rope fender table lamp

by:Merttace     2020-04-27
An elegant desk lamp, from scratch, has a beautiful shadow effect on the material.
I call it a Fender lamp because the top is similar to a woven Fender used to prevent damage to the dock ship.
I don\'t know if the same needle is used, but it looks a lot like it 6mm paracord, aprox. 40 meters (
I still have something left when I remove the Ikea \"brommo\" garden chair)
\"Pringles\" cans or other cardboard roll back and stick plastic (
Or paper, fabric, wallpaper, aluminum foil. . . .
See text step \"complete base \")
Small pieces of wood, mounted on cardboard knurling or wire, about 1 metal market with spiral tubes, wires, plugs, lights.
You also need some tools: drill.
Once you get the hang of it, it\'s not hard!
It might be wise to cut the wires into smaller parts, because they can easily melt together if you need more length.
At each knot, you have to pull the entire remaining length through the ring.
Make a simple loop.
Curl around the wire and pass the remaining length through the coil.
This is the so-called half stich.
This picture is more than I explained in words.
Do a similar half along the first cycle.
When there is a tight loop on the other end of the 8 pull lines.
You need to create a circle that is not completely flat.
I do this for the second line: sew two and a half needles in each loop of the first line, and finally you get a 16-turn (half)
The third row: alternate the first circle and half the needle, and the second circle and half the needle, you will end with 24 laps (half)
Line 4: alternate the first half needle, the second half needle, and the third half needle.
If you do everything as plannedhalf)
The stitching of 7 rows of 32 needles continued.
So cycle half a needle each front.
This will create the middle part of a ball, not the middle part of a ball.
It doesn\'t matter, but everyone who wants to try to create the perfect ball can take a look at the sequence you use when hooking up Amigurumi.
When you run out of wires, heat the end of the wires used
, Start the new wire with the flame of a matchstick or lighter.
Press them together.
After 30 seconds, wet with your thumb and index finger and roll the joints between them.
There is a more detailed way to connect two paracords (e.
View Youtube: \"Manny method\" for connecting paracord\"
But this can be achieved in a simple way.
The bottom should be closed like an upside down step.
Skip every third lap and tighten the rope.
After a full loop starts skipping other loops.
Continue to shrink until the opening is as large as the cardboard tube.
End with a simple knot.
Cut off the ropeoffend seal with the flame of a matchstick or lighter.
In order to make the structure stronger and more like a ball, put a balloon in it and blow it until it is filled.
Dilute the glue with a little water (4 parts glue-1 water)
Tie the knot with several layers of glue \"paint.
It should be adsorbed by the rope and not visible when dry.
The balloon pops up when it is completely dry. Yeah!
Look for a piece of wood that fits nicely in a roll of paper.
You can make it a little lower than the roll so that so sinks in the roll. drill a 25 mm ? hole approx.
3 cm from the top.
Drill another hole at the top of the block to install a screw pipe to connect the socket.
If you are as lucky as I am, the tube is very comfortable and no glue is needed.
There\'s a garden-
Or the bracket of The Wire bending lampshade.
It takes about 1 m.
Go straight 30 cm
Then bend 1, 5 times around the cardboard tube and bend the rest down parallel to the first straight part.
Cut straight parts in the same length.
Drill Two fitting holes at the top of the block.
Edge, slightly inward.
Place the wire structure in the hole and try to install it on the tube.
Test height in a cool place.
Decorate the cardboard tube as you wish.
I have a piece of metal stuck to the back to upgrade the fridge. . .
But you can paint it or stick something.
Meal mats made of straw would be nice, leaving some decorative paper or fabric on curtains, sofas or mats.
You will find out. . .
Then pass the wire through the socket, the block and the paper roll.
Connect the socket and plug in the right way.
You know how to ask people when you don\'t know!
If you follow the Instructure, you should get a beautiful stylish light.
I hope you like it as much as I do.
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