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by:Merttace     2020-05-02
Dear Mark: I am building a new house and will design it myself.
I \'ve heard horror stories about designs that some friends didn\'t do research before they designed their home.
Do you have some quick tips on what I should avoid doing in the first design project? —
Tara dear Tara: in designing your first project, the mistakes of the top rookie are as follows: 1.
Hang the artwork too high.
This is a common mistake for many homeowners.
You should not look up at the \"focus\" of your art work \".
The focus of this work is where the artist intends to draw the eyes, usually the center of the painting.
To determine your focus, just measure the object and divide its height into two halves.
Measurements are then made to determine the center of the painting.
You will want to hang the painting so that the focus is on the level of the eye --five-foot seven-
Only a few inches for ordinary people. 2. High-
Vibrant colors in the bedroom.
Have you noticed that there is always a calm and peaceful color scheme in the hotel room?
The bedroom in your home should be a place to relax.
The light color scheme includes pastel and neutral colors.
If you choose to introduce bright colors in the bedroom design, then use bright colors to achieve --
Color accessories.
This is a great way to have color without eyes. 3.
The size of furniture.
Size is the most important thing at home.
Once you understand that every item in the room is connected to each other in some way, it is easy to maintain the size of the furniture and accessories.
For example, if you have a small living room, it is unwise to bring some big and crowded furniture, because the furniture will overwhelm the whole environment.
The space looks crowded.
You should have furniture proportional to the overall size of the room;
The big furniture is placed in the big room, and the small furniture is placed in the small room. 4. Avoid clutter.
Clutter is the easiest way to design a room failure.
It is human nature to collect things over the years.
We all know that someone has a lot of stuff on the side table in the living room and you\'re not even sure what\'s there.
All you see is a pile of debris.
But there are also some people who have some selection of accessories on their side table.
I bet you can remember the things on your friend\'s neat side table better than the cluttered table.
People tend to remember things that impress them, such as beautiful hands --
The carved statue your friend picked up in Europe, sitting next to the lights on the table, instead of 20 small accessories that mess up the table. 5.
Proper lighting.
When I mention the need for proper lighting, I am not referring to the designer fixture.
But the actual function of the light source in space.
Many homeowners look for a great
Looking for a fixture, don\'t consider how much light the fixture will emit.
The key is to maintain a balance between the aesthetics and functionality of the selected fixture.
Check the technical information about the fixture and be sure to have some different options before purchasing the fixture.
Designing your first project should be a fun and enjoyable experience.
To ensure the success of your project, be sure to be careful and do your research before starting the project.
Marc Atiyolil, the main trend expert, is the editor-in-
The head of Home Trends magazine, celebrity designers, and regular contributors to numerous television, radio and print media.
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