Simple DIY Floor Lamp W/ Laced Cord

by:Merttace     2019-11-17
This is a very simple DIY project for beginners and can be done in a few hours using very basic tools. Enjoy! Materials:(6)
36 \"1 inch square meters long (3)
3/8 \"transportation bolts with a length of 7 inch (1)
3/8 \"transportation bolts 1/2 long (4)3/8” wingnuts (4)3/8’ washers (4)
3/8 \"lock washer light cord with plug and socket at least 10\' long-saw -bits (3/8” & 5/8”)--
Base (3)
18 inch long sections and (10)
A section of 2 inch long.
Measure and cut (3)
There are 18 \"parts of the hand saw.
Clip the other pin onto the pin you are cutting as the cutting guide for the saw.
This ensures you get a straight cut.
Ensure that the clamping block is made in order to allow space for the width of the saw blade (kerf).
Measure and cut (10)
There are 2 \"parts of the saw.
Polish the edge of the piece you just cut with a 220 sandpaper.
The main body of the lamp consists of 2 lower vertical supports, which support the vertical light support of the upper part.
These are connected together by 3 Transport bolts of 1/2.
Measure 1 1/4 from the top of the lower vertical bracket.
Mark the center of the pin in this position.
First drill a 5/8-inch hole into the pin 1/4 using a forest drill. (
The side with a 5/8 \"hole is where the round face of the carriage bolt is flush.
This will be the side of the room facing lights of your choice.
When drilling holes into the base in subsequent steps, make sure that 5/8 of the holes are on the same side as the workpiece)
Use the same center as the 5/8 \"hole, and use the 3/8\" forester bit to pass through the rest of the pin.
Use the first pin as a drilling guide to mark the hole position on another lower vertical support.
Drill a 3/8 hole all the way through this second pin.
Leave a height of 6 inch at the rear of the lamp, place the upper lamp holder vertically between the two lower verticals, and transfer the hole position to the center of this pin.
Drill 3/8 \"through a vertical upward light bracket \".
At the bottom of the lower vertical support, mark the center of the pin 1/2 from the bottom.
Drill a 3/8 hole through the bottom of two lower vertical brackets.
Mark the center of one of the 18 inch base sections, which will be between the lower vertical sections.
Drill a 3/8-inch hole through the center of this base part.
Two of the 2 inch base sections will be located on the side of the lower vertical support.
Drill a 3/8 hole at the exact center of the first 2 \"block and use this as a guide to drill through the second 2 inch.
In the 18 inch face to the room, you first need to drill a center at both ends of the 5/8 \"hole 1/4 inch deep.
This will keep the head of the carriage bolts flush.
Mark out the hole position 1/2 \"and center from each end, centered in the middle of the bottom of the outer 18 inch.
Drill 1/4 deep with a 5/8 Forstner bit and then go through all the way with a 3/8 bit.
Use this first part 18 inch as a drill guide for the other two parts and drill out these same 3/8 \"holes.
Out of the remaining 1/2 blocks, mark the center 2 inch \"inches.
Drill it out with a 3/8 \"drill, and now this is the remaining 7 2 inch drilling guides.
Drill the remaining blocks in the same position.
Assemble the vertical pieces by using the bolt head through the 1/2 outer face through 3 5/8 bracket bolts.
Add washer, lock washer, wing nut and tighten.
Two 2 inch blocks drilled in the center will be added to the middle part of the base.
Add the external 18 inch part to both sides of the base and thread through the 7 inch bolt.
Add washer, lock washer, wing nut and tighten.
At both ends, two 2 inch blocks are added on both sides of the 18 inch part of the center.
Pass the 7 inch bolt through the outer section 18 inch, all the way through.
Add washer, lock washer, wing nut and tighten.
Starting at the end 1 inch of the upper vertical light support, each 2 inch marks a hole at the center of the pin.
Drill these holes for the light rope with a 3/8 \"bit.
6 inch down from the vertical connection, each 3 inch m mark the holes of the light rope on one side.
Drill these out with a 3/8 \"bit.
Transfer the hole position to the opposite side.
Drill out these holes, too.
Polish all the holes you just drilled with 220 sandpaper.
Apply a two-layer wipe on the Poly or finish of your choice.
Start at the end, pass the light line through the bottom, reach out from the top, leave some length for the light to hang down.
Pass the light line through the hole, leaving a ring with uniform spacing on both sides.
Continue through the drooping line and bottom line.
Connect your lamp socket and plug according to the manufacturer\'s instructions.
Please consult an electrician for safety.
Screw a 40 watt LED bulb in and you\'re done. u’re all done.
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