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\"I love the lights,\" said Steve Carell, character in Adam McKay\'s 2004 classic comedy host: The Legend of Ron buggendi . \".
\"Do you really like this lamp ? \"Will Ferrell)
\"I like the light,\" or \"you just say it because you see it \".
I like the lights, \"said brick.
Actually, Ron Buchanan made sense.
Most people fall in love with beautiful fixtures without considering how or where to use them. Lighting --
This is actually the light from the lamp, not just the accessory itself ---
Very important.
It creates warmth and atmosphere that you need on these cold and dark January days.
Fortunately, experts are on standby.
Improving your lighting design is as simple as replacing a bulb.
Patrick Kerr is a lighting designer.
His company, shadow light, offers light fixtures and design services.
\"People don\'t usually have too many ideas about lighting design ---
They just inherited it when they moved into a house or apartment, \"he said.
One of the most common mistakes he sees in Irish families is the chandelier hanging from the center of the room.
It does not illuminate anything special, and there is a dark shadow in the corner.
Worst of all, it happens between you and the TV.
If you can\'t afford the cost of rewiring, the simple solution is to hook the light back to the corner.
The atmosphere of the moment.
Kerr insists that the chandelier has its own position. -
Just not in the middle of the room.
\"I like the low hanging lights hanging in the middle of the table,\" he said . \".
In a recent project, Kerr worked with interior designer Maria Mac veig to install two chandeliers on a kitchen island.
The light fixture is K-
Tribe, part of a family of lamps from the Italian company Flos (
Shadow light 570 euros per unit)
The tone is a simple bronze horn cylinder.
\"There is almost no other light in the kitchen, so we put the two pendants on the island so they can reflect the light to the working surface and then to the ceiling,\" he explains . \". Open-
Top shadow is one of the top tips for Kerr to solve lighting design problems.
\"I \'ve seen a lot of houses with a grid down
Lights are set up on the ceiling.
This darkens the ceiling and looks lower than it actually is.
You can use a desktop or floor lamp to turn on the tone on the top and reflect the light back to the ceiling, creating the illusion of height.
\"While Kerr usually works with architects or interior designers to bring lighting into the early stages of the design process, he also provides
Consulting services.
It will take about an hour and cost 3 euros. Another money-
Saving tips is to put spectacular light fixtures in the public part of the house, such as the living room and dining area, and use more cost
Effective range upstairs.
Shane Holland, a furniture designer specializing in lighting, has another useful suggestion.
Pay attention to the type of bulb you bought. Old-
Fluorescent bulbs are an endangered species. -
There are good reasons. -
They are not energy efficient.
Super LED bulb
High efficiency but careful choice is required.
The cost of high-quality LEDs is higher, but the Netherlands believes that it is a good money to spend.
\"You can get lovely warm white light from the LED bulb, but before you buy it, you need to check if it has a good color rendering,\" he said . \".
\"Buy something in a bag and go home and find it has a green tone, which is easy.
Ask the supplier to show you how the bulb works in the display.
\"One of his own recent family of lamps, the ghost of Ash, was made from gray tree branches from Co Meath hedges.
The series includes a pending (€1,895);
High standard lights (€1,130);
Standard lights in China (€875);
And a table lamp (€465)
, Limited edition for each 100.
Since they are made from real branches, each lamp is different.
Some are painted black and some retain the natural color of the bark.
Depending on the size of the lamp, the branches are stuck on the cast iron or wood base, and there is a little red acrylic in the place where the branches and lampshades meet.
All the lights have a woven red bending device like an old one
An old-fashioned kettle extending down the branch, fixed with stainless steel fittings on the knot where the branch used to be.
\"Looking for these things in the countryside is a good process,\" Holland said . \".
\"Most of the time, as a furniture manufacturer, this is to find the perfect straight piece, but with these branches,-
The more strange the better. \"www.
Shaneholanddesign. comwww. shadowlight.
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