team sarkozy strategizes over 3-star feasts: a. craig copetas

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Finally, in a restaurant, people understand the political importance of tender veal.
Tongue lollipops dipped in seaweed butter.
It\'s called Sports cuisine.
This is entertainment.
Bochre chef Eric Frechon provided a stick to the guests of the French President Nicolas Sarkozy and the Bristol Hotel Paris restaurant
August Oetker KG in Bielefeld, Germany.
On 2008, at a ceremony at the Elysee Palace, the president awarded the honorary knight of Frechon after winning the third Michelin star.
Bristol, a frequent restaurant by Sarkozy, is also his nutrition headquarters in the fighting at the nearby Elysee Palace after the April 2012 presidential election.
Menu for 95 euros ($137)
Lobster and 80 euro cod and Yorkshire terriers barking under the table in Hermes jackets have a culinary political story to tell.
\"It\'s all about power and money in France,\" said Hall Gardner, president of the Department of International and Comparative Politics at the University of Paris in the United States.
\"This is of course the best 95 euro asparagus I have ever tasted with the dust of black truffles, which was designed for Sarkozy to convey a message.
\"Gardner stopped to take a look at a series of 35 euro desserts including Nigerian chocolate, Ma madagascar vanilla and Vietnamese pineapple souffle.
\"An interesting foreign policy, but look at the price,\" 50-year-
He is also a senior political analyst who has tasted food in the French Senate and the London House of Lords.
\"It is likely that this place will provoke the financially strapped French voters.
Let them eat cake.
\"For Sarkozy, the waiter whispered that it would be a half
Baked chocolate cake, the president\'s preferred dessert at this luxury hotel, with carved oak walls, crystal cups full of fresh rose buds, and the only known poison
Gas leak shelter in Paris
An editorial in the French magazine Express said: \"It is under the chandelier of the Bristol restaurant, where Sarkozy\'s enemies polish their weapons and perfect their betrayal.
\"Sarkozy\'s current plot began in 1715, when the doomed French royal family immigrated from Versailles and ran out of the swamp on the coast of Fort St --
Horno and began to build a solemn home.
France\'s richest man, Nicolas Beaujon, bought the Elysee Palace in 1773 ).
The French revolutionary turned part of it into a rough-and-tumble casino.
On 1829, Jules de castelland bought an open space across the street and built a stylish hotel.
The Roaring 20 s developer Hippolyte Jammet rebranded the Bristol hotel and invited Coco Chanel, Josephine Baker and Pablo Picasso to help launch
In 1940, with the addition of sauce, the plot became stronger.
The Nazi occupying forces refused to take over Bristol, which became the official residence of Americans in Paris. War-
Time guest, Anne Morgan, daughter of financier J. P.
Morgan designed the underground railway of the luxury prison to smuggle Jews out of Paris.
Rita Haworth and Charlie Chaplin appeared in the 1950 s.
Sarkozy\'s earliest visit to the Oval in Bristol was recorded during his first time as interior minister in 2002 --2004.
During the lunch staff declined to disclose, Sarkozy and his \"circle of chief advisers\" began laying the groundwork for his successful 2007 presidential campaign.
The Sarkozy team has already achieved 15-
A second stroll from the Elysee Palace with his wife Carla BruniK.
British Prime Minister Tony Blair, Spanish Prime Minister asnal and Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak were recently ousted.
\"Bristol\'s history is all about political intrigue and delicious food and wine,\" Gardner said . \".
\"Sarkozy has to eat here because he needs to be seen as an object of engagement with the French elite.
He is the only modern French president who has not graduated from Grande Ecole, which gives him a huge stack on his shoulders.
\"There is no guest manual in the Bristol restaurant to sign.
Anonymous, and a 14-
The wine selection at Margaux winery ranges from 700 euros to 3,600 euros, ensuring the restaurant\'s position in the Paris electric lunch.
\"Bristol, is Mr Sarkozy aspects after thought of political decision\" Gardner in 2004 of a bottle of price reasonable of 160 euro of Meursault \"En la Barre\" domjobard on the said
\"How politicians choose his favorite restaurant depends on what exposure they openly want.
The Bristol Hotel is a good hotel
Magnificent theater of wealth and influence.
Sarkozy used this stage to shape and spread his public image.
Gardner accurately pointed out in his own way how Sarkozy became the protagonist of the restaurant.
He believes that the president\'s misinterpretation of France\'s real politics forced him to re-
Embrace Bristol and later, celebrate his victory in the May 6, 2007 election at Le fuquette, a glittering restaurant in the Championship-
The Elysee Palace is popular among luxurious tourists, French rock stars and Arab nobles wrapped in gems.
\"That night, Sarkozy walked into fokai\'s restaurant as president of the Republic and he walked out.
Said Gardner.
\"Sarkozy celebrated with the wrong elite and showed the public that he was an admirer.
\"With the name Bling-
Sarkozy returned to Bristol to change his outfit.
Although the hotel\'s restaurant was originally a theater, Gardner said it was too late for Sarkozy to re-play his role in political drama.
\"In the history of France, their president has been accepted as a member of the elite,\" Gardner said . \".
\"Sarkozy failed because he wanted to create Kennedy Airport --
Marilyn Monroe-style administrative work in Fukai.
The French voters did not like it. he insisted.
\"As the 2012 election approaches, Gardner said Sarkozy\'s eating habits will not be good for the public who are now dissatisfied with the French elite.
Gardner\'s prediction is: \"It will bother him to come back for lunch in Bristol . \".
According to French media reports, Sarkozy said he likes the restaurant in Bristol because it is located in the center of the city.
The French president has yet to tell anyone why he prefers a lunch of about 300 euros for a free meal at the Elysee Palace.
The Palace claims to be the best government in the world.
Taxpayers are running kitchens recently.
Meals funded by chef Bernard Vaussion include dumplings;
Buyilong Corse a Corey André tuños de Voo Pico a carlote fondante;
Hibiscus de betterave Carmine and pear dip in chestnuts.
Gardner said on a plate of 85 euros in pinky: \"How much Sarkozy\'s lunch costs clearly reflects his political values
Macaroni with mushed stuffed size
Thistle, black truffle and foie gras.
\"The Bristol restaurant is the vision of the society he was elected to manage.
Still, banned Sarkozy did save money on wine while dining in Bristol.
1996 Romans
A bottle of 12,000 euros.
The sommelier will open the preferred 1990 wine for 13,800 euros.
Don\'t pay attention to wine critics: two wines of Domaine de la Romani
Conti\'s big Cru red wine goes well with crayfish wrapped in sole.
\"American politicians have a better taste for food,\" Gardner said . \"
\"In France, this is not going to work.
Obama likes to take tourists to his favorite burger. and-
Chili restaurant in Washington
Bristol is the version of Sarkozy.
Obama wants to show us all.
Sarkozy wants to show the best of France, one of them.
Message: Le Bristol, 112 St. forburg Street
Honore, Paris 75008
View or call 33-1-5343-4300.
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