spaces: a fine faux finished look

by:Merttace     2020-05-15
The renovation of the new House began with simple requirements.
\"I want to have a red wall in my bedroom,\" she told her interior designer . \".
Redburn invited a painter who made the walls and tray ceiling into finished products and made the center with a red medal in a copper field.
The design team saw more beige walls that could be active in color, and under the guidance of Olsen, they moved on.
Olson is the vice president of a medical company when she bought 3,500-square-
From Tottenham striker last February at the Mediterranean foot in the northwest of basal County.
The painting began in the third step.
Danforth uses brushes and tools to give depth and elegance to flat walls, making them look like they are covered with felt, suede or parchment.
Entering the house, the stunning harlequin diamond panels on the wall of the restaurant on the left side of the entrance drew attention.
Danforth painted only three colors on the diamond: red, green and brown.
When a thin layer of metallic paint is applied, they become extra shades.
Redburn recommends trimming diamonds with gold ribbons to add size to the panel.
Redburn found a perfect painting for the walls of the restaurant, a Mexican work by Mary and Jesus in the same color as the harlequin Diamond.
The antique French crystal chandelier above the dining table is another of her discoveries.
The color of the remaining open space of the house is extracted from the diamond panel.
The office on the right side of the entrance is golden and the living room is sage green.
Olson\'s favorite lampshade (
Was later bitten by her dog)
As an inspiration for leopard print on the ceiling of the living room tray.
Danforth and an assistant drew pictures for each attraction.
Leopard prints are also attached to the door panel behind the bar in the living room.
\"He wanted the bar to pop, so he did it with purple, and then he did the door that tied it to the ceiling,\" Olsen said . \".
The bottom of the bar is half-
The wall that separates the living room from the kitchen is just a drywall until Danforth is carved out and painted it into stone squares that match the kitchen\'s real stone tailgate.
The simple fireplace in the living room shows the appearance of canadelstone;
Danforth works with poured concrete and drywall to produce a new look.
He specially made a concave area above the outer cover for the antique mirror.
\"Julie bought me that mirror a long time ago and we just cut off our legs so it fits,\" Olsen noted . \".
Although she was originally only going to paint the walls of the bedroom red, Olsen said she was happy that the rest of the house was brand new.
\"I don\'t want to stop after we start.
I don\'t want to give up halfway.
\"It became my thing and I can\'t believe I live here,\" she said . \"
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