the hottest new trend this heatwave: kit out your garden like your living room with rugs, lamps and sofas

by:Merttace     2020-04-15
In this constant heat wave, your living room is often the last place you want to go.
Now is the time of year to make the most of your garden-incorporate it into your home as if it were just another reception room.
Designing your garden as an extension of the living room has become one of the biggest decorative trends.
Instagram is filled with people moving carpets, lights and soft furniture into the garden-taking the interior out in a lavish Georgian picnic.
The designers responded by making a series of garden furniture that looked better for the comfort lounge than the terrace.
\"The space is so high that it\'s genius to be able to extend your living room to your outside area,\" says Samantha Kennell, interior designer at SLK interior decoration . \".
She found that clever styling techniques, such as adding carpets to different areas, can change the way you entertain, dine and relax-all without expensive extended price tags.
Stuart Robertson, design director at building Studio 23 GS/318, suggested starting with the structure: \"add something like a wooden shed, a cast iron shed with traditional railings and decks, light stretch sail construction or retractable awning not only looks beautiful, but also helps to make these spaces more useful.
\"There is no need to build anything;
The perfect space can be created by decorative decoration alone.
\"The most important part for me to make the outer space really special is to incorporate lighting,\" interior designer Lauren Gilbert Thorpe said . \".
\"Consider lighting up different levels throughout the space, such as lighting up trees or shrubs from below, or flushing the walls.
Don\'t forget candles and string lights for the atmosphere.
For instant conversion, string some festive lights together ,(£35; gardentrading. co. uk).
When the temperature finally drops, you can fight the cold of the night by using an outdoor floor lamp.
Gilberthope recommends a Belgian company called HeatSail to provide soft, warm lights, heaters and speakers (
Provide the price upon request; heatsail. com/en).
This is not the only way to provide warmth to the patio.
In addition to the blankets you can always prepare to throw on your guests, you can also consider the fire pit.
\"The external fireplace and pit can provide a focus or some
It takes comfort on a cool night, \"Robertson said.
Truly embrace the heart --
Exit styling trends, choose free-standing wood-burning stove (£425; coxandcox. co. uk).
You can arrange the furniture around it like in the living room.
To add a little comfort to your mural, the carpet is now becoming more and more popular.
\"There are a lot of outdoor carpet designs that look great and add a color or cool pattern,\" Kennell said . \".
\"It\'s an area that separates the space and really shows your visitors what you think and plan about the space.
Ben Hanli, head of West Elm wood home modeling, agreed.
\"Outdoor rugs take into account seasonal diversity, bring your personal style into the garden and update your deck or patio area without an expensive landscape overhaul.
\"Of course, you need to find a place to sit, and a wooden bench is not always suitable for the real garden living room.
\"The design of outdoor furniture is becoming more and more
\"Many designs now look like they belong inside,\" Kennell said . \".
Give an example.
Com\'s Jonah garden sofa, £ 399, is designed for outdoor use.
It also matches the internal scope and helps create the appearance of the internal/external connection.
It is an outdoor floor lamp with Elsa (£120; coxandcox. co. uk).
Complete the \"room\" with a drink cart while you are here \"(£95; gardentrading. co. uk)
Relaxed cocktail party atmosphere.
If you don\'t have a new budget for three projects
Suite for outdoor activities with accessories only.
\"Many designers now offer shower-proof fabrics and cushions that add extra charm to the outside space,\" Kennell said . \".
H & M Home has some vibrant waterproof pads that go beyond the usual bay days and green.
If you want the kids to relax on the mat, you also have to make them happy.
The scandibørn children\'s store has stylish options with a living room, such as a round bean bag or tepee.
It all comes down to the cost that you might just use a few nights a year.
\"You can try all kinds of interesting things,\" Robertson said . \".
\"BBQ, hot tub, external speakers, cinema, rides . . . . . . Everything is possible.
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