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by:Merttace     2020-05-16
(CNN)—Roses? Champagne? Candlelight? A heart-
Melted chocolate cake?
While this is the busiest and most profitable day of the year for many restaurants, culinary clichés abound, there are also some special places, the service and talent from the kitchen make it very worthwhile to wear a dress on Valentine\'s Day--
Or other important occasions.
Whether it\'s a celebrity chef or a million
12-dollar view
Century restaurant or Indian Ocean countryside, there are 14 most romantic restaurants in the world, where love is truly shared.
Crab House, MaldivesSoneva ANI by Soneva, is not a luxury resort in general.
This is what the tourists of this \"no shoes, no news\" hotel can expect.
If you let experienced travelers choose the most romantic destinations around, there is a good chance that Maldives\'s Indian Ocean paradise will be among the best in more than one list.
Barefoot luxury resort Soneva Jani offers many exclusive dining options, but its latest opening makes everything even more perfect.
This is partly because this humble crab hut offers some of the world\'s best shellfish, such as Sri Lankan mud, Kamchatka, or Alaska crabs, all passing through the ocean
A variety of dishes, including garlic, black pepper, or a frying pan-
Fried food with Vietnamese or Sichuan flavor.
Classic dishes from the Mediterranean, including seafood soup or light dishes, are also worth choosing.
End the night with a sunset in the Maldives, enough to steal your heart and your Valentine\'s Day.
Soneva Jani, Medusa Faru Island, Nou Atoll, Maldives, 960 656-
6666 Lake House Daylesford, Australia-
Relax at Lake Daylesford House.
Daylesford Lake House is an elegant country hotel, a 90-minute drive from Melbourne, and is home to one of Australia\'s most famous cooking projects. Alla Wolf-
Tusk and her family have spent more than 30 years ensuring guests Live and Dine in some of the most romantic settings imaginable.
Diners can see the hotel\'s tranquil lagoon, rolling fields and forests, but it\'s hard not to focus entirely on the daring work of the kitchen.
Lake House is a pioneer in food and beverage in Australia, celebrating the seasonal Super
Most of the local produce comes from their own farm.
The late spring vegetable pie, for example, features wild garlic cream frozen, fresh tofu, green asparagus lotion, seasonal herbs and flowers to make it--almost --
Too beautiful to eat.
Lake House, 4 King Street, Daylesford, Australia, 3460;
61 5348 3329 great taste of sunset Monalisa, Cabo San Lucas, Mexican sky and Sunset Monalisa.
Sunset of Cabo San Lucas the Monaco Bay is already a picturesque destination, even before you find yourself at a restaurant carved into a cliff edge.
It is the home of the romantic name sunset Monalisa.
Big spenders will want to go to the champagne bar where selected bubbles can be paired with Iranian beluga caviar or local oysters and lobsters.
Next, chef Paul de la Cott\'s menu was inspired by the Mediterranean Sea with tuna tartare, grilled octopus, crushed potatoes or ricotta, anchovy and bottarga.
Sunset Mona Lisa, 6 kilometers, 23455 San Lucas, surcabo, Mexico; +52-624-145-
Tate Lau 8160 Tate restaurant and bar in Hong Kong was named the best female chef in Asia in 2015.
Since its opening in 2012, Tate and bar chef Lau have continued to impress.
This is one of the most elegant and romantic restaurants at present, providing a perfect platform for Liu\'s tasting menu, combining high-quality Chinese ingredients with complex French craftsmanship.
The menu was inspired by love poetry, especially by the work of the Chilean great Pablo Neruda, which was translated into fine seasonal dishes known as \"Carols \".
For example, improvise on classic French meat pastries with a unique taste of Chinese ginger, scallions, pork and veal.
Finally, Lau\'s \"Ode to red fruit\" brings yogurt egg whites with raspberry sorbet and white chocolate mousse.
Tate restaurant and bar, 210 Hollywood Road, Sheung Wan, Hong Kong;
852 25552172 related content on the plate: how to meditate through foodAqua, London, UKof-the-
Feel in the world of water debris.
Courtesy of the GroupAt shard, Aqua aquatic restaurant in London, seems to have dozens of marriage proposals every week.
The view of the British capital is dazzling, unparalleled, and it is easy to understand why it is a hot choice for incurable romantics.
Located on the 31 th floor of the city\'s most striking ---
Not to miss-
Architecture, water shards also have serious culinary flair and top notch ingredients. Hand-
Scallops from the Orkney Islands or Colchester Rock oysters are two sea appetizers.
This dish may be followed by beef fillet of Hereford or artichokes.
The restaurant is open every day from 7 in the morning. m. to 10. 30 p. m.
This means at least a considerable opportunity to touch a table by the window that is particularly mouth-watering.
31-storey water debris at 31 St Thomas Street, SE1 9RY, London, UK;
44 0 2030111256 related content Big plates: 15 new restaurants tried at 209le 1131, Burgundy, FranceAbbaye de la Bussière are close to Beaune and Dijon
The Burgundy region of France is the world-
Known for its wines and cuisine, few destinations are as romantic as Baye de bustier.
The monastery of Cistercian dates back to the 12 th century and is located in a landscaped garden.
Once the House of the monastery, the restaurant was named 1131 (
One year after the completion of the monastery)
Diners actually dine under the ancient arch and pillars.
Chef Guillaume Royer has a height-
The coveted Michelin star has also been awarded the title of \"master of French cuisine.
Dishes accompanied by Royer-
Think about deer meat and rosemary. -
It is a wine list of the best wines in the region.
Bussy, d33, 21360 Bussy-Sur-Ouche, France;
33 3 80 49 02 29 Pimms, Belmond Cap Juluca, AnguillaFine dine in an exquisite Caribbean setting.
Richard James Taylor/Belmond GAPP jurukasi is located on a small island in the British West India and is an escape for Romanists in the Caribbean.
It is luxurious and private with rich style.
Pimms offers exquisite Anglia cuisine and classic Caribbean cuisine, which is your ideal choice
Local ingredients and daily food. Citrus-
Grilled king salmon or ahi tuna fish may start before the eel lobster or roast sheep rack becomes the center of the stage.
As you would expect, this design is designed to celebrate the view of turquoise water and white sand a few feet away.
Ai ms, Maundays Bay, artificial intelligence
2640. The City of Anguilla, British West India;
Dunlawi\'s kitchen is 264 497 6666. dunlawi, Houston overlooks the banks of Bayu and Lost Lake in Buffalo, Houston.
Aisha\'s AMA/dunavi executive chef Jane Wilder is in charge of the dishes in dunavi\'s kitchen, a charming place on the terrace overlooking Bayu, Houston.
The restaurant is bathed in light, with both natural light from the outside and exquisite chandeliers from the inside.
It is easy to understand why it is a popular destination for wedding reception.
Southern California cuisine affects the menu, featuring products purchased directly from the hotel\'s three gardens.
For Valentine\'s Day, heart-
The healthy selection is also prominent, while the new addition to the seasonal menu offers more exotic flavors in the Middle East, India and Vietnam.
Dunavi, 3422 Allen Pkwy, Houston, TX 77019; +1 713-360-
The 6477 related contentHistoric hotel rooms of Swedish ice hotel Jukkasjärvi and its legendary room hotel restaurants are completely made of ice and snow and will be open in the summer using sustainable buildings.
The first ice and snow hotel in the world is a cold but undeniable fairy tale-
Like the background of a unique dining place.
Unlike the rest of the hotel, the restaurant is warm and chef Alexander Mel can offer menus that highlight local produce such as blackberries, Arctic char, or moose. A five-
Of course, there are some dishes on the classic menu that are served on ice, such as salmon with mustard mayonnaise and soy sauce jelly, while the reindeer fillet and jiemaster sauce must be the most interesting Valentine\'s Day anywhere, make sure you stay warm with your loved ones.
The menu is full of chocolate and Arctic thorns.
Ice Hotel, marknadsven 63, 981 Jukkasjärvi, Sweden;
46 706680263 Passerelle Bistro, Greenville
Same for everyone else.
Enjoy a list of top wines from Passerelle.
The Passerelle BistroReedy River in Greenville, South Carolina offers a range of waterfalls that provide a perfect romantic backdrop for diners in Passerelle Bistro.
As a regular award-
Passerelle is the winner of the national open-air restaurant. it is very popular and charming.
French classics such as grilled goat cheese, escargots, light dishes and duck meat are one of the most noteworthy dishes in the restaurant. Other desserts include lemon cream cake and chocolate mousse.
There is no doubt that the French wine list will satisfy the wine lovers.
After dinner, couples can stroll through the 32-acre waterfall park and enjoy the free bridge above.
Passerelle Bistro, 601 S.
Main Street in Greenville, SC; +1 864-509-
0142 Sentido Norte, Costa Rika another soft sunset at Sentido Norte.
Bentley Fachner/Sentido NordeThe Guanacaste coast is a perfect spot for an intimate getaway, in part because it has only recently caught the attention of tourists.
Casa Chameleon is a boutique hotel with an amazing location overlooking the Catalina Islands below, and its restaurant, Sentido Norte, has quickly won praise.
Costa chef Jose Lopez celebrates his national cuisine in dishes that reflect cultural features, combining African, European and Central American cuisine
American flavor, influence and tradition.
On the plate, this means a variety of options including tuna sashimi, Palmetto sour orange pickled fish, or pork ribs with silangen puree.
Kick back after-
Dinner cocktails are encouraged at sunset.
Sentido Norte, Costa Rica, Playa Danta, Guanacaste, Costa Rica, Casa Chameleon;
506 2103 1200 related content the most romantic place in the world, Eternal City Rome has always been a popular place for romantic escape.
HasslerAudrey Hepburn and Grace Kelly know one or two things about romance, so it\'s perfectly reasonable to choose Hassler who lives next to the famous Spanish Steps in Rome. The five-
Star properties in one of the most romantic and beautiful cities in the world are still popular with those who want to confess.
Of course, the restaurant is the key, the Michelin in the hotel-
The star restaurant ima go has a view of the Eternal City and can even make the most tired travelers stop on their tracks.
When mixed with dishes such as smoked herring, black truffles, salt cod ravioli, pecorino and sorrel or cho fish, the hotel\'s slogan \"The Ladder to Heaven\" sounds credible.
In Hasler, Italy, 6, 00187, monita monmonti square, I will go;
39 06 699340 Yardbird South table bar, wagyu, Japan and abalone in Yardbird, Singapore.
Courtesy Yardbird south Table & BarSingapore may be far from the south of the United States, but this does not prevent Yardbird south Table & Bar from serving the food of the region.
Think of cookies and gravy, tacos, puppies, crispy chicken cookies, or mac and cheese-
You can choose to include a whole lobster.
There are also light foods, such as oysters with okra and Granny Smith apples, or Caesar salad that sprouts in Brussels.
No matter what you choose, you will undoubtedly find the real charm in the warm service. The cocktails (
Occasionally quite powerful)
Another romantic element may be added.
Table bar south of Yad bird, No. 2 Bayside Avenue-07, Singapore;
018972 65 6688 9959 Catalina Rose Bay, Sydney poached marron from Western Australia with radish, aioli, dill and orange seasonings.
Paul McMahon/Catalina Rose BayOne is one of Sydney\'s most famous beachfront restaurants with views of the harbor and sunset in one of the city\'s most bustling areas.
Must have a quieter terrace
Although the restaurant is packed with locals and tourists, reservations are still to be made.
The quality of the food matches the elegant, elegant and romantic atmosphere, and the executive chef Mark Axisa offers the perfect plates that are crafted with impeccable local products.
Diners can even watch the seaplane take off and land in a few yards--
Some of them let diners arrive in a real style.
Carina Rose Bay, Lane Park, new state, Australia 2029;
61 2 9371 0555 Chris Dwyer is Hong Kong-
Travel and food writers.
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