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by:Merttace     2020-06-02
United States Market Review and Forecast This report, provides product sales findings men and women study belonging to the United States consumption of light Emitting Diode (LED) lamps (also called 'consumer-level bulbs'), which widely-used in luminaires in stationary/fixed location (non-vehicle/non-portable) solid-state lighting (SSL) General Lighting software packages. The lamps are lamps are included in new construction, as well as retrofitting/replacement of existing (installed-based) heat lamps. General Lighting provides key illumination associated with the area. In this study, you can expect a market review for your year 2010 plus our forecast and analysis (2011-2015) of LED lamps used for general lighting, including interior and exterior decorative and functional lighting for residential, commercial and government topics. For the purposes on the study, ElectroniCast Consultants includes Directional Lighting, Supplementary Lighting and Architectural Lighting in the General Lighting category. LEDs used in signage, displays and signal lighting aren't included as market forecast data for this study. Lighting used in theaters, photography, newsgathering (TV broadcasts, film, similar) and even lighting included in nightclubs during the dance floor are considered general Direct lightning. LEDs are engaged in both functional and decorative light fixtures, with an advantage of one's savings. Compared to incandescent lighting, LED-based solid-state lighting (SSL) delivers visible light with reduced warm up. In addition, its solid-state nature makes for greater effectiveness against shock, vibration, and wear, thereby significantly increasing its lifespan. LED Level Quantified previously ElectroniCast Study Below, are five levels (or 'food chain') pertaining to the LED marketplace. For that purposes in the ElectroniCast study, we quantify and supply market forecast for 'Level 3' Level 1 - The chip or die Level 2 - The Packaged LED Level 3 - Lamp (Consumer-Level Bulb, Globe, Linear Tube, Panel) Level 4 - Luminaire (light fixture/lamp holder/fitting) This report provides the 2010 market data review and 2011-2015 forecast by subsequent functions: Consumption Value (US$) Quantity (number/units) Average Price tags ($, each) The value is according to multiplying the number of units (lamps) from the average selling price (ASP) in US Budget. The ASPs are not retail prices; the expenditure is based on the price from the LED lamp at distressed and frustrated by factory level (prior to FOB - Free On Board). The significance is then based for that end-use application in the us. This study is based around analysis info obtained continually over items on the market nine years, but updated through early-February 2011. During the market research process, ElectroniCast analysts performed interviews with authoritative and representative individuals in the LED and lighting industry, plus - R&D and factory/manufacturing, by way of the standpoint of both suppliers and users of LED and lighting illumination supplements. For more information, please click :
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