The 60W bulb: A luminary love affair

by:Merttace     2019-11-21
The once ubiquitous 60 w light bulb will come up and down from the production line for the last time in Europe.
But while its light may dim, it still lights up many of our families.
It is also a beautiful and powerful science.
In its own glass world, there is a bright tungsten wire burning in a small laboratory.
In the soft light, there was even a little romance as it cast a painted glow on the face of the room and occupants.
60 w has long been a gentle light bulb choice
Typical British family size room.
However, this very domestic species will be listed on the endangered species list on Thursday, September 1, when the EU-
The ban on the production and import of 60 w incandescent lamps came into effect.
The customer can still get the 60 w bulb, but once the inventory runs out, it will be the same as the previous candle light and gas light.
People are forced to use energy.
Save light bulbs.
Regardless of how fans of compact fluorescent lights promote their merits, there will also be some who think Thursday is the day to pin their home in the eternal dim light.
Christopher Cook, a cultural historian, did not like the new light bulb.
The light creates an atmosphere in the room, he said, and the new light bulb sends out \"Different Light \".
\"We see a fundamental change in the way the interior is illuminated,\" he said . \".
\"The light that the old bulb projects through the lampshade is different.
The light is softer and more natural.
Light spreads through shadows.
\"More than cook who likes traditional bulbs --
Most of the 0. 6 billion bulbs in the UK are tungsten wire and people are still buying them.
According to retail analyst Mintel, the market share of incandescent lamps in 2009 was 56%, down from 85% in 2005.
The market share of compact fluorescent lamps in 2009 was 23%, compared with 3% in 2005.
But the 60 w tungsten bulb not only means a warm light, but also a modern lighthouse.
Cultural commentator Stephen Bailey is a \"perfect proof\" of how the idea is described \".
Because this is a very clear design, the tungsten lamp bulb becomes a symbol of the switch bulb. on genius.
This is literally, as well as metaphor, lighting. \"Its one fault?
Like many geniuses, it emits as much heat as light.
So now it connects butter and gas coverings on the scrap pile of technology.
One day, he said, the public may feel sad about its \"unsecured\" replacement, but if it feels like a \"bad deal\" now.
60 W is the latest Old One
In order to use the fluorescent lamp, turn off the old bulb, energy-
Save on halogen lamps and LED lights.
Many major retailers stopped selling light bulbs before the European deadline.
The bulbs of 100 watts and above have stopped production, and all pearl bulbs have stopped production, and the same fate awaits all remaining clear incandescent lamps next year.
But while those with larger houses may miss higher power, the widespread loss of 60 w may be stronger.
Critics continue to circle alternatives, although there is no doubt that they have improved since they were introduced for the first time.
However, the bulbs still find it difficult to get rid of the reputation of dim, cold, white light.
Their critics say they are slow to warm up and light flashes, and they are too big for some accessories.
The types of pasta seem to be more shaped than the pasta.
Supporters say these problems have been resolved.
But for incandescent enthusiasts, fluorescent lamps are often linked to mortuary, prison and apartment corridors.
They make you feel like you\'re being questioned, says Cook, a \"Cold Fear \".
EU leaders signed a death order for regular light bulbs in 2007 to help achieve climate change goals, but other countries have been considering this.
In 2008, the New Zealand government lifted the ban, calling it an example of the national philosophy of nanny.
But the United States will ban traditional light bulbs from the beginning of next year, and a very loud opponent is Howard Brandon, one of the world\'s most respected lighting experts, who has been asked to redesign the lighting of the Statue of Liberty, as part of the 1986 fix.
He opposed the ban on many levels, including unsatisfactory lighting quality, the cost of transforming homes to use new light sources, and the safety risks posed by Mercury.
Brandston used compact fluorescent lamps in commercial projects, but he said there was no place to put them in people\'s homes.
\"They are not bad products, they are just bad applications.
Your home should be your castle and they will enter your home to reduce the quality of light and life.
\"It will change the color of your appearance, food and furniture.
The light is not good and the color of the light is not good.
\"But for Chris oxryder, author of the light bulb: The Story of invention, it\'s just a matter of scientific progress and the new light bulb should be accepted.
\"I don\'t miss those old times that are going through 100,\" he said . \".
\"My parents will say that the new light bulb is rubbish --
They are not fast enough or smart enough, but I have accepted them.
\"There will certainly be some people starting to hoard the bulbs seriously on Thursday, but the 60-day days are coming to an end soon.
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