shining a light on the history of the chandelier

by:Merttace     2020-05-16
A researcher might point out that the word chandelier is just French for the candle holder, but for most of us, the word is reminiscent of images of sparkling dance halls, Strauss-dollars, and the magnificent space may scare anyone but the royal family.
According to a recent biography, Princess Margaret said the first word her younger son said was \"Chandelier \".
\"Whether you\'re joking or not, it\'s talking about the way objects are seen, although the story of the chandelier is actually a story of candles and lighting.
Is the chandelier eternal?
Yes, according to Associate Professor Wendy Davis of the University of Sydney.
\"In some countries, the blinds of the homes may be decorative, and they no longer protect the buildings from the storm.
\"The chandelier is one of the more iconic examples.
It\'s based on these old candle holders hanging from the ceiling, and that\'s what they want to imagine.
\"From the earliest civilization, there was some form of candle.
In the Middle Ages, they were mainly made of animal fat.
When they burn and give out precious little light, these sounds and smells pounce, but in any case, most people go to bed at the end of the day.
But as the house grows bigger, they need to have the right lighting at night.
The rich use beeswax candles and usually have enough servants to deal with the changing and cutting Wick.
It\'s not surprising to find the Sun King Louis XIV himself illuminating the dazzling Hall of Mirrors at Versailles with 20,000 candles.
After all, the chandelier is no doubt a symbol of the Sun: something almost infidels, capturing the essence of light, and apparently only very wealthy people can afford it.
Wendy Davis, associate professor, said, of course, they are still a general sign of wealth and power, despite changing interior design trends.
\"Nowadays, there seem to be many different ways to express wealth in interior design.
Very high.
\"The final finish and style are very inconsistent with the chandelier,\" she said . \".
\"But I want to say in the American dialect that the chandelier has some\" old money \".
\"By the 18 th century, Bohemian crystal manufacturers were working on layered chandeliers filled with crystal drops that cast rainbows around the room.
The gorgeous chandeliers of Murano near Venice are also very popular.
However, the homes of most people are still gray.
Despite the invention of the oil lamp in 1783 and the introduction of gas lighting soon after, many people still rely on traditional candles.
In the 19 th century, even Buckingham Palace lit candles, although they were made of undripping paraffin.
When the electric light is introduced after 1880 seconds, the crystal chandelier is really turned into its own chandelier, capable of sending out a truly bright light.
Gorgeous theaters, opera houses and hotels want a statement that the manufacturer has produced huge size chandeliers, such as the huge chandelier of the Paris Opera House, whose weight was known for free in 1896, killing a person, inspiring Galston Leroux\'s 1910 novels, The Phantom of the opera.
The chandelier continues to amaze us.
The largest mosque is now found in the largest mosque, like the mosque in the Omani mosque, which weighs nearly 8 tons.
Although they are not a popular form in architectural lighting design due to lack of efficiency, Associate Professor Davis says they are still timeless because people like them.
\"Pure engineering-
The key approach to lighting design ignores the fact that people like them --
They make people happy, \"she said.
Dictators love them too.
Nicola ziescu\'s vulgar Palace in Budapest uses 3,500 tons of crystal in more than 400 chandeliers.
However, who among us is not secretly fascinated by the sight of even the smallest chandelier hanging on the table?
This is undoubtedly a sign that we all enjoy a sense of dignity in our lives.
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