spiral led chandelier

by:Merttace     2020-05-12
The INTROThis is a \"spiral LED chandelier\" with 240 LEDs working under alternating current.
When you turn off the lights in all rooms at night, it looks very decent.
The whole room has soft light and you can use it while watching TV.
Hang it in the restaurant for a candlelight dinner.
This is the sister model of the instructables \"LED chandelier\" I posted earlier. STEP-
1 Take a soft steel wire with a diameter of 1/8 and a length of 12 to 14 feet.
Wrap the wire into a spiral with a hook on the top.
This is a stand for LED necklaces and Transformers.
See photos for guidance. STEP-
2 in this step, connect the LED as shown in the figure.
I took 8 &-
The 8 LEDs are divided into two rows so that it can be powered by 16 volts and 1 amp. AC Transformer.
The calculation is as follows: the output of the 16 v transformer without load is 18 V. So 18 x 1. 4 =25. 2volts25.
2 volts divided by Led voltage 3. 5. = 7.
2 or you can use 8 LED per line and-8 LED for the next line.
This transformer can be 240 led for 16 LED x 15 times.
Carefully connect the LED according to the polarity shown in the circuit diagram. STEP-
Now you have 15 sets of 16 LEDs.
Connect them together and make a necklace with it.
In this step, connect the group of 15 LEDs in parallel to the transformer output.
See the chart for guidance.
The input of the transformer will be connected to the housing voltage of 220 V. AC. STEP-
At this step, you can see close-up photos of LED necklaces.
Wires extend together with LED necklaces. STEP-
In this step, the insulated PVC tape is wound around the wire to make it insulated.
You can also use flexible plastic covers for this purpose.
The transformer is connected to the steel hook through the lock line. STEP-
6 connect all the wires and hang them from ceiling fan hooks.
Open and enjoy. . .
I have been using this for the last 3 months, no problem.
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