taking rooms from drab to fab, with simple steps

by:Merttace     2020-05-01
The decor can be daunting, but it\'s not hard to bring a monotonous room and make it great --
Like a myth.
There are some simple touches, says Jonathan Adler.
The decorator and MSN home expert proved this on Tuesday\'s \"Morning Show\", explaining what he did to the dull roomfab!
His basic philosophy is that with some simple additions and changes, you can accept a boring, non-
Beautiful rooms from monotony to fab are described.
On Monday morning, the \"morning show\" brings a \"front\" living room: neutral simple furniture and blank walls, and many of us may have a basic and boring living room setting.
And then, Adler\'s men made it magnificent.
There is almost no dramatic change.
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Kelly accused Trump\'s Miller of responding to Adler that everyone could make such a change with some simple ideas.
His philosophy begins like this: if you want to love your space, you have to start by keeping the space clean.
Adler\'s other guidelines: try the wrong dress surface using a brightly colored seasonal throw pillow to choose a bright light with a dim light bulb. Don\'t be afraid of bold color shelving units, don\'t overfill them to be both practical and stylish.
He told CBS News: \"I have the same idea of placing shelves as I do tables, side tables or coffee tables . \".
\"When it comes to stacking things and filling shelves, you will rely heavily on trial and error.
Just roll the sleeves up and go in.
So start it;
Don\'t be afraid.
Are there any basic rules to follow?
How do you know it looks good?
How do you know if you fill in too much?
\"There\'s nothing wrong with that,\" Adler stressed . \".
\"If you like it, stick to it.
But if you want to follow the basic principles of decorating beginners, it\'s symmetry.
\"If you\'re new here, there\'s a good chance that symmetry will really help you.
Asymmetry is feasible and worth it, but it\'s hard to succeed if you don\'t know what you\'re doing.
If you are doing something that is asymmetrical, some people swear that there are three of them in everything, and some don\'t care.
Also, I don\'t know if the shelf or table might be too full if you like.
\"If you want to mix it up, try changing your bookshelf with vertical and horizontal books.
Or use a book as a base, or use it to support something else.
But as I said, there is no real rule for the shelves.
Try it. if you don\'t like it, change it.
Approach it on a shelf and you will find it in the end.
\"You and your staff have picked some very bright and lovely pillows to dress up the back part of our package.
Why do you like throwing pillows so much?
I like throwing pillows.
\"They are a very easy way to change the room or upgrade the room,\" Adler said . \".
\"If the room is a sentence, throwing a pillow is a punctuation mark.
The reason I like to throw pillows is that whenever you are in a bad mood, you can change your pillows seasonally and monthly.
What I like to do in the living room is to make bigger things like tables and chairs more neutral, and then I punch in with throw pillows and room accessories.
These pillows refresh the space, and they can fit your liking no matter what.
\"Color what you\'re talking about is don\'t be afraid of color, but a lot of people still think that bright colors are a risk.
What is your philosophy of color?
\"I hope people outside don\'t find that there is such a big risk in color.
It\'s great to use and it makes a big difference in the room.
I like bright-colored lights with dim light bulbs and feel super flattering.
In addition, dimming bulbs can bring you more lights.
I like lights.
\"I like turquoise.
This is my favorite color this season.
\"But play whatever you like.
Kind of like a shelf or a table.
Just roll up your sleeves and try it.
You don\'t have to worry about this.
\"If the color still makes you nervous, try neutral big parts and look for brighter experimental accessories.
What is the role of the Mirror in the room?
The mirror is amazing. \" Adler says.
\"They are the secrets of the decorators, and this is the secret weapon in our arsenal if you like.
They make any space more charming and flashing. They add light.
They add charm and brightness to any space while opening it.
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