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Homeowners are giving their interior design
There was no money to buy a new sofa, carpet or even a candle holder.
Instead, when people get bored with the surroundings, they hire professionals to do what they \'ve been doing: rearranging the furniture.
As the home design community knows, interior layout is a growing area based on the concept that people don\'t need more property to make their home beautiful.
They just need someone who is interested in color, texture and proportions to pull their furniture together.
Oh my God, Tony Iriba and Judy Anderson!
The interior design of Mission Viejoday room make-
Use items that customers already have at home.
\"We show people the decorative possibilities they can\'t see,\" Iribarne said . \".
The interior don\'t simply walk around some gadgets.
They completely emptied the room, so they didn\'t even leave the photo frame of the grandson.
They then pick and choose from existing furniture, art, plants, and accessories to turn cluttered or claustrophobic spaces into things on home magazines, thus redecorating the room.
They \"buy a house\" to find something that fits inside.
Usually, they find the corners stuffed with great stuff, tucked away in cabinets, and even reserved by homeowners for future garage sales.
\"We are a combination of detectives and set designers,\" Iribarne said . \".
\"This is the thrill of hunting.
I used to take out a beautiful antique clock from the cabinet.
The main idea is to take advantage of what they have.
\"The decorators, accompanied by assistant Becky Berry, recently redecorated the living room, family room and dining area of J. Aliso Viejo\'s homeC.
Rose Abusaid.
Abusaids has great rustic pine furniture and art and they often go to Colombia, but the couple want design experts to help them to their best.
Iribarne and Anderson emptied the room and grouped all accessories by category. Wrought-
Iron sheets, pottery, wood and silver were laid on separate blankets.
Plants are placed in the kitchen.
Furniture is out of the way, they can study the architectural features of the interior and take psychological notes on the lines of the walls and ceilings.
\"We decided on a focus and the features we wanted to enhance,\" Iribarne said . \".
They then create new seating arrangements by moving into big furniture.
Homeowners tend to push sofas, love seats, desks and other big items to the wall, trying to make the room look bigger, Iribarne said.
Instead, the wasted central space often makes the room look smaller.
She and Anderson pull chairs and sofas off the wall and sometimes arrange them asymmetrical to give the room a personality.
They made the Abusaids \'living room look bigger and broke a large L-shaped
A shaped sofa that occupies most of the space.
They moved two of the parts into the family room, placed them a few feet from the wall, perpendicular to the leather sofa, to create a comfortable corner.
Because the smaller coffee table is more suitable for the living room, they replaced the pine coffee table.
They moved a blue dhurrie carpet from the dining room to the living room, reclining under the coffee table, in contrast to the color of the pine and beige sofas.
\"We like things that are a little unbalanced.
The room was very interesting, \"said Iriba.
She simply removed the two chairs from the table and placed them in the opposite corner at a certain angle, thus increasing the interest of the restaurant.
\"All the chairs don\'t have to be around the table,\" she said . \".
\"A lot of people have beautiful interiors in their seats that you can\'t even see.
\"The decoration staff maximize the decoration quality of the family. Abusaids has tall and lush plants that interior designers like, but too many people are crowded in the dining room, so they are moved to the strategic area of the three rooms.
The decorators place the plants near the windows, naturally attracting their eyes to the view of the surrounding canyon and adding color to them with the lights.
They aim the floor lamp at the leaves instead of going down to make the plants look more noticeable.
\"Many times, people don\'t have enough lighting,\" Anderson said . \".
The last floor of the interior is art and accessories.
They usually re-hang all the pictures and tapestries because people tend to put their art too high (
To improve its appearance, it should hang near the furniture).
They moved the brocade made by Ruth Abbey usaid from the living room to the family room, where the shades of red and orange became ties
Pillows and other accents.
Most people have a lot of accessories-
Pillow, candle holder, photo, vase--
But they don\'t know how to show it.
\"Sometimes it\'s a matter of editing,\" Iribarne said . \".
People are attracted to the same type of objects, such as blue and white china. But they didn\'t realize they had a collection because they had scattered the pieces around the house instead of putting them in their eyes --
CAPTURE display.
\"We will pull them together,\" Iribarne said . \".
The decorators also mix objects of different heights and textures.
A basket or a carved piece of wood can complement the glass and iron.
A stack of simple books can increase the height and color contrast of pottery.
At Abusaids, they fell in love with an antique Buddha statue they found on the upstairs dresser and placed it in a more conspicuous position on the coffee table in the living room.
\"We think he is very beautiful and should be seen,\" said Iriba . \".
They arranged it.
The colored statue is on the diagonal of the table, then surrounded by contrasting white candles and potted Ivy set on the pyramid.
\"We want high and low and different textures,\" Iribarne said . \".
\"It\'s really boring if everything is the same height.
\"By filling the shelves with different materials and shapes, she turned the Chinese cabinet in the restaurant into a colorful focus.
While most people only use their cabinets for Chinese and crystal, she brings silver pitchers and plates, red candles, framed family photos and a feather-like Fern
She then opens the door of the cabinet and displays the display.
There is nothing wrong with the large number of experiments by the experimental decorators.
Ilibain put a plant on the cabinet in China, then stood up and wrinkled his nose.
\"It\'s not good at all,\" she said . \".
She was looking around the house for something as the center of the table, which was simple, but to make a statement.
After playing a plate of gourd, a bowl of fruit and a bottle of wine (
\"It\'s too bad, it\'s not red \")
And other potential centers where she overthrew one
The Iron Bowl has a big red candle on it.
\"It looks like nothing,\" she said . \".
Anderson decorated the fireplace sleeve above the fireplace with three different sized urn, replacing several photos and a small antique iron, leaving a deep in the large blank space
She hung up a mirror.
Balance the urns group with walls as the center.
Then, she was upset about whether to add another vase to the outer cover.
\"I like this one, but I don\'t want it to look too messy,\" she said . \"
They worked all day, after the last day
They lit all the candles and gas logs in the fireplace and invited Ruth abisusaid downstairs to see her new room.
They don\'t like to see customers.
Until they\'re done, so Abusaid lives upstairs in her home office where she\'s a graphic designer.
\"It can be very painful to watch your house be taken apart,\" Iribarne said . \".
\"It was so interesting that they were surprised.
Abusaid went from room to room with his eyes open.
\"It looks like a different home,\" she said . \".
\"I like the L-
Sofa in shape, contrast of color.
Red stands out now.
She found a metal desk lamp saved by Berry in the garage: \"Oh, you found the old red light.
\"I was going to get rid of it, but it looks good,\" Abusaid said . \".
Abusaids later praised the decorators for finding the location for the items they gave up and grouping the accessories to show the decorative theme they did not find.
$100 per hour, 3-
Oh, my God!
Last fall, after graduating from interior layout and design, I graduated from interior design.
The Dallas-based IADA is a professional association whose members are certified in one areaDay Decoration (Oh My Gosh!
Internal services charge $100 per hour, with threehour minimum.
Depending on the size and furniture of the room, it takes an average of five to eight hours to complete.
Decorators sometimes charge for the cheap goods they bring, which can have a big impact on the display.
They decorate a shelf or shelf with small plants, and when they can\'t find the right pot, they wrap it in linen and tie it tightly with the raffia line.
\"I also have lentils and kidney beans.
\"They are good for the central piece,\" Anderson said . \".
A bowl full of apples is also convenient, or there are fresh green plants in the garden that can increase the required contrast at a critical moment.
While the interior arrangement is based on anything convenient to use, Iribarne and Anderson occasionally advise customers to invest in new plants or lighting equipment.
Most of the time, however, their clients have too much furniture, not too little, and they can\'t use it all.
\"Usually, people have leftovers,\" Anderson said . \"
Iribarne and Anderson fill the gaps they may have created with leftovers by pulling items from the rest of the house.
\"We won\'t leave the other rooms deserted,\" Iribarne said . \". Oh My Gosh!
Interior design of Mission Viejo ,(949)215-4674 or (949)766-4227. (
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Under the leadership of deformed decorators Tony irebahn and Judy Anderson, they changed this Aliso Viejo living room within a day with no new items and no painting
How they did it: empty the room.
* Noted its architectural focus and features.
* Rearrange the large L-
Shaped section sofa.
* Replace a pine coffee table with a smaller coffee table.
* A blue dhurrie carpet was laid under the tea table.
* Tall plants located near windows;
Aim the floor lamps at the leaves to emphasize them.
* Hang the artwork in a lower position in order to get close to the furniture.
* Mixed accessories.
An old Burgundy
Colorful statues share coffee tables with white candles, potted Ivy and Pyramid Books.
* Light candles and fireplaces.
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