the evolution of the modern living room

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From the salon at Versailles to the clean lines of today, to clearly describe your mindset at the time, you just need to look at the nearest living room, says Jonathan gransey.
The Palace of Versailles of Louis XIV, formed by the absolutism of the 1680-generation French monarch, is enormous, indulgent and magnificent.
However, no one can call the former hunting Hotel a comfortable one.
The palace life of the Palace of Versailles, the Sun King, is an open event and an extremely ceremonial and ceremonial world.
Is there a single room that can really relax? No.
Strangely, here, the concept of the living room comes along with the theory of how domestic architecture adapts to the 18th-century world described as \"modern.
Louis XV found his predecessor\'s lifestyle less formal and transformed a room into a parallel private world.
The young king\'s name is always linked to the charming Louis Kunze\'s furniture and decor style, creating a certain balance between formal life and relatively informal life.
In 1691, when Louis XIV was in his splendor, the architect of Paris, Augustine-
Charles daviler published his \"architecture\" (
Course in architecture)
In this article, he sets out the difference between the rooms in the parade, or the formal rooms like the king, and the new ideal Brigadier-General rooms where homeowners can relax and do
Charles Etienne Burris
Master of Louis Kunze style-
His \"Modern Architecture\" was published in 1728, and comfort became an obsession.
At first in Paris and then throughout Europe, the sofa and small tables of silk, cotton and recliner, as well as sewing, card games and snacks, became fashionable.
Of course, it is not correct in the homes of the poor, and if it is not shovels, they basically work.
However, from the beginning of the Industrial Revolution, the concept of family comfort has increased the concept of leisure just like those who have time at hand.
The combination of leisure and luxury promotes the appearance of the living room.
Finally, this is a family space --
The generalist in the room
There are no specific functional uses.
In the 20 th century, the future of this vague but increasingly desirable room has become a hot topic, especially in the United States.
Living room for tomorrow, sponsored by RCA (
American Radio Corporation)
At the New York World Expo in 1939, there was a lot of publicity.
It has largely established the idea that the living room will focus on new technologies, bringing radio, television, movies and newspapers into the center of the family through early forms of fax machines.
This is everyone.
Future American families will gather in the yard of the farm as before.
In the 1967 episode broadcast by CBS 21st century, the news anchor Walter Cronkite introduced the audience to \"living room 2001\" with a central console, under the touch of NASA.
Style buttons and switches to turn the living room into full
Family Entertainment.
The living room features future pop art furniture including inflatable furniture
Modular orange sofa with plastic armchair, floorto-
Ceiling TV screen and one of Peter Murdoch\'s nominal disposable polyethylene
Coated laminated cardboard \"uneven\" chairs sold today at an international auction house for £ 2,000.
The living room of the future is obviously Interesting, interesting, and open for rapid changes.
Among the countless American soap operas viewed worldwide-from the I Love Luck and The Dick Van Dyck Show to the Brady band, later The cosby Show-the living room is clearly the center of the contemporary family.
Maybe the whole house could be a big and fun living room. In Help!
The 1965 film fab Four, directed by Dick Lester, starring the Beatles, walked into four common terraces that looked the same.
Inside, these are merged into a large living room with an Arne Jacobsen Egg chair, an Arco lamp designed by Achille Castiglioni, A black vinyl G Plan 6250 armchair dine from the slot machine and John Lennon\'s sunken bed pit.
Ray Sims, the production designer of the film, is obviously happy, but halfa-
At the turn of the century, the idea is still in line with the living room many people dream.
In many of today\'s houses, the kitchen either takes over from the living room, becomes the center of the family, or merges with it.
As the urban population grows at an unprecedented rate, a dedicated lounge has become an expensive fall for many.
At the same time, the trend of open life is almost no sign of weakening, and the indoor magazine is full of huge dive space, which can play a variety of functions.
Purpose living area.
Of course, all of this is once again filled with the latest mod cons, although these days may be hidden in a clever way, replaced by a long-lasting trend of low-key luxury with loud and gorgeous interiors.
The perfect balance between form and informal, modern and timeless can be found in the influential Miller home in Columbus, Indiana
American architect Eero Saarinen.
Since 2000, it has been a national historical landmark of the art museum of Indiana, serving industrialists J Owen Miller.
Exquisite middle stage
Century modern living room is the work of Alexander Sandro Girard.
It has a \"talk pit\" with its Mats changing with the season, the perfect frame view of Dan Killy geometric garden, fine fabric, lack of confusion and lasting feeling, you can hold on here for a while, but relax completely for the rest of the time.
This is a living room where you can invite Louis XV to chat around and see the Brady band.
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