the 7 best times to buy a tv and why

by:Merttace     2020-04-14
When you buy a new TV, when you buy a TV, it is as important as what TV you buy.
This is an economic problem as a retailer. and off-
Line tends to offer a good discount on TV on a seasonal basis.
Why is seasonality so matched with discounted TV purchases?
Mainly because of what\'s on TV at a given time.
The bigger the event, the more likely the video consumer will want to see the event on the best possible TV.
In addition, retailers are more willing to enjoy TV discounts during the holidays.
Nevertheless, there is still a seasonality on this day.
TV manufacturers and retailers understand consumer behavior and do their best to offer a substantial discount on new TVs based on calendar dates and any other reason.
So, what date is most important for TV buyers, and what other factors will affect TV
Purchase decision?
These factors are important when you want to buy TV.
When is the best time to buy TV?
From the beginning of the year, when the biggest game is calling, when
Holiday sales are in full swing.
Bought a new TV in the first week.
Last week-
January is a smart financial move. After Jan.
Manufacturers and retailers reduce the price of consumer electronics to shift the remaining inventory and make room for new models. Post-
In the first week of the new year, it is not uncommon for 30% or more holiday price cuts.
The Super Bowl is the biggest sporting event of the year, and millions of Americans are working on it.
TV manufacturers and retailers are well aware of this demand, and when the demand is strongest, they will price TVsto before the Super Bowl Sunday.
Consumer Reports say the Super Bowl is the second Sunday
The best time to buy a new TV, right after Black Friday in November. Expect big games
Large screen TV (50-
Inch screen and above)
Be the best deal
Like the automotive industry, consumer electronics manufacturers introduce new models at specific times each year.
For TV makers, it\'s early spring.
When new models start to appear at the end, consumers can clean up last year\'s models with discounts ranging from 25% to 35%.
Don\'t expect to get the latest 4 k Ultra HD models at a discount, but the 2018 models will start to look really good at the price-
It was wise in the early spring.
Consumers are looking for smaller TVscan cash in the backgroundto-
School shopping seasonusually August. TVsin the 32-inch to 46-
Inch range is usually discounted on the backto-
The shopping season of the school, as their smaller size is suitable for dormitories and university apartments.
August is the weakness of the United States. S.
Consumers buy calendars, so consumer electronics manufacturers and retailers like to stir pots on dog days in the summer, offering discounts for consumers to buy again.
Consumer Reports say Black Friday is the best time of the year to buy a new TV, which is well justified.
Black Friday is the opening sale of the wild and wool holiday shopping season, and the TV discount is very large, usually as low as 60% or even highend models.
Looking for the lowest price from BlackFriday to Cyber Monday with great discounts during Christmas Eve.
During the festival, the new TV is an important part of retailer sales
It\'s a great start when you buy new TV during the holidays.
Okay, it\'s just a day, but after Christmas, the sale starts right away.
End of holiday shopping season.
On the second day after Christmas, retailers have the opportunity to start reducing their excess TV inventory, as so many consumers return to shopping malls or digital shopping sites in large quantities to return unwanted items, and read any posts carefullyholiday sales. That makes Dec.
Good day to buy a new TV at a discounted price.
Stay up late at Christmas until midnight.
Many stores opened in early December.
Must be the first. come, first-
Provide services to opportunistic TV shoppers.
Retailers are already in a hurry to clean up shelves for new TVs, so after Christmas, TV shoppers typically cut prices by around 30%.
At 2019, Amazon\'s golden day is July 16, starting at 3 p. m.
If you\'re looking for a new TV, it\'s a great date and time to get into your phone calendar and don\'t mind waiting for a while. Why?
Because Amazon (AMZN -Get Report)
Prime Day is a dream for consumer electronics enthusiasts with discounts.
For example, in 2018, Sony (SNE -Get Report)KD49X72E 49-
The low price of the inch 4 hdr TV is $438. Samsung, (SSNLF)
Sony and LG TV are sold at a low price on Amazon golden day-
Good quality, affordable, is a good day to wait.
In addition to watching the calendar, there are many other ways to save on the tvsside.
Listen and check out these size tips: getting a good price on a new TV is easier than you think.
Follow the calendar and aim for the day or week that suits you and strike at the hottest time of the deal.
There is a good chance that you will save a lot of money in the process.
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