the broken dreams of the blond geishas : western women are flocking to japan to entertain men in clubs called hostess bars. making $1,000 a night is easy. but it\'s not so simple to take the money and run.

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Jacqueline Burke is sitting on the gray foam sofa at the Tokyo apartment with her legs crossed.
The sun came in through two windows, bathed in her slightly tanned skin and golden blonde hair, a rich creamy yellow color.
She realized the effect.
This gold has been her treasure for 18 months. California-
When she tried to break into the model business in Los Angeles, the girl looked like she had a dime.
She found that there was a price for exoticism.
At Huntington Beach, Jackie, 20, spent $300. a-week waitress.
She was the first. class hostess.
Every Friday night, she is five hours a day, Casanova, the hostess\'s bar at Roppongi\'s evening, pouring wine and chatting with Japanese wage earners --life district.
Due to her skin color, figure and mouth pou mouth, her salary topped the list of foreign waitresses in Tokyo: 5,000 yen (about $39 U. S. )an hour.
She earns an extra 10,000 to 20,000 yen tip every night and the customer will give her a gift.
All kinds of gifts.
She is wearing a black Moschino dress, black tights, red Alaia jacket, pearl-
Diamond rings, emerald rings and pearl earrings.
All of this was given to her by the customer except for the tights.
\"Once your regular customers start to like you, you can let them continue to give and give,\" Jackie said when he opened a pack of cigarettes . \". (
To protect her identity, the names of her and other waitresses and customers were changed. )
\"But if you want something you like then you \'d better start telling them what you want or you\'ll end up with five Chanel handbags.
\"She smoked and looked at one of her rings in the dim light.
Diamonds as big as peanuts.
But it\'s interesting.
You really don\'t like to wear these things.
Some diamonds worth five, you only wear them when you go to the club, so that the customer thinks you really like him, and then he may buy you another one, jackie said with a smile, \"you may not like to wear this dress either.
\"It\'s a quick life with fast cash, wardrobe and the world --
Jackie Collins\'s tiredness
The story of the hostess trade makes Tokyo the hottest young man in the world
Foreigners thrive in small towns.
The word has been low alongStudent Budgettravel and get-rich-
Come to Tokyo.
Women like Jackie flood into the city, vowing that they will milk the locals, leaving rich and unscathed people.
\"My dream is to do a big thing and get rid of the hospitality,\" she said with a heavy heart . \".
\"To be a good hostess, you must be a good businesswoman.
I have to resist the temptation to go to Thailand, Goa or tropical paradise and splurge my money.
I want to be a businesswoman.
She twisted her fingers, sparkled with fat diamonds and Emerald, smiling.
\"This thing is for beginners.
\"Every community has a waitress bar, and the Japanese hospitality industry has a lot of money to tap.
There are no official figures on how many women work in the waitress bar, but Lisa Lewis, the author of a new book on the hospitality industry, is estimated to be, thousands of women across Japan work in this multi-billion-dollar industry.
For the wage earners, the luxurious atmosphere of the hostess\'s bar, stable drinks and beautiful women may help to reach a business agreement.
\"This is where we relax our vigilance,\" said hideo Hideoka, an airline executive who is an ordinary hostess --
Bar customers in Tokyo
\"We have some drinks to say frankly.
I often do business in two or three bars, just like in the office.
I don\'t think the bar is a very sexy place. -
Although I met two mistresses at the hostess bar
But this is a business place. \" He laughs.
\"If you eliminate the hospitality industry, Japan\'s GDP could drop by 50%,\" he said.
\"The hostesses are rooted in the tradition of geisha, and in some ways are a sincere modern body of this more ingenious way of entertainment.
In the ancient Japanese place where geisha embody the strict training, sake, kimono, samisen performance and fan dance, the hostess is modern ---
No training, bourbon, Gautier costumes, karaoke singing and disco dancing. In male-
The cause of children dominates Japanese society.
It is the wife\'s responsibility to raise and manage a family.
However, the lively, coquettish and sexy aspects of femininity have traditionally been reserved for geisha, and now for hostesses, who appeared in the 1920 s as \"Joyal\" or a cafegirls.
Since then, the host industry has been booming.
The hostess poured drinks, coaxed the customer to order high-priced snacks, and catered to his self by laughing or listening attentively to the lament.
Sex may or may not be part of the package.
Michiko Nagisa, manager of Roppongi Yamazakira\'s hostess bar, said that for a hostess to sleep with a client, \"it\'s all up to her, it\'s all about her.
\"The Asian labor solidarity organization is a propaganda group for foreign Japanese workers, with an estimated 70,000 to 100,000 foreign waitresses in Japan.
About 10,000 of them are right
Asian and 2,000 are Americans.
The average American hostess spent about two years in Tokyo and saved some money before continuing to visit other parts of Asia or returning to the US.
Since the 1970 s, as Japan\'s focus on Western trends and imports has expanded to Western women, europeans and Americans are increasingly replacing Japanese waitresses at luxury stalls with politicians, art dealers and scientists from some of Japan\'s oldest and richest families.
The hostess said: \"Blonde women are a symbol of the identity of Japanese men who have long been intimidated by foreign womenturned-
Reporter Rie sekigchi
Women now serve Japanese men and can be seen as a symbol of Japan\'s advantage, she said.
Because so much business is traded at the hostess bar, women like Jackie have a first-hand feel of the deal --Made in Japan-style.
Although Jackie can\'t speak fluent Japanese, she has mastered enough Japanese to have a conversation.
\"I see, I listen, I find a way to make it work for me,\" Jackie said . \".
\"I want to start my own business.
\"She speaks with a cautious and brief syllable from a savvy businesswoman, but her nature is passion and trust.
\"What I really want is for one of my customers to finance a hotel in Cancun.
On the beach. Beautiful.
There are bungalows, white sand, palm trees. Paradise.
I know the exact hotel--
I lived there with my mother for the first time when I was 13.
I have pictures.
\"She shuffled on the tatami floor and returned to her bedroom with dozens of photos of clear blue water, cloudless blue sky, deserted white sand beaches ---
The environment is very different from the dark, smoky and crowded Tokyo.
\"We are talking about private beaches that are miles long.
I can buy everything, renovate the room, add stables and horses to make it more of something like Club Med, only groovier.
I can do whatever I want with $250,000.
Jackie shared a four.
Guest room apartment upstairsmiddle-
Setagaya ward class and two other waitresses Lisa and Deborah and Steve, an Englishman, look after the bar at a party in gazzin (foreigners)in Roppongi.
Jackie grew up with Lisa in the Ashland Community in Oregon, led by Bagwan Sheri Rajesh.
When \"ranch\" was once home to 3,000 faithful believers, the two friends moved to Los Angeles in the middle of the dissolution\'80s.
\"We had a great time at the ranch,\" Jackie said of her teenage days . \".
But we never learned to do basic things. -
\"It\'s like spelling or long division,\" Lisa interrupted as she walked into the room.
Lisa is a strawberry blonde, 2 inch taller than Jackie. foot-3.
Jackie and Lisa, 20, woke up at 1 in the evening. m.
Deborah, from Vancouver, Canada, who is studying at the American Community College in Tokyo, has already got up at noon and left there. (
When Deborah\'s alarm sounded, Jackie moaned, \"Dawn Patrol . \". )
Jackie and Lisa gathered at a nightclub near Roppongi the night before, taking out rows of Coke from the toilet tank and eating potato brownies baked in the nightclub kitchen.
They did not sleep well until after dawn.
The first thing Jackie did after looking at the mirror was to wake up the makeup expert Lisa in the apartment, who oversees the long makeup process essential to the waitress.
They started with Clinique day cream, eye cream, transparent loose powder, black Chanel eye pen and matte eye shadow from a theater makeup company.
When the eyes are finished, they use Elizabeth addon lip fixing device and Lancome lip pencil ---
Jackie is Brown and Lisa is pink.
Then Shuyu village put lipstick on Jackie.
Chanel of Lisa.
They finished the pill.
Jackie, the blonde Japanese man spent so much money sitting next to her, leaning against the kitchen table and looking through her address book, as she did every night, selecting the customer\'s phone number.
For each customer who entered the club and \"nominated\" her ---
Ask her name--
She was paid an extra 1,500 yen. For a dohan --a dinner date--
The customer took the hostess to dinner and then to the club where she received a bonus of 5,000 yen.
The more nominations and nominations she gets, the more likely she will be to ask for a big raise.
If the customer answers herself on the phone, she will make a number, talk to the customer\'s secretary in stopped Japanese, or speak in English.
She changed from a low sexy voice to less female voice depending on the customer, but she asked them to all come tonight.
\"There is a party,\" she assured them . \"
Every night is the \"party\" of Casanova \".
Jackie called her best customer, Song, and finally put on a particularly thick dress for him.
\"Since I started working at the club for three months, this guy named Shigematsu--
He\'s building. -
\"There may be two nights a week coming and always asking me to sit on his desk,\" Jackie said when closing the address book . \".
Lisa stood by the stove and served a pot of water for tea.
\"So far he has given me: a Chanel bag, a Cartier watch, a Tiffany diamond pendant, a diamond bracelet and two diamond rings.
He is very good at brands.
Lisa asked her if she wanted tea.
Jackie promised.
\"Each gift is more valuable than the previous one,\" she said with a smile . \".
\"His hand stayed on my thigh a little longer than last time.
But it\'s a game with rules. he knows the rules, and I know the rules.
If he goes too far, I get up and go to the toilet.
\"Japanese customers know the rules: no groping.
Junichiro Arai, manager of Ginza Grand Mois hostess bar, made the law: \"It is the girl\'s job to deal with this situation politely.
But if it fails, she can get help and one of the waiters will talk to the customer.
But this problem is rare.
\"Shigematsu is a real estate speculator specializing in the purchase of undervalued properties from landlords.
Jackie estimated his net worth as \"a carriage --train of zeros.
\"He is 57 years old, married and has two children.
Shigematsu brought several of his colleagues to the club and introduced them to Jackie.
He showed off to Jackie at that time. -
Pat her thigh and try to make it look like their traditional mistress for the benefit of his business partner --
Customer relationship.
\"The situation in Shigematsu is becoming critical,\" Jackie said . \".
\"The size of the next gift requires not only a hint of gratitude on his cheek;
I already told him about my hotel plan.
He knows what I want.
He wanted me to be his mistress in order to get it, which annoyed me because this guy hated it.
This is not a moral issue--
This guy is disgusting.
\"But I want to do it.
\"I have to do that,\" Jackie said . \".
\"At least for a while, at least to get the company started.
Lisa said while drinking tea, as if she had heard it countless times: \"Jackie is at a hotel by the sea.
\"Jackie and Lisa came to Tokyo because they heard that a hostess who had just returned from Japan said there would be yen on the west side of the Pacific Ocean.
They met the woman in an audition for a swimsuit model at a calendar company, and when the model found out that the job cost only $500, she told Jackie and Lisa if they really wanted to make money, go to Tokyo.
\"It sounds crazy,\" said Lisa ---
The woman described the man as paying $800 and $900 to talk to them.
\"But she gave us a phone number and the names of some clubs.
She also said we could do some modeling.
But since we came here, the owner kept us busy.
\"Other people have heard of hospitality while on vacation in Thailand or India, met women who came back from Japan and told stories about the big money in Tokyo.
Although there are currently a large number of job seekers in terms of models and hospitality, women of all nationalities ---
Including the United States, the United Kingdom, France, Germany, Sweden, Finland, Australia, New Zealand, the Netherlands--
Still fly to Tokyo every day to find a job as a waitress. (
The waitress must hold a work visa, but the actual implementation is different. )
Women who answer the employment agency ads in American newspapers work as \"dancers\" or \"entertainers\" in Japan and often find themselves entertained.
Some complained and returned to the United States.
Others decided to stick to it. Laura, a dark-
Hair Woman from Warren, Michigan.
Came to Tokyo four years ago and served as a \"dancer\" at Akasaka Club, 15 minutes from Roppongi \".
\"I walked into the place and saw it wasn\'t big enough to swing a cat,\" Laura said while waiting for Akasaka on the subway station --bound train.
\"So I know I can\'t dance.
The job scared me at first, but I was used to it.
Money is sweet.
\"Some women are never used to it. The U. S.
The embassy has been involved in a case for a year, and a woman finds that her job description is not exactly accurate and then lacks the funds to go home.
In the worst case scenario, a woman was flown from San Francisco by annoying professional agents to stay in an expensive hotel and was encouraged to order room service.
When she wanted to resign, her club manager told her that she owed $7,000 to the hotel bill and ticket.
Consular Department of the United States. S.
The embassy arranged her ticket for Tokyo.
\"It can be difficult for girls,\" said manager Arai . \".
\"If they don\'t get a fixed customer or a good tip, the job isn\'t that profitable.
I will help a girl find a placeto stay)occasionally.
But prices in Tokyo are expensive and they have to start from scratch.
I don\'t want my daughter to be the hostess.
\"Complaints about emotional difficulties at work are more common than complaints about abuse or mismanagement.
\"I\'m starting to hate men,\" said Laura, 24, wearing a strap on the subway.
\"I was repelled by them, especially Japanese men.
They are so sad and gender-discriminatory that they can have everything because of money. It\'s degrading.
\"It\'s no wonder that she and other women are starting to think that men are fat wallets with as much money as possible. (
She asked to pay the interview fee for the article on an hourly basis, but did not succeed. )
Expensive dinners, designer clothing, jewelry, and even trips to Saipan, Hawaii, or Paris with customers are measured by value.
As the value of gifts increases, customers are more likely to demand physical satisfaction.
At that time, the job entered a gray area adjacent to prostitution.
At some point in her career, each hostess is tempted by the combination of a main course and a trendy gift to sleep with the customer.
As Jackie said, \"someone gives you an apartment, money and basically subsidizes your life.
If he looks good, you must be the most cautious girl in the world. don\'t think about it.
\"Each hostess has a story about the biggest gift she has ever heard of: the apartment, the $200,000 Mitsubishi stock, the Porsche taxi.
Nina from rural Devon received the Porsche.
This car is the last car that real estate developers have long tempted, they are obsessed with short, sharpBritish features.
He has given her a diamond pendant and membership to an exclusive fitness club.
He made it very clear that she had to sleep with him in order to get the car.
Nina described him as \"too weed, a thin old man.
But she longed for the black 911 tags.
She has it now.
In the evening, she stopped outside the stylish Tokyo nightclub, attracting attention;
She\'s the only 20-year-
The old blonde in Tokyo drove a $70,000 car.
But it didn\'t get her out of the game: she still works in the shy place of Roppongi.
Several waitresses came out.
Penny, 26, has successfully completed the transition from hospitality to art dealers.
She is planning a young, promising British painter show for her modern gallery near Roppongi.
\"Hospitality is the way I make connections,\" Penny said . \"
Lebanese skin
Americans with long and deep hair flowing through the waves.
\"When a friend called me and told me that he had some war sale, I decided, why not?
Ask the customer.
I sold three a week.
My commission is 15% of $150,000.
You do math.
\"After a few of these deals, she has set up a group of unpicky buyers eager to please her.
\"I have ambassadors here, foreign ministry officials, senior staff at Fuji Bank, all sorts of people.
They will pay yen for almost anything.
They like to write tax bills. off.
\"At 12: 30 a. m. on Saturday, Casanova\'s house band started a cruise --
The ship cover of B-
52 hit single Love Cottage.
\"The dance floor lights up from below with a mirror ball flashing overhead.
The band doesn\'t even bother to pretend to be enthusiastic and keep the music quiet so as not to interrupt the ongoing conversation.
The waiter was in the loop and asked every 4 minutes if a customer wanted another drink.
The customer\'s 90-minute fee, plus all the wine he can drink, is 35,000 yen (about $270)
But before buying an extra fee for a waitress drink ($50 for a soda)
Or have some popcorn or potato chips.
When a customer enters and gets a table, the manager chooses one or two women to sit with him.
The ultimate cost of a few hours of entertainment can easily reach thousands of dollars, but it is likely that customers will write off the evening time as a business expense.
Jackie sat down with her customer, Zhisong, and her mottled skin, thick glasses and high picks made him look almost old.
His two bodyguards sat with the other two waitresses.
Shigematsu ordered a normal bottle of glenleavitt Scotch whisky and a platter of island paradise snacks-
Two slices of grilled chicken breast floating on the ocean of blue unflavored gelatin.
A bamboo rope is connected to the breast.
Wrong bridgetots.
On top of the monster\'s head, the mini golf staff banner is hung on each breast. It costs $200.
Golf is a common icebreaker between foreign waitresses and Japanese customers, but Jackie and Shisong are just outside of this small chat.
Shigematsu has been telling Jackie that he is in love with her and that he wants to finish the love.
Jackie is eager to complete the financing for her hotel.
They have already dated for lunch next Saturday.
\"We have made everything clear,\" Jackie said . \"
\"The whole deal. Bank transfers. Lawyers.
I have to start looking into water rights in Mexico.
The man fell in love with me.
He told me over and over again.
He \'d even put me in his will.
\"Lisa sat at the kitchen table trying to crack a financial instrument --
The aid application form at the University of perperding says, \"You need a lawyer.
\"He is a lawyer.
You\'re right. I need a lawyer.
I have to start looking at how many beach access per guest is needed and how many square meters per horse is needed. It\'s a maze.
\"If Jackie becomes his mistress, Shigematsu has agreed to capitalize her Development Company for $250,000.
They will have dinner this Thursday and retire. a-
The fishing village of heavy pine remains in the Castle Peak of Tokyo.
Later, Jackie gave this explanation: at 9: 00 on Thursday night, Shigematsu picked her up in his Mercedes.
Jackie has arranged an evening break with the club.
She and Shigematsu dine in a French restaurant at one of Tokyo\'s most famous hotels without bodyguards. They chat.
After dinner, in the car of Shigematsu, Jackie asked to see the documents proving that the bank transfer had been deposited into the Mitsubishi bank account she had established for the company.
Instead, he handed her a small box wrapped in gold paper.
She untied it and found another diamond ring.
When she thanked him and asked him about the bank transfer, he smiled and waved her away, saying that she should not take things so seriously.
After all, they will know each other for a long time.
Ten days later, Jackie lived on Thailand\'s tropical island of Koh Samui for three months, saving her $15,000 from tips and wages.
She sold her diamond ring before leaving Tokyo.
While Jackie was in Thailand, Lisa received a letter of admission from fuller, California.
She started in autumn.
After returning from Thailand, Jackie was penniless and once again served as a hostel in Tokyo.
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