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Mumbai: in addition to the defamatory plastic bags, there is also a material that blocks the city\'s sewers during the monsoon, causing flooding: coconut shells.
City resident Manish advantage found that the coconut shell not only blocked the ditch, but also the breeding ground of mosquitoes.
\"The coconut shell is very hard and it takes a long time to break down and find the landfill,\" he said . \". Mr.
The senior executive of Mahindra Special Services Group, Advani, will promote coconut shell recycling as his mission, \"with the aim of addressing waste management issues, sustainable development and civic well-being.
\"He found creative uses for shells to prevent them from being thrown into waste.
The idea of creatively managing waste was planted in 2012, when his three-year-old son began to have difficulty breathing due to air pollution --
The family lives in Chembur, with Deonar landfill on one side and refinery on the other.
On January 2016, a fire broke out in the landfill.
\"I feel the need to find a solution rather than being part of the problem,\" he said . \" He decided to compost waste at home.
When he realized how difficult it was to compost the coconut shell, he began using the coconut shell as a flowerpot.
\"We gave these planters as gifts to them, they are very grateful, and many people are starting to follow up on this at home,\" he said . \".
With the support of his organization, he promoted the concept to several companies in Mumbai, Pune, Jaipur and Delhi, and contacted builders to introduce coconut shells
Together with 75 students, he even distributed more than 2,500 coconut shell plants throughout the city.
Municipal Corporation of Mumbai (BMC)
Stree Mukti Sanghatana, an NGO, worked with the scavenger to help him purchase coconut shells from various suppliers and fill them with soil.
Students at BMC school use these shells to plant saplings and distribute them to various company offices, he said.
The success of the initiative encouraged the use of coconut shells for painting
Advantage decided to promote coconut shell painting among school children.
\"Over the past year, we have attracted more than 5,000 children from different schools and professionals, and promoted the concept of making knife clips, coconut candles, rabbits, table lamps and other artworks, he said. Advani.
A plan was also developed to promote the concept among poor youth with the aim of increasing their income.
In October 20, 2016, he organized \"the world\'s largest coconut painting car\" at the Scottish school in Mumbai, where more than 2,300 children participated.
Each child brought a dry tender coconut to the school with a base color.
Then, decorate or paint each coconut in class.
\"The purpose of driving is to emphasize the importance of coconut recycling and reuse
To check the spread of dengue fever \". Advani. Eco-
Mr. friendly Butler.
Advani soon began exploring the idea of sustainable housing through coconut shells.
With the help of architect Jayneel Trivedi from Pune and 20 students from the Somayya College in Mumbai, he built the first house made of coconut shells
The cost of slum housing.
The house was built at the Somayya campus and the money came from personal funds.
They cost the whole project. 15,000.
\"There are 55% people living in slums in Mumbai alone.
In tropical countries like India, it is inhumane to live in tin sheds under the sun.
To solve these problems, we have designed the most affordable, state-of-the-art ecosystem in the world.
The friendly house is made of used tender coconut shells. Trivedi.
With the support of BMC, shells weighing about 1 kg reached almost 800.
Collected 2 tons from coconut vendors, dried and seasoned 7-
They turned into wood eight days later.
They are then cut, installed and treated with polyurethane coating.
Actual construction cost 5-6 days.
\"The house is completely made of waste.
\"This structure is made of scrap metal, and when the floor is mud, it is paneled with scrap wood,\" he said . \".
An 8-square-foot, x 8-square-foot house costs Rs. 15,000. Mr.
In June, Advantage\'s initiative won the International Green Apple building environment award in London. Mr.
Advani has sought support from the clean Mumbai Foundation to allocate a municipal garden where he plans to dig some areas and fill them with broken coconut shells to prevent evaporation.
\"Our goal is to promote this concept in every housing society with a garden on the ground so that they can live on their own water in the future.
His ultimate mission is to make sustainable development personal \".
If everyone across the country becomes part of the solution, \"we can avoid garbage dumps in cities, improve air quality by greening our homes, and improve our health through organic food. ”Recently, Mr.
On his Facebook page, Advani posted the \"coco contest\" in partnership with the experience learning platform world Education \".
Schools and colleges across India invite entries to introduce the innovative use of coconut shells.
The last date of registration is October 31, 2017.
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