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by:Merttace     2020-05-15
His lawyer wife, Reema, doesn\'t have to leave their 5,100. square-
Home on the North West Side on foot in a trendy hotel;
Their home in San Antonio is like a home in style and decoration.
They are closely involved in the creative process with the HGTV \"Design Star\" players.
\"I don\'t want my home to be Tuscan, Texas Mountain and dark.
I hope it will be like the lobby of a cool boutique hotel, \"said Reema Kella.
\"Do you know the stylish hotel? \" asked Kella ? \".
\"This is exactly what I want at home.
This is the couple\'s fourth home in San Antonio.
Their interest in decoration was so strong that the couple who bought their last house bought everything --
Furniture, art, carpets, etc.
As a result, the Kailas family walked out with only a personal wardrobe, a bedroom and a crib.
Kellas was introduced to TV celebrity home designer Hultgren at a cocktail party in Seattle.
Hultgren, who spent 11/2 months in San Antonio, chose the main color scheme with the couple and turned the home into a feature-style place, Miami with luxury
They ordered almost everything online.
\"Because I have to buy all the furniture, artwork and carpets for this House, I have to decide which items to splurge and which items to save.
It\'s definitely a challenging process on the budget and we found some amazing deals online.
\"Several shopping trips in San Marcos also help to control costs. Off-
The white lime stone floor extends to the entire house.
The most striking feature of the living room is huge, 60-
Inch Swarovski crystal chandelier ordered by Reema online.
Two gray velvet.
Covered sofa decorated in yellow and turquoise fabric-Covered pillows.
Some of the walls are painted light gray to complement the sofa.
The floor was snuggled with a white rug
Colorful marble fireplace.
There are sparkling gem glass stones in the working fireplace and when lit they reflect light and fire.
They added a bar area and wine fridge as they enjoyed their entertainment.
\"The living room is my favorite house and it is perfect for hanging out, where we can talk to friends for hours and have some champagne,\" explains Kella . \".
With a white curtain hanging next to it, this design is reminiscent of Schrager\'s hotel.
This effect is repeated elsewhere.
The kitchen turned from the living room was open.
Planning and functions of gray granite countertops.
The turquoise color surprised you and complemented the decor of the nearby living room.
The media room has a Moroccan influence on decorative lights, style and overall feel.
The walls are dark gray.
The room is surrounded by a gray velvet sofa with a large projector screen on one wall.
Bought silver fs and foot pads in West Elm and bought a media suitcase in the repair hardware.
The color of the master bedroom imitates the rich blue-green and cream colors of the restaurant.
However, a wall is separated by a hand plate pattern
A mural magic drawn by a local company. A double-
The layered dome ceiling is painted with matching teal shades of the walls, and two translucent natural shell chandeliers have been purchased at West Elm to filter the extra light into the room.
There are Lucite lights on the bed frame.
Large window outside the living room leads to a large backyard, terrace, BBQ area garden and 5-
A swimming pool and a spa area are available.
The same gem glass fireplace as the fireplace in the living room is decorated with a wall.
\"Never done.
\"We still have backyard to do,\" Kella said . \".
\"I want to be a cabin.
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