings ensures that every complex structure is handmade.
Assembled with tiny brass watch bolts and solid silver and gold fixings.
A shade can take a day to build, mostly part of a limited edition of 30 or less.
Inspired by the current debate on using biomass as carbon
Neutral Fuel, Jay Watson made his bio-quality chandelier from the old gray branches purchased locally.
He works at a former carpet factory in Oxfordshire, trying to highlight the organic textures and patterns of each branch for each lamp, which can be used as a single pendant or cluster.
Nature of MacMaster Design-
Alex MacMaster\'s MacMaster design introduced inspiration lighting in 2009, creating an attractive simple nature
One in Worcester, 21-
The gadgets of the century and the clumsy more than 70 actorsiron machinery.
This work follows the ecological motto of \"minimum waste with maximum output.
It is handmade by the wood of the forest management committee, including the Iris floor lamp, and because its curved wood stacks echo the shape of the iris leaves, it casts a subtle shadow.
Another wonderful use of the natural material is the Uggi lampshade of the Icelandic duo Fanney dessd óttir and Dögg guomundsóttir, where,
Designer Profile: Stuart Haygarth cast
For Stuart Haygarth\'s unique chandelier, scrap, trash and found items are very important to the mill.
Haygarth, a young man in Lancashire, allocated his time between Berlin and London, where he has been working --
Website commissions for design museums, Victoria and Albert museums. His mould-
The broken chandelier is made of various objects such as human beings.
Plastic debris washed in Dungeness, used party pop-
Providing the right material for his Millennium Light
There are also 3,000 unwanted prescription glasses for optical chandeliers.
\"Giving new meaning to existing everyday items is the essence of my work.
\"I use what\'s around us, but I don\'t have to pay attention,\" Haygarth said . \".
\"Light can turn an object from ordinary to luxurious.
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