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Steven in library Luz Zhan
2012 Texans are not known for understatement, so when Mark Williamson began to describe his couch (
\"We call it Texas Depp \'\")
I bet he\'s not talking about love seats.
His sofa in his home in the suburbs of Dallas, made by a local company called leather luxury, is very similar to the sofa he saw on the repair hardware, and is really large: 100 inch long, 46 inch deep and 36 inch high.
When relatives in South Carolina visited last year, everyone jumped on the couch to take pictures.
7 people and a dog are comfortable.
For the first time, he was sitting in a restored hardware version.
Williamson said his feet did not even touch the floor.
\"It seems like a sofa for a basketball player,\" he said . \". But Mr.
5-year-old Williamsonfoot-
10, and own a company that organizes job fairs, which has since adapted to LeBron James --size seating.
\"This sofa is a beast,\" he wrote proudly on the House and Garden message board.
\"In fact, it\'s too big, just like you have a whole cow in your living room.
\"Advertising furniture has been expanding for several years, partly because it matches the size of all the necessary cave-like\" big rooms --
New home (
Maybe also to match the expanding waist).
However, the number of large furniture seems to have reached antics.
A report that the size of a sofa may be a bit abnormal?
When you start comparing it to a large farm animal.
Advertising these days, especially in mass stores
Retailers on the market are full of huge furniture: coffee tables big enough to land planes and \"luxurious depth\" sofas with sinks
Can easily double the mat as a guest bed. Even high-
European high-end brands like Poltrona Frau and Ligne Roset are selling bulky Chesterfield sofas and segmented sofas that look infinitely extended.
These furniture dwarfs the earlier ones, and even softer than the design of the rest of today\'s furniture store.
In the East Coast furniture chain Raymour & Flangan, the Briarwood series Chair of HM Richards collection is the same width as Le Corbusier\'s LC2 love seat, designed in his 20 s and designed to sell within reach. (
The \"chair half\" version is almost as big as the LC2 sofa. )
The Briarwood chair, with a strong profile and rolling arms, is the throne of the King on Sunday afternoon.
\"I\'m just shocked,\" said culture and design writer Thomas Hine, recalling his visit to the furniture store a few years ago when he was looking for chairs in suburban Philadelphia.
\"I was shocked when the furniture became so big. I had no idea.
Richard Wright in charge of Chicago
The Wright-based auction house, which specializes in medieval furniture, is now confused by the size of the furniture.
\"It\'s very strange for me,\" he said.
\"The sofa, like the chair, is deep now.
I think the seat is very deep and uncomfortable.
You feel like a child.
\"One of the most famous retailers of super furniture is California\'s repair hardware --
Chain of leather steamer and machine
The Age table shows that Indiana Jones Manor is in liquidation.
In the fall catalog, the company said its recent product line section was inspired by Baron space 18century France.
Think of the chair of Versailles, its wings and cocoons
An ish stand-out with a height of 5 feet.
The catalogue explained that the design was designed to \"defend against the draft of the great French castle \".
But unless you really own a Airy Castle, there\'s a good chance you\'ll feel like old Lily Tomlin character Edith Ann when you\'re sitting inside.
Claire Zulkey said: \"The strange thing is that you may need to live in the suburbs to have space for furniture, but it looks like the aesthetics is quite urban,\" who thought a lot about the old ones that were repaired-World-Europe-meets-steampunk look.
Advertising last summer
Writer Zulkey, who lives in Chicago, carried the restoration catalogue with him on a road trip and began to think about the furniture\'s implications for the mythical population living in the store.
On her blog, she believes that \"the people who live in the repair hardware company are either very large, so they like furniture and accessories that are commensurate with their huge proportion, or they are petite, enjoy the paltry feel of their home decor.
The company declined to comment on the article, saying only that it offers furniture of all sizes and sizes.
Annie Elliott, a Washington interior designer, said she opposed large furniture and often advised customers not to buy it.
\"It doesn\'t look right, it\'s sloppy and may be too big for any room they put in,\" Ms. Elliott said.
She recalled a customer who insisted on buying Dr.
Pete segment sofa by Mitchell King Bob Williams. “It’s U-
Shape, but they sell foot pads at the same seat height as the sofa, so you can push it forward and make a raft . \"Elliott said.
The department will enter the dining area where the customer is transforming into a family room.
\"They paid me to save them from themselves . \"Elliott said.
\"I \'ve suggested something bigger so you can have a reading chair or a place to put a drink.
\"But the client insisted that the sofa took up too much space and there was nothing else in the room to fit in.
\"There is no room for the lights,\" said the lady. Elliott said.
\"We installed the lights on the wall. ”When Mr.
Williamson put his cow sofa in his family room, which immediately dwarfs the rest.
He said he began looking for a table that matched the sofa and ended up buying \"a behemoth weighing 300 pounds.
\"The attraction of coffee tables and sofas is that they both prove the child and look indestructible.
He added: \"I can stand on the coffee table and it doesn\'t even consider germination or breaking.
I often stand on it.
The neighbors came over and I always showed them, \"You see, I can stand on this coffee table.
In some cases, advertising
Especially in New York, the doors and elevators are narrow.
Large fragments collide with simple laws of physics. Max Bar-
Director of Sales and Marketing, Dr. NahumSofa, a Bronx-
A company specializing in furniture disassembly and reassembly said he would receive several calls every day from people who buy a sofa or chair and find it too big to deliver. The steel-
The frame sofas made by Italian B & B and other modern designers have brought him a lot of business.
\"You don\'t know how big these sofas are . \"Bar-Nahum said.
It is true that it is difficult to measure the size of the furniture in the store, where the ceiling is often high and the showroom is very loft --like.
But retailers have not shown signs of removing the biggest items from their product line, even when many Americans cut jobs in response to housing collapse and recession.
David Crowe said that as of 2011, the average size of new homes was 2,244 square feet, down from 2,308 square feet in 2006, the chief economist of the National Association of Home Builders.
Square feet should be around 2,200, he added.
A trend line that barely makes Texas scream deep.
\"The root cause is that people like it and they buy it,\" Russell bienstock, editor-in-chief of trade magazine furniture world, explains the popularity of oversized furniture.
\"You have to assume that the retailer is
Sell something well.
\"Michelle Enders, a senior buyer at Raymour & Flanigan, said the company has a variety of styles and sizes, but sales in particular for the segment have been booming for the past two years.
\"They make a lot of sense . \"Enders said.
\"They maximize your seating area and they help to break the room in a larger room.
Especially in the Mack House, which is still living in the suburbs like the domestic suckling tooth elephant.
\"Look at the inventory at home,\" said Bill chick, president of HM Richards, a company that makes Briarwood chairs and their oversized chairs. and-a-half sibling.
\"People still need to provide big houses built.
The furniture will not change at once. ”Mr.
Chick found out directly what his company\'s seat looked like in a smaller house.
\"I rented a place in Naples, Florida.
\"There is one of our priests in it, which occupies the whole study,\" he said . \".
\"I think it is very out of proportion for this beach villa.
\"But he observed, in a more-
Spacious home, a large chair replaces the formal love seat and is more suitable for people\'s leisure lifestyle. And wall-mounted flat-
The screen TV eliminates the media center and creates more space for the seat.
For homeowners who have what New Yorker writer Ted friends once called \"relaxing healthy\" tastes, the oversized, comfortable seating is equivalent to comfort.
The advertisement \"people want furniture to be more comfortable. Enders said.
\"More modern furniture, stronger backrest and lower seating --
I don\'t understand how the furniture is used by Europeans. ”Ms.
Elliot, a Washington interior designer, said she heard the same comfort. is-
King is not interested in customers who buy DrPitt sectional.
\"She really wants to create a space for you to enjoy --
You can run out of the kitchen and dive. ”To Mr.
However, Hine, a culture and design writer, seems that the desire for comfort is really a \"show off indulgence \".
\"These sofas and chairs look like the most comfortable thing ever,\" he said . \"
But I want to impress everyone with my comfort. ’”Mr.
Bienenstock, furniture world editor, provides another more original reason for the appeal of huge furniture --
One of the super-conventional stimulation theories.
It is observed that the young bird makes a choice between the smaller egg or the larger egg, choosing the larger egg, even if it is artificial.
In other words, even birds think that the bigger the better.
\"Maybe the same thing is happening with the upholstery,\" Mr.
Said Bienenstock.
A version of this article was printed on page D1 of The New York edition on January 5, 2012 with the title: relax.
Big Room.
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