The best way to use vintage pieces in your home, according to vintage furniture dealer

by:Merttace     2020-04-24
A few years ago, when Jeff Kirk drove through Galway county, he saw an Irish wolf hunter snoozing peacefully on the couch in the middle of the field.
It\'s a typical Galway moment.
But Kirk is a dealer of vintage furniture and his goal is to find authentic mid-range furniturecentury design.
He stepped on the brake and looked at it carefully.
As he suspected, it was a Crannac sofa designed by Arthur Edwards and made in Navin in early 1960.
Kirk knocked on the door of the nearby cottage and asked the owner of the sofa if she considered selling it.
The wolf dog was expelled and the deal was completed, and Kirk returned to Dublin with a sofa tied to the roof.
Now, after renovation and renovation, it takes a place in his living room.
If you have a chair or a sofa
Small ivory plastic plaque nailed to the back can be identified-
Don\'t give it to the dog.
\"The early Crannac furniture was really hot right now,\" Kirk explained . \".
\"People often don\'t realize what it is.
Or they think it\'s not worth anything because it\'s Irish.
\"The predecessor of Crannac furniture was John Hogg & Co.
(You can see why they changed their name) Edwards is one of the designers brought to Ireland by the Irish export council Coras trachta la in the 1960 s, raising the standard of Irish design.
Kirk kept the first Crannac sofa, but since then he has found another one. The two-
The seat sofa designed by Arthur Edwards for Crannac has been carefully renovated with soft seaweed tweed and sold at his dealer Kirkmodern for 880 euros.
Teak frame with curved arm and cigar-
Become a leg, this is a rare example of the middle class in Irelandcentury design.
The Crannac sofa is rare-
Kirk has handled only two of them so far.
But Edwards also designed chairs, which tend to appear more frequently.
A refurbished Crannac chair with a new foam seat, strap and fabric for around € 400.
At Kirk\'s house, he highlighted the middle of the sofa.
Century origins combined with modern Arne Jacobsen Egg chairs
Design started in 1958 but is still in production
There are also ski posters for 1950.
The same color as the Egg chair is from Ikea.
\"This is a modern version of the traditional Scandinavian rya carpet,\" Kirk said . \".
\"An original thing will hold you back between € 400 and € 500, but Ikea stuff is very good. \"The mushroom-
The alien Nesso desk lamp is also being done by Fischella Mattioli, atmide and at the same time.
A new direct cost of 250 euros from the environment.
It is also bright orange.
\"If you like the middle
\"The century modern style, but you did it on a budget, and my best advice is to start with the palette,\" Kirk said . \".
\"Start with reading books and magazines until you train your eyes.
\"Some shades of bright orange, acidic green and blue-green just say: \'1950s!
Still don\'t know where to start fast
The fix is to check out Orla Kiely\'s household items.
\"She studied her colors very well,\" he explained . \".
\"If you\'re not confident, you can start with her palette.
Then, invest in a key piece of vintage furniture.
This is not too expensive.
The teak veneer UK 1950 s sideboard is priced at about 300 euros from Kirkmodern.
The price of the Danish sideboard is higher, generally between 1,000 euros and 1,500 euros, and the price of the designated designer\'s mahogany sideboard is as high as 3,000 euros to 4,000 euros. All of these -
Regardless of the price-are veneered.
But don\'t laugh at the veneer.
\"People ask me why they are not made of solid wood and I tell them that if so you can\'t lift it up!
\"Once you have set your price and selected your sideboard, then design it with a few pieces of stuff in the middle
Glass or ceramic.
\"An original 1960 vase could cost about 250 euros, but now a lot of these designs have been copied and you can get them very cheaply in places like TK Maxx.
Their quality will not be the same, but it doesn\'t matter.
\"If you prefer to invest in an armchair rather than a sideboard, British models are more affordable than Danish models.
A redecorated 1950 s Parker Knoll armchair will get you back to around 375 euros, which is about the cost of buying a new chair of high quality.
\"You can use mid very cheaply-
Kirk suggested: \"century fabric.
\"There are a lot around.
Flea markets and thrift stores in London are good hunting grounds.
\"Buy an old set of atomic-printed curtains by W.
\"Hertzberger prepared a turntable for Turnball & Stochdale in 1954 and then put it in your suitcase,\" Kirk suggested . \".
\"Someone with a short gun and a large glass of wine can make furniture for a group of dining chairs in one afternoon.
Or you can turn it into a mat.
This is a cheap way to get a look.
\"But in his own home, he didn\'t spend money in the kitchen.
This is a modern kitchen inspired by the 1950 generation of duckling yellow and duck egg blue.
\"We have an emotional board with photos from the 1950 magazine, but we can\'t find anyone who can make the kitchen we want,\" Kirk said . \".
\"We wanted a kitchen with legs and nobody was ready to do that.
Then we met Per ploough, who runs the Danish kitchen design in Churchtown and he knows exactly what we want.
He even found a supplier of old-fashioned swing ang.
Print Formica in USA!
\"The fridge, cooker and oven are all from Smeg and their colors match the kitchen exactly.
This is the climax of love with mid
Modern design in century.
For the person on the journey, or just wanting to flirt with it, his advice is to make friends with a dealer.
\"Tell them what you\'re interested in,\" he said . \"
\"We all saw a lot more than the warehouse space.
If I know you\'re looking for a budget sideboard, I can pick it up when I see the budget sideboard.
\"A sideboard that can be re-stored immediately after it arrives in the country can be sold cheaper than a sideboard that must be stored and sold.
His second suggestion is not to pretend that you know more than you do.
\"We all have to start somewhere,\" he said . \"
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