The Mystery of The Famous Ancient Architecture Beijing

by:Merttace     2020-07-21
The ancient capital of Beijing is a long history, numerous valuable cultural relics, it's ancient buildings is the city's most valuable real estate, it should not be an objection. Great Wall, Forbidden City, Temple of Heaven, the Ming Tombs in Beijing's most famous ancient buildings, where people shell out tribute to past imperial eminence. However, some with the less be noted that ancient buildings, the city also contains many stories, people endless aftertaste.
Temple of Heaven
In the Temple of Heaven, there is a 'Little Palace' is often overlooked, this 'Little Palace' is located at free airline side of the Temple of Heaven, 'Temple Chai.' Temple of Heaven is really a place where Ming and Qing emperors. The annual winter solstice, the emperor to go to the Temple of Heaven Heaven, pray for harvest. According to ancient ritual, the emperor to be the first three days in Heaven, to be fast Itsuki. Three days, do not eat meat, do not drink, do not close sex, do not for you to music, ignore the criminal, and so, for always a sheltered, sensual indulgence of the emperor, this of course is tantamount to imprisonment. Thus, as Yongzheng and later, get a separate fast in the Forbidden City Palace, every heaven, the first your palace, 'To the fast' to hold the initial couple of or three hour ritual, only to Temple Chai Temple of Heaven, 'To outside the Studios. ' From this, the Temple of Heaven Temple Chai became the emperor's resting place before heaven.
Qi Niandian Temple of Heaven Temple Chai in the southwest, the Circular Mound northwest, three into the tripartite balance of shoves. Prescribe both the Forbidden City walls - Imperial City and Forbidden City; the Temple of Heaven Temple Chai also prescribe the walls: brick city outside, cut inside the wall. A moat by the Forbidden City, there are cheese River; around the Temple of Heaven Temple Chai, in the brick wall of the city and the ban in addition have a moat. Heng Jia river in each of 2 three white marble passage. And the four corners of the brick city, each housing five troops, but also with four turrets, similar to the Forbidden City. Which shows the establishment with the Forbidden City, but smaller.
Itsuki into the Temple of Heaven, after two palace, sitting east among the West has five halls, green glazed tiles, eaves brackets, carved beams, complete approach building solemnly gorgeous, famous . Itsuki shrine. Shiting a left front of the hall for a bronze one, the prime minister is said to be Emperor Wei Zheng, and then he hands the words 'fast' the word of the brand, do not forget to remind the emperor fast. Shiting stood right in the hour of brand, told the emperor by hour fast, Heaven, Do not miss time.
By the Ming and Qing dynasties system, the emperor of residence shall be facing south, and all the palace porch yellow glazed tiles are used, the particular Temple of Heaven Temple Chai is sitting east of the West? Grew to become self-proclaimed emperor of Mukden the carrier of the 'emperor', since is the 'Heaven' in 'sub' towards the Temple of Heaven to Heaven, is nothing greater than son to sacrifice his father, of course, cannot be arrogant, so Itsuki can only take the east, but used a green glazed tile.
Let me say imprisoned Emperor's Yingtai. Emperor implementation of political reform, trying to revive a result, Yingtai jailed for 10 years, was crowned most senior prisoner, it is a tragic figure, one might ask: Yingtai not necessarily? Why enticed into stately emperor's cage?
Yingtai in Beijing, in Zhongnanhai, the South China Seaside. It is surrounded by water, in fact, a small island in the north and the land attached to a wooden bridge. Center building for the Han Yuan Temple, and there a lot of wooden pavilions and stone account. It's the beginning of Ming Dynasty, named for the Southern Taiwan, repairs Shunzhi years after your expansion, changed its name to Yingtai, when the Kangxi and Qianlong on many occasions in the hearings, Ciyan.
After the Reform Movement of the coup, the Empress Dowager Cixi fury imprisoned in the Han dynasty, Yuan Hall. Han Yuan Temple main hall for the Yingtai, sitting north in the South. North Han Yuan Xiang-luan door Pavilion with the relative, the South Hall of the Hong Chen and Ying Ting smoked sea, across it as the Xinhua Door. Building size, though not of the Forbidden City, but also magnificent. However, because Han dynasty, Yuan imprisoned in the house, here will be bleak, bleak atmosphere enveloped. In accessory for being pulled at the beginning of the morning Guangxu accompany the Empress on the Zaozhao, the rest of the time they were imprisoned in this, is strictly prohibited to search out. Serve dynasty eunuch, Li Lien Ying are trusted by the Empress's hand-picked, named to provide on the dynasty actually monitored. It's said that a year of winter, the South China Sea water has frozen, the day dynasty travel incognito, Shuzhi had left far, he was the doorman found that 'kneeling resistance' to go back. Later, the Empress Dowager Cixi had heard about this, actually ordered the scuttling of cold water to prevent the dynasty run.
Yingtai imprisoned throughout the dynasty, physically and mentally tortured. Han Yuan said home was papered windows broken, the Jingmei people to mend this cold winter in the North is indeed intolerable. Dynasty in the bitter cold north wind in actually trembling, numbness. Ascended the throne after Emperor Guangxu, not good governance, revival of this family business itself has fallen 'to fly without wings, like crossing no Means' the point, no wonder either when he lamented: 'I am significantly less good as Han Xiandi!' In particular, the dynasty embarrassing is that So that you can mentally torture dynasty Empress, goes exactly where the only pet Zhenfei Guangxu sideline, and the water far not in order to meet with her dynasty.
The emperor in captivity in Yingtai spent the last years of his life. Dynasty, thirty-four years until October 21 the previous day the Empress Dowager Cixi died in the house of Han-yuan Tung room, ended his life. Since his death the day with only a difference of Empress Dowager Cixi, which was suspected to function as the empress killed him, it was asked poison him with poisoned Yuan. It can only be a historical mystery.
Shing House
Now, full of Beijing are together with so-called modern architecture, is also faced with many old buildings, 'demolition' of destiny. Among the demolition C & D Construction, Beijing almost can not remember what the old city walls. Beijing Great Wall are usually removed, but retained the three gate: Zhengyangmen, East side door and Deshengmen.
Beijing is definitely an old saying: first, Deshengmen, after Beijing. This remark points to Deshengmen context. Yuan Dynasty, a large army led by General Xu Da big break capital on the Yuan dynasty (ie, Beijing), Yuan Shun, who favored the north door quickly from most health Dement fled, Yuan from extinction. Jian Xu Da Dement stuff into Deshengmen, also known as winning the door, probably meaning Jinian Ming military victory. Right here is the first year of Hongwu (1368) factor. Eighteen years to the Yongle (1420) Revised Beijing, just show the two kilometers south walls of the capital, the additional repair the gate and barbican, better known as Deshengmen. From that perspective Deshengmen named 52 years earlier in Beijing.
Beijing Urban Construction has become, a full of nine gates. Each have their own purposes: your market era of feudal dynasty, the Emperor Jade Spring Hill dedicated in drink spring water, water tankers carrying water to the emperor, from Xizhimen out; to the legal court out of coal the actual planet coal car Fuchengmen; Zhengyangmen out of emperor worship chariots of heaven and earth; Chaoyangmen away food car; Dongzhimen through diesel vehicles; Chongwenmen car into wine; Xuanwumen a punishment car; Andingmen a chariot; send troops to war, victory likewise North Korea, to visit Deshengmen. By simply that the Qing soldiers when they sing in the Deshengmen 'victory song.' In order to 'old Beijing were' said the winning song is Bajiao Gu (stringed), the predecessor.
According to historical records, Ming Zhengtong fourteen years (1449) Waci military offensive in August in Beijing, led the army through Yu Qian Andingmen Bingbushangshu to fulfill the enemy, killed in one fell swoop-called 'iron neck Marshal' for this first profitable younger brother Mao claims that children , the military played Diukuiqijia Waci. Yu Qian victorious, triumphant revert. Yu Qian This is a gigantic victory to shield Beijing, famous in track record. After seventeen years to the Sung Jeong (1644), Emperor Zhu Li Jiantai by the prosecution to mail troops out of the Board of Civil Shilang Andingmen, marched to the rebel army in Shanxi Li Zicheng play. The army just went Zhuozhou, hit head-Chuang Wang's troops, no war since failure of the roof of the soldiers, afraid and run away from. Rereading the army win the lay for this city of Beijing. Zhu, see the hopeless situation by the prosecution, needed to hang around the Meishan. Dubbed the Deshengmen seen, in fact, have victory or defeat.
There are nine of Beijing City, which has nine towers and watchtower. But Deshengmen the watchtower was a bit different. Take Zhengyangmen, the watchtower underneath the doorway and gates, along with the watchtower Deshengmen without openings and gates, is also unique in Beijing without openings and the gates within the watchtower.
Deshengmen rrncludes a history of 500 years. Jiajing in the Ming Dynasty and Qing Dynasty, Kangxi period possess been refurbished. Early Years also repair it, because insufficient financial resources, only half the associated with Taiwan auto . stopped. Republic of thirteen years, the Northern government simply removed the tower and sell the wood, use the actual to government officials created a salary.
Forbidden City
People from the museum Shenwu Men go into the Imperial Garden, the loop often is attracted to the park's gravel lane of clanking drums and away. Forbidden City Imperial Garden, also called as the gravel stones painted flowers, is decorated coming from the colored stones into a symmetrical piece vivid images, including flowers, figures, Bo Gu, architecture, animals and auspicious motifs such as 700 pieces, colorful, rich brilliant.
Stones correct into a pattern painting is brick, or tile form patterns, and then fill in the middle of stone inlay, shop decorated with various patterns, such as Qiqiao map, even like Jin, Bo Gu and many. Qiqiao map is rectangular, square, rhombus, trapezoid, rectangle when compared to the outline within the middle set with birds and flowers of plant patterns, lotus duck, Sheung Fung flowers, lotus egrets, cranes Samson friends, Ming Fung the actual planet bamboo. Mix, mixed all. What kind of Kam pomegranate, apple, bergamot, melon, bats, ancient chime as the outline, photographs has old couple watching chess, five sons wins lotus, a gentleman farmer, rhino full moon, red, sea, lion Gunxiu Qiu, fishing music, etc. characters vivid, very fun. Bogut is more treasure in numerous forms of Gerry, shop laden with vases, potted plants, flowers, birds, volumes, sub-mountain different antique furnishings, modeling simple, cut and polish fine.
Unexpected people, in the depths of this court maintain a pool of story that reflect the folk life portraits, though vulgar and intensely humorous. Among them is 'fear-law map', the screen performance of a few couples, some men kneeling on the wooden bench, head lamp, his wife riding on his body; some clothes man kneeling in the rub- board, the head of a bench, pain in along side it of his wife ascribed for the stick. These situations were vivid. Men're not usually want discover more about this point, as you move ladies are fine plus appreciation. Ladies long ambition can be described as big, big man over the power and prestige.
There is even a 'Eighteen school to board a Yeongju map', describing Emperor Wen opened the scene appeal to world celebrities. A spot on the screen and embrace a degree line, laid-back, children their burdens, one after the other, walking slowly and leisurely. Figure less than half a foot, and show different, work like students.
God then is the idea of ??clever craftsmen, such as your cock crowing and the peony could be the performance of 'fame and fortune' to lychee, longan, walnut concise explaination 'in three consecutive' to a split within the pomegranate that 'the involving children' to 5 bats around a 'Shou' symbol comprised of floral motifs, 'Five Blessings' and etc.
Imperial Garden in the gravel road north and south aspect garden, colorful, smooth and beautiful, compact structure, beautiful and wonderful. In the movie 'Fire Summer Palace,' where it had given a close-up, although only the fleeting glimpse, but it raises remembrances. As to the Imperial Garden Tour, might be the first step should be careful, don't miss the opportunity to enjoy the stone work.
Summer Palace
Summer Palace's Kunming Lake in the east coast, seventh hole near the bridge, is really a true cattle, such just as the size bronze cattle, lying, head gaze Yuanshanjinshui. It is believed that it is two era ago, when Emperor Qianlong cast rebuilt the Summer Palace.
Ancient China has had to say for your gold than copper. Therefore, many develop called the Taurus the bull. Emperor Qianlong ordered the muscle builders in cattle engraved a 'Taurus-ming.' Power Allied Forces invaded Beijing in 1900 said after wantonly plundered. Some foreigners have associated with Kunming lake Taurus searching into the park, nevertheless the cow was big and heavy, cut does not move, not move, cast brass, but it seems carefully to hack several times, bitterly unlucky Lianhu off.
Why regarding cow in Kunming lake casting the problem? Several theories in general have so;
First, the 'Five Towns,' said. Legend of Beijing gold, wood, water, fire, earth five town property. Bell Temple a 'clock in,' said contributions is the key town, city of Jingshan is the soil, when compared to the Kunming Lake Township. Bull, the lake water on the town,
Second, the 'flood flag', said. Beijing is the topography of this northwest, southeast, northwest of Kunming Lake in Beijing than the Forbidden City, the foundation height up to ten meters, to the rainy season, carefully observe the water level in Kunming and copper from the original source cattle out of which to make metropolis flood control work.
Third, the 'Legend of Love,' declared. Kunming Lake in the vicinity of Sai's Jade Belt Bridge, the masai have a lot of mulberry trees are planted in the 'Farming and Weaving Park' village. 200 years ago, where people are picking mulberry silkworm, actually is exciting. The Kunming Lake in the east coast there are certainly a bull, therefore the former than for Weaver, which is actually a symbol of this Cowboy.
Too many stories of old Beijing Unfortunately, fewer and fewer people now know, this could be the inevitable result of urban modernization, maybe people should rethink this obstacle.
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