the new, reimagined rainbow room is high tech, familiar

by:Merttace     2020-05-12
These views alone are worth waiting.
Terrace not used before-
950 square feet surrounded by grandeur--
Just one of several new additions to the iconic Rainbow Room event space that has been closed for the past five years.
Starting from here, Central Park launched its glory at 800 feet M, 65 th Floor, 30 Rockefeller Plaza.
This is perhaps the most powerful assertion of the vision of the decoration by architect Michael Gabriel.
\"The idea is to Polish history, Polish history, and bring it into today, looking at the future,\" Gabellini said on a private trip . \"under-
Building space.
The architect thinks the Rainbow Room is his 15-year-old \"pink\"
Working at Rockefeller Center for a year, he achieved such success at the top of the Rock observation deck.
A year later-
During the long restoration process, the city landmark was reopened in October 1 and then opened to the public in October 6, new owners
Tisman Speyer, operator at the helm.
The mission of Gabriel is ambitious.
He could not change the structure of the restaurant in any case, as it was granted protection status by the landmark protection board in 2012.
So most of it--
Dance floor, ceiling dome, stairs--
It can still be traced back to the original architect Wallace K.
Harrison soon saw the ban as an elegant dining and dance club.
The first step is to shake off the dust: All the chandeliers and grills have been screwed, wiped, and completely restored the original look;
New crystal curtains (
Yes, really crystal)
Old fabric has been replaced;
The famous dome on the ceiling painted platinum.
Now he is going to experience the feeling of an \"event. \' lazy-img-
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Although the restaurant itself is a landmark, the rest of the 65 th floor (
About 14,000 square feet of usable area)
There is no such restriction.
So Gabellini had a great time creating two new modern lounges based on his overall return --to-
Charm objective: the gallery welcomes guests at the entrance to the elevator, while the sixty-five bar has a courtyard on the west side of the skyscraper.
\"Initially, in the 1930 s, the shape of the building was considered Queen Mary [cruise liner]
\"You can overlook the Hudson River,\" said Gabellini, standing on the 65 th. on the 65 th, you can take 92 seats and lead to the spectacular outdoor terrace.
\"With the terrace, we wanted to create a panoramic view from the stern of the ship and create the feeling of starting the voyage.
\"The problem is this old-
Charm \"traveler\" will bring convenience to modern tourists-
Or sink with other dinner clubs.
\"I hope this is the luxury of social networking space today,\" the architect continued bravely, sipping champagne.
Walls with newly expanded floors-to-
Ceiling windows and striking silver
Sixty-five-year-old leaf ceiling invites big New York consumers-and yes, well-
From dusk to midnight, dress up and taste the signature \"vintage cock\" like a cherry Manhattan man \".
Art Deco spaces will also offer light prices. lazy-img-
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Relax in the Gallery Lounge, centered on a long rosewood bar with Maritimestyled brass-The majesty of trim.
Converted from the previous Rainbow Grille, it acts as a pre-
Cocktail channels and pre-dinner
The function space of the event.
The SixtyFive Bar will open from five o\'clock P. M. to midnight from Monday to Friday.
When it took over the food and beverage business in Rainbow Room, Tisman Speyer was counting on the country --of-the-
Art and Technology help increase the scale of success.
Keith Douglas, general manager of Rockefeller Center, said: \"There is continuity in aesthetic, design and technical use, and shortly after taking the elevator, we arrived at the 65 th floor from the ground in 45 seconds.
\"For example, everything will be controlled by the iPad [
Automation software via Crestron]--
Lighting, sound system, heating and cooling.
\"In every corner of the new
Imagine the Rainbow Room where the staff can raise the dim light on a custom silver desktop
Light windows and switch music according to the crowd and mood they want to create.
However, modern technology is the easiest part for modern bars and lounges.
The real challenge is to transform the famous restaurant, where it is possible for everyone\'s precious memories to look better than reality. lazy-img-
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Originally, the Rainbow Room was so named because it installed a pipe organ that projected colored lights with music.
Today, lighting and sound systems are comparable to Broadway works.
\"In terms of its technical capabilities, it\'s actually a theater,\" Gabellini said . \" He pointed out the hidden hightech sub-
Bass and gobos]
Template for operating light]--
Dream of stage manager.
Asked how much money Tisman Speyer spent on the renovation, the company declined to comment.
But in 1987, Joe Baum, the famous restaurant owner, spent $25 million on the renovation of the Rainbow House.
Adjusted for inflation, it was about $50.
At $5 million today.
To achieve this, the restaurant space is reserved for private events from Tuesday to Saturday ---
Wedding, charity, etc--
According to Douglas, the starting price is about $400 per plate.
\"Private events are a good thing,\" he added, while promising to open an \"on-going\" order dinner, dance and Sunday brunch to the public on Sunday and Monday.
He also frantically booked the musicians roster to \"reach out to the wider crowd \".
His wish list has everything from the Big Band (
Swing, Waltz and jazz)
From Kristin ebersolé to Lady Gaga, they are all modern artists. lazy-img-
201823537: Before {padding-top:66. 71490593342982%; }Another draw --
Or a potential wildcard--
Jonathan Wright, the new executive chef in the Rainbow Room, is an unknown person in the New York restaurant.
Even though he managed 450 for the last time
The staff of the Swiss hotel Stamford, Singapore gave him a taste of managing high-end hotels. pressure, high-
He is still cooking soup for nuts (and bolts)
One of the main restaurant and bar menus.
Wright has so far been working on modern American dishes, \"Some of them even pay tribute to the history of the Rainbow Room. ” (
Although there is a 75-year menu history to choose from, this does not narrow down. )
Oysters will almost certainly appear;
Chef Wright liked them very much and he even planted them himself.
\"Everyone is looking forward to this because Joe Baum created something like this,\" said Drew neberente, owner of Nobu Fifty-seven, a few blocks away.
\"He gave the Rainbow Hall an iconic status.
Baum died in 1998 and is known for adding interesting drama to his cuisine.
\"I think there is a Rainbow Room in New York and it is a better place to eat,\" Nieporent added . \".
\"But if you start doing it right away, the taste of the first fork must be good.
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