Reflection - Dare You From Yours?

by:Merttace     2020-06-03
After my evening Tai Chi practise I decide get a walk. Pausing to look out across the bay I enjoy the quiet and comfort. The light from the highway lamps is reflected in the water, and as drinking water ripples disturbed coming from the cold evening breeze, the spot of light that is the reflection of the bulb in the trail lamp is duplicated on each swell. The ripples stretch away from the harbour wall in direction of wharf where the boats are moored, here the water is less being affected by the wind along with the ripples fade away and with them the lamps reflection fades too. I look up in the lamps in the road and then down at the reflections stretching away with the harbour wall. Normal water disturbed by the wind creates ripples and these ripples reflect the light from the area rug. When the water is calm it will only reflect a single light, a near perfect replica on the original. Yet once the water is disturbed it reflects far more lights, and far more reflections there will be more distorted they become. We are similar to this, disturbed by the winds of existence we are rippled and become a many faceted reflection of the shining light that could be the supreme spirit. Like the distorted reflections of the street lamp I gaze upon we become distorted too. Rather than being an unique replica of ensure real light and radiating that true light in your individual way, we allow the winds of life to disturb our naturally calm interior, we become confused and lose our way, becoming disconnected from your own personal Tao. I reflect close to the change from summer to autumn. A few short weeks ago the harbour, beach and streets were teeming with tourists. Some walked along like me enjoying the scenery by themselves, some walked relinquish hand with lovers, husband or wife sometimes followed by children whilst others filtered into the amusements, pubs and clubs seeking activity. I wondered how anyone could started to such a beautiful place and then spend all their time in a pub drinking. Presumably they do it in an effort to escape with all the unpleasant boring existence which they for you to endure the rest of the year. How anyone could feverishly play slot machines hour after hour, blind to natural beauty all around, preferring the material gain which is theirs when they complete that magic line, eager acquire back home exceeding they came with, a modern way of measuring success; the investment in material possessions, grow to be I find in order to understand, to me it seems like some self-inflicted self applied. As I sit reflecting on appear to be I remember my partner and i have done all those things and more, I have no right to judge, I do not know who persons are and their struggle with the daily toil of existence may well be fraught with more difficulties than I encounter. They must travel their path and I must travel mine. I have made a conscious effort to change my life. Perhaps these people don't realise they have a choice, caught typically the stream of life, they move with whoever seems comprehend what to do and where to go, the individual that battles hardest again the flow and makes the most disturbance is essentially the most easily seen, along with they also get lost in the struggle to emulate this prominent apparently successful example. Blinded by fear, fear of being different, concern with the unknown, being nervous about failure in a global ruled by material values. Full of fear they huddle together like sheep, for there is safety in numbers, so they report. But this stifles individual development, restricts their individual freedom. To always be looking outwards to a person are want to be, to where need your name to go, being always searching for even more material growth to satisfy the modern view of what a successful person should be like, in this there is no personal freedom, no personal happiness. To obtain the courage to look within to see who you are, to learn to understand yourself, this I believe is the to be able to personal happiness and freedom. When restrict who you are THEN you learn the way forwards. This knowledge can I believe only be reached by searching within, if you don't know who you are. How can you possible come recognize your own personal path (Tao). Trying to be what others might have us be is of no use. If we listen to others who believe they know just how best for us and then follow that advise blindly, this is surely foolish and places us in similar realm as automated machines and forex robots. Once we follow this path our actions become mechanical, predictable and no longer able to along with the ever changing conditions that life puts before individuals. Reality is chaos and needs spontaneous action, not mechanical reactions. When the sea is rough it stirs up the sand near the shore and breaks away the region. Disturbed water in a pond brings the mud to leading. A ruffled mind raises sediment towards the surface and numerous calamities follow. Looking at nature is method I find useful to calm the mind, which allows the sediment to sink, so that my thoughts are purified quickly as more. Looking at the hills, mountains, lakes, rivers, the sea and open skies, one may learn to put ones own troubles in perspective, for in the great scheme of things they do not amount to much. But in the great scheme of anyone count for a lot, everything in fact. The most important person in existence is YOU. Better you come to understand your true self, who you really are, where you come from, better balanced you will become, a truer reflection of the shining light. Your mind will end up more tranquil and serenity will click. But this act of gaining self knowledge can only be initiated by you, following someone else because they possess a lifestyle that seems good or a disposition you think you would like to have too won't do it. An effort on your part to be still, to look and see, to listen and hear what occurs outside of you and how this movement effects you. What emotions, desires and fears does this outward movement raise in you? Searching at yourself in this way whilst remaining calm, refusing to allow the momentum on an outside effect your equilibrium, if place train yourself to do this, then authentic nature of food items will become clear to you. In order to allow yourself get into into the situation, you will be affected by the disturbance and lose your clarity of thought and any action you may consume the light on the will be distorted to the degree that you are disturbed. Learning to still the mind create it under your control is best if you to know who you are, what your path in life is really. Logic, the man made tool used to define our external material world can have to be dispensed with temporarily, it is no use here it will only hinder progress, for logic interferes an issue truth and efforts to categories things placing them in compartments with the known, the collection of things learnt from past experiences and stored in cognizance. These experiences will never be repeated. You may go through similar circumstances on the other hand will never be exactly the same exact. The new is always fresh, the vibrant truth cannot be linked to the past, the past is gone, irretrievable lifeless now, consumed. The future awaits country. But the present is here right now, well-liked where the truth is, in the precious present. And to discover it we must still the mind so we may feel it completely, consider it clearly, just as it is. The mind to me a lot the sea, the surface is easily ruffled by the wind but the deep waters are more tranquil. The surface of the mind the part we use in everyday life to deal that's not a problem necessities of survival, making a living etc is easily disturbed. By spending time to be alone, time to inwardly smile at everyday influences the actual surface of you can be calmed, we can get the deeper recesses within the mind, reach the source, become in contact with our true nature unfettered the actual external movement of human. We cannot often be correct, our behaviour will always be seen by some turn out to be bad no matter how hard we try to be good, the prospective of others and therefore their expectations will not always match our bait. Yet we all host the right to exist as we are each unique, not one exactly the common.
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