The Bedside Battleground

by:Merttace     2020-04-22
Think of the bedside table, which is a gentle surface of the family, nevertheless it provides a concise description of human desire, anxiety, and appetite, as one would have hoped in 2013. It’s a mess.
Look at the tangle of electronics and other items, for example, next to the head of David Rose, 46, a visiting scientist at MITI. T.
When he was sleeping, the Media Lab
Or, more often, no. Mr.
Rose, the inventor of what is known as \"visual technology\", embeds digital interfaces into objects such as bulbs and cabinets with Zeo sleep monitors;
Philips emergency lights (
It goes dark when he is ready to closeeye);
Cordless telephone; an iPhone;
The Bose speaker dock used by his wife as a mobile phone charger; a wristwatch;
And a couple of paperbacks.
It\'s all stuck on the 18 th. by-24-
For decades, he and his wife had an inch of view on an Ikea bedside table.
\"This is too embarrassing . \"
Rose interjected, \"there are still more than 20 here.
A year from Ikea.
\"But the real problem is the tangle of equipment and waiters on the bedside table.
Or, as Alexa Hampton, president of interior design company Mark Hampton, recently said, the collision of \"electronic music and nostalgia\" on the bedside table every night is a challenge. Ms.
Where Hampton keeps photos of her husband and children, as well as her iPad, iPad Mini and BlackBerry (
As her alarm clock)
, Each has its own charger, as well as a range of beauty equipment such as tweezers, skin Clippers and magnifying glasses.
All of this, together with her glasses and a stack of books, sat in the mess on a silver plate.
\"It\'s not just a technical problem, you can see . \"Hampton said.
But in the last half
For ten years, it was the addition of new technologies that disrupted the already crowded space.
Designers and manufacturers are confused about how to mediate the confusion.
The movie Robin Standerset-designer-turned-architectural-
From Here to Argentina, the designer and her husband, Stephen ellesch, have been reinventing the hotel and interior design, providing an analogy.
\"It\'s like the new plane,\" she said . \" She refers to the Boeing Dreamliner.
\"It has all these electronic devices, all these features, and it\'s getting bigger and bigger.
My relationship with the bedside table is very complicated.
I hope it is a calm thing.
I wanted to raise my head from the pillow and didn\'t see the display of the radio cabin.
The sleep survey confirmed the digital invasion of the bedroom.
In a recent study conducted by the National Sleep Foundation (a non-profit organization dedicated to \"sleep health\") in 2011, 72% of respondents reported that they went to bed with their mobile phones;
49% said they brought computers or tablets;
And 13%, an e-reader.
Pew Research Center of a investigation display 2010 of 18-year-old to 29-year-old population in have 90% of people to mobile phone put bed sleep.
These devices seem to enhance the various behaviors of the bedroom.
For example, in this month\'s GQ magazine, in the decorative features about the bedroom, readers are warned not to check their smartphones after sex.
The title reads: \"We know that watching your phone is a new smoking after sex, but at least wait until she leaves the room.
\"It is difficult for the decorators to accept orders in this area, in part because they prefer to have a bed wrapped in drawers --free tables (
\"I love bistro tables, cabble tables, and even outdoor furniture,\" says Manhattan designer Celerie Kemble \")
Not the real night. Ms.
Standefer said: \"What I want to see is the legs, not the square.
But this sense of intimacy, Ms.
Kemble said, \"left the problem of how to hide electronic products?
Most customers have iPads and Kindle.
IPhone and BlackBerry.
Don\'t forget to be in Invisalign, at night
Grinding pads, sleep apnea masks and family planning.
Before you shop for the table, you have to have a conversation about birth control.
Single men must have places to place condoms.
What about drugs, Ambien and Viagra? Or earplugs? And for late-
Worry at night, you need a place to put paper pads and pens.
\"Circle all these things, madam.
Kemble uses silver trays, antique tea cans or boxes, small boxes, and even tables with surge protectors in drawers.
For major equipment issues, she suggested, \"How about you put everything on a skirting table and a large tray and slide underneath?
\"Thininy Johnson, a senior buyer in the design space, said that it was a special challenge for the modernist or anyone with a drawer --
Small side table (vintage)
Paperback is an aesthetic ideal.
\"The new device allows us to think about what customers really do with it,\" she said . \".
\"The book is leaving.
Everyone has their books on their devices, and the equipment is getting smaller and smaller.
There are ropes to escape.
We must consider where the power supply is.
\"Jeffrey Burnett and Nicholas Dodge designed a new series in August, offering three scenarios: a storage space under a bed and a small round table tucked next to it;
There is a large bedside table and a bed with a floating bedside table with drawers;
The third one is a big bed.
\"For more intimate things, there is a more traditional bedside table with open and hidden storage.
Because even private things become more complicated.
\"Are we going to talk about sex toys?
The father of a child asked, and his wife asked him not to reveal his name.
For example, some of the items stored on his bedside table, he asked the reporter to look for good vibration, an online store with dazzling items including a range of popular items
Looks like a pink silicone vibrator made by Alessi.
\"We also have a device that can plug in the iPod,\" he said . \"
\"I can\'t say this is my favorite. ” (
He is referring to naughtibo, a vibrator that will hit your iPod playlist. )
William George, an architect who designed a fascinating modern setting for art collectors like Abby Rosen, said he occasionally put hidden drawers in his client
In an example, in a drawer of parchment paper --
He designed a bedside table with a bronze foot cover for a family with young children with a drawer in it --within-a-
Like a drawer on the 18 th.
A love letter may be hidden at Century desk.
\"This will take you to a new level . \"Georgis said.
\"We are designing for toys.
\"Morris Blanke is one of the heads of Blu Dot, a new expensive contemporary furniture maker in Minni aporiis, and he is equally frank about all the furniture that his company\'s bedroom furniture designs.
In the online directory of Blu Dot, you will see
Night Court ($499)
Can accommodate multiple numbers of six building abstracts and a particularly scary binding attachment.
\"Most of our conversations are focused on closed storage . \"Blanks said.
\"People spend more and more time in the bedroom, and their bedroom behavior has changed.
In the past 10 years, modernism has become less dogmatic.
Modern technology is expected to be more practical.
The perfect little table with a book may not be very attractive.
\"Technology has changed so fast.
Blanks added that it is better for furniture manufacturers to solve this problem in the most common way --
For example, in terms of wire management, there is usually a hole in the back of the drawer or shelf, but nothing is more specific than the docking station --
Therefore, these works will become a reality in ten years.
The bedrooms are honest spaces because they are private, social scientists say.
If you show your best self in the living room, or you want someone to see who you are, your true self can be found on that bedside table.
Sam Gosling, professor of psychology at the University of Texas at Austin, author of Snoopy: What did your stuff say to you, said, \"looking for a disconnect: Is Plato there, shakespeare and Goethe on the guest hall, junk novels on the bedside table? ”Of course, Dr.
We also showed our wishes in the bedroom, added Gosling --
For example, in the stacks of books we wish to read but never really touch.
\"My stack of books not only let you know that I have read, but also tell you some of my wishes,\" he said . \".
\"How unrealistic my expectations are.
\"12 photo sview slides
As a member of the team studying the material culture of 32 Los Angeles families for four years, Graesch, assistant professor of anthropology at Connecticut College, pointed out, \"Revelation,\" or visual clues to the bedside table, sometimes it is edited because of the actual problem.
\"For example, a parent with a young child cannot store a large number of items on/inside the bedside table, and if it is only because they will be diverted, he wrote in an email: \"Abused or stolen directly by curious handsmail.
\"At my house, we only have one bedside table, and now there is only one alarm clock and one book. The 4-year-old and 2-year-
Anything of value will be eliminated (e. g.
, Portable book lamp, spare change, Tylenol bottle)
So we put these things in higher places.
There is also a problem with the available space.
At Casa Graesch, there is only one bedside table in our bedroom.
Therefore, I do not have my own personal bedside table;
I lost the fight so I didn\'t lose.
\"Here\'s a warning about not doing it: Interior designer and feng shui practitioner Gomez ko Gomez said she would recommend Dr.
Fight for your own exclusive space.
\"It\'s important to have two bedside tables,\" she said . \".
\"Balance in relationships.
However, for the \"revelation\" on the bedside table belonging to Mr. , what should I do?
Rose, a scientist from M. I. T. ?
The wealth of equipment suggests that both he and his wife are underslept and may be slightly competitive. Mr.
Rose called the Zeo sleep monitor \"a bit offbeat\" as an aid to \"Gamification of sleep. ” (
Sleep monitors can measure your sleep status and provide you with sleep scores, he explains. )
\"I really want to do a good job of sleeping,\" he said . \".
\"I want to maintain that momentum. ” Mr.
Rose\'s wife had a Zeo before, he said, but he took it away from her because she kept telling him to turn off the lights early, that way she can get into fast eye movement sleep faster.
\"She\'s a little uncomfortable. C. D.
\"It\'s higher than me,\" he added . \".
\"I don\'t like the effect.
\"A disorganized vandal like Leslie McKee, a professional organizer in Pittsburgh, looks at electronic sleep with the same disdain they have for carefully organized products.
\"Things that support sleep, even white people --
Noise machines can add to the confusion that hinders sleep, \"she said.
\"People who are at a loss will lose energy by the bed.
We advocate simplicity.
She continued: \"We can bring a basket for electronics and drill a hole in the back of the chest to hold the wires, but any message that conveys too much to do, you don\'t want to push you in that space. O. K.
There are 1,500 books on the Kindle.
So you \'ve cleaned up the mess, but there\'s still a big gap between what you can do and what you\'re going to do.
I ask people, what\'s next to your grandmother\'s bed?
A photo, a thing that makes her happy.
Think about what your grandmother did and get some sleep.
\"In the end, when so many people are racking their brains for noise in the contemporary bedroom, historians, and even some sleep experts have begun to question this dogma, think it must be the altar for 8 hours of uninterrupted sleep.
Two shifts to sleep could actually be a natural trend, they say, rather than a by-product of age or concern.
Lucy Worsley, chief curator of the historic royal palace, a conservation group in the UK, author of the book \"if walls can speak: Intimate History of the family,\" is not only a private bedroom (and beds)
A relatively modern building, but so did eight. hour rest.
\"It was the invention of the industrial age and the owners of the factory,\" she said . \". Dr.
Worsley describes the rhythm of a typical Tudor family, and as she says, people wake up naturally after \"first sleep\", just after midnight, and hang out for a while.
\"They chat with their spouse, have sex, do housework, and even go out and rob others,\" she said . \".
\"Like stealing pigs.
This is the source of the word \"save a person\'s bacon.
You know, those Tudor villages must be very busy at night.
About an hour later, Sir. and Mrs.
Dr. Tudor will go back to bed and sleep for the second time\"Worsley said.
\"There is a strange parallel relationship between today and the potatoes, where people sleep intermittently and do a lot of things in bed.
I think I would say that the biggest thing people lack in bed today compared to the past is the company.
However, through technology, it appears again.
What is everywhere.
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