stylish living room ideas from our home to yours

by:Merttace     2019-11-26
Decorating our home has become a labor of love for us.
Our favorite room to decorate so far is our living room.
This space has become the center of our home and the room we spend the most time in.
We used a mix of colors, traditional furniture and modern furniture, wall art and eyes --
Stylish living room design, complete function, comfortable and comfortable.
We hope that by giving you some ideas from our own living room, we will inspire your creativity and point you in the right direction for your living room to be your favorite room.
The walls had fallen off when we moved into the house. white.
Not bad, definitely versatile but not for us and not for our furniture and accent.
We used our favorite wall color, Sherwin Williams Latte, as well. . . WOW! ! ! !
The room just exploded!
When your paint color complements your furniture and accent, your furniture and accent complement your paint color. . . you win.
Your style is right for you.
Maybe your lifestyle is right for your style.
In this case, blue, white, green and yellow may be useful to you.
If you live in an attic in the city center, you may want an industrial look with white and silver elements.
If you\'re looking for the perfect rustic look
Try some soft, blue, red, brown, maybe some yellow.
We chose a neutral color scheme for our living room.
Brown is Jane\'s favorite color, and I like the color and color you can mix into the neutral scheme --
Like red, gold, bronze, corn and orange.
Next, we will mix more black.
After setting the color, we had to think about what to put on these walls. . .
In one of our previous houses, the walls were of the same color.
Now is the time to sell, there is an empty space above the cloak.
What would it be right there? Wrought iron?
Something black and white?
Some professional wall art?
We have a color scheme. . .
Our favorite latte is a bit red and a bit golden. . .
We know the size. . .
Then we saw it in the frame art and wall decoration section of Kirkland\'s.
The frame is the perfect thickness. . .
The color is just right, and the size looks good enough to fit above the cloak.
Sometimes you just have to do it.
These days, with all the online resources, it\'s easy to find work that suits your color before you leave the house.
When we add lamps to the decoration, we have to come up with answers to some very important questions.
Where is our main light source?
It\'s a wall lamp for us.
In other words, not a lot!
Do we want to separate the TV viewing area from the Reading area?
Not really because the room is not enough.
What kind of lighting do we want to use?
Add a light to the ceiling fan-table lamps -floor lamps?
In the end, we combine the table lamp with the floor lamp to form a style between mission and contemporary.
Believe me, these two styles are better than you think.
Our living room has two focal points, fireplace and our TV closet.
Unfortunately, the closet is next to the fireplace just because of the cable jack.
It works well there, but ideally we want to move it to a different place to feel where it works best.
Just to tell you that sometimes you play cards.
As for the rest of the room, our favorite is our sofa bed.
It is not behind the sofa, though.
We use it as an anchor against the wall.
There are lights on both ends, filled with pictures of our two families.
This is always the beginning of a good conversation.
What I hope you get from this article is that style is not limited to a term;
Like contemporary, traditional, or national.
Style is your state of mind and something that appeals to you.
My wife and I are not professionals.
We only know what we like.
When we have a problem, we face it, break it down, and decide what looks best.
With good information and a little time, you can make your living room the \"room\" that everyone talks about when they come to visit \".
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