The Flower Power Lamp

by:Merttace     2020-06-26
The Flower Pot lamp, designed by Verner Panton in 1969, is the lamp of its era and a good instance of Scandinavian design. In the era within the 60s, the flower power generation took over declaring love, peace and harmony for everyone; students revolted in France and Italy, and man was sentenced to the Moon. The design for that era was bright, colorful and extremely playful - exactly what Verner Panton knew most suitable. He designed his lamp with the happenings of the era objective - therefore the name, The Flower Pot fixture. At the same time as being the voice of the hippie era, the design of The Flower Pot lamp effortless and minimalistic like Scandinavian design is thought to get. The lamp consists of two semi-circular, different sized spheres facing each other, and a simple stand for the table lamp models. The colors of the lamp prevalent bright but only one color is used during the whole lamp; this simple design and style makes the lamp an imposing design piece. That was probably also in Verner Panton's mind when he designed this lamp: for him, the color was even more important than form because believed that colors aroused feelings. When offered into the market, The Flower Pot lamp became incredibly popular. The pendants hung in restaurants and exhibitions, and soon in everybody's homes also. When many of them distinctive colors were placed near each other, an almost psychedelic atmosphere was resulted in. Related to the Panton's design it's said, that Verner Panton successfully interpreted the times among the hippie movement and Moon landing. Buying example can be seen in Stanley Kubrick's film 2001: A location Odyssey, where among the Verner Panton's chairs is featured. And when this interpretation is added to the option that Panton's design actually Scandinavian, one may understand that Panton was able to create undeniably unique pieces of design. Someone states that 'an object cannot become a design icon until it has stood the test of one's time and appears quite naturally in different settings, giving it a symbolic aura of its particular.' We agree that The Flower Pot is just when.
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