the \'in\' things... for creating a refreshing outdoor living space

by:Merttace     2020-04-12
Designers often talk about the perfect \"outdoor living room \"--
Deck or terrace that combines the comfort and style of interior decoration with the pleasure of outdoor relaxation.
But what\'s the difference between these outdoor entertainment spaces and more typical decorative backgrounds? We asked three interior designers --
Brett berdock, New York
Based at Brett design
Abbe Fenimore at Ten25 studio in Dallas and Dan Mazzarini at design company BHDM-
About the items they use to lift a simple deck or terrace to a real \"outdoor room\" status.
Mazzarini said: \"The addition of textiles at the foot brings additional tactile quality, which is expected to be only indoors, which helps redefine the outdoor space.
Beldock agrees and says companies like Sunbrella and Perennials offer soft carpets made of durable dyed acrylic yarn with gorgeous patterns and colors.
Beldock said: \"It doesn\'t feel like plastic, but you can get it down with a hose.
\"Fortunately, Fenimore says you don\'t need to invest a lot --even big-
Box shops like Sam\'s Club sometimes offer good
High quality outdoor carpet with geometric patterns or stripes.
In fact, some of them may dry faster after the rain than the more expensive, thicker outdoor carpets.
If you have concrete floors or very little direct sunlight, it is especially important to choose a carpet that is drained and dry well.
But, Fenimore says, don\'t be too stingy with the price: very thin acrylic carpets may not last long and may fade quickly.
When choosing the number and location of the carpet, consider defining a separate entertainment area: a piece of carpet in the dining area under the tables and chairs, and the other is defining a seating area used as a living room.
Typical outdoor lighting can be harsh and unflattering, says Mazzarini, \"overhead lighting is a friend of anyone . \".
Therefore, look for outdoor desk lamps and floor lamps to increase the soft light of indoor lighting.
Mazzarini said that although they differ in weather conditions, outdoor fixtures can be used most of the year.
\"The introduction of lights, especially outside, is really beautiful and subtle,\" finnymore agreed . \" It is easy to find a wide variety of outdoor lighting styles and prices at home decoration retailers.
As a finishing touches, Beldock likes to use many candles with a glass hurricane cover to add light.
Managing air is another indoor feeling you can work outdoors.
For customers in Texas, Fenimore often advises fans to circulate air on outdoor terraces.
In her own home, \"We have a wall --
\"The mounting fan hanging under the eaves can keep the air flowing and hopefully stop the mosquitoes,\" she said.
For colder nights, the vertical space heater can take away the cold in the space and replenish the warmth of the fire pit.
Just like your indoor living room, choose a comfortable, stylish sofa outdoors and pair it with a double sofa or a comfortable padded chair.
Interior/outdoor fabrics have come a long way, these designers say, so choose a texture that feels like interior decoration.
Beldock said: \"Instead of using only one color, mix and match the fabric as it is in the indoor environment.
Despite the large differences in the style of the outdoor sofa, Beldock said that Bonaldo\'s \"peanut sofa\" is popular in the outdoor living room, which has a variety of soft outdoor fabrics.
Velvet chenille fabric has become a popular outdoor fabric, says Fenimore.
Although the fabrics are comfortable in texture, they don\'t heat up and are comfortable all summer, she said.
To finish the look, add a pillow to the outdoor sofa.
Many outdoor pillows are filled and can easily dry without mildew.
The other option, says Fenimore, is to use the nice interior to throw pillows when you\'re having fun outside, and then bring them in at the end of the party.
A pile of pillows will bring indoor comfort to your outdoor sofa and encourage guests to stay and relax, she said.
Finishing touches: Fenimore recommends keeping a container full of soft, light-weight blankets so guests who rest outdoors at night can have extra softness and
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