redecorating on a budget

by:Merttace     2020-05-01
Linda Watt, tired of her boring living room, spent $50,000 to redecorate.
She then hired Laurie Ward, who spent hundreds of dollars on the job.
CBS learned some secrets from budget decorators there this morning, and they vowed that you could get the dramatic results of a full-scale fit-out without spending money.
\"My mission is to tell people that everyone can have a beautiful home without spending a lot of money, which is really true,\" Ward said . \".
\"It\'s shocking, but it\'s true. \"Ward runs Use-What-You-
Interior Design, New York-
Decoration service based on unusual turning point.
Instead of buying new furniture for clients, she works with the furniture they already have and suggests using cheap touch to correct common decoration errors.
\"Before\", it\'s very unusual to see what kind of changes you can make with a small budget, \"Ward said . \".
\"It\'s really not how much you spend, really.
It\'s about correcting ten of the most common decoration mistakes.
\"A boring living room for the client, Linda Watt, asked her to consider buying all the new furniture.
She explained, \"I was told by some decorators that I needed to get rid of everything.
But Laurie says you don\'t need to throw everything away and we can add something to it.
\"Laurie knows how to find something.
Laurie and Linda went shopping in heavy rain and traffic in New York.
Popular news exclusive bar interview Trump new tariff new R
Laurie said Kelly accused Trump\'s Mueller response of matching the lamps and brightly colored accents, a cheap way to change the look of the room.
The same is true of correcting common errors.
In these mistakes: arrange the furniture against the wall;
Put the desk lamp behind the table;
A messy bookshelf;
Highlight the attractive radiator;
Talk with the positioning seat too far.
Laurie showed Linda how to rearrange the room to really show it.
First of all, furniture, artwork and accessories were cleaned up.
The shelves are then neatly arranged and look more formal.
Porcelain accessories were gathered nearby to create a dramatic effect in a series.
To counter the narrow shape of the room, the carpet was repositioned and the sofa concealed the radiator.
The new location of the chair and coffee table helps to create the \"talk area \".
\"The table moved away from the wall.
Next, photos of other rooms in the house were brought in to decorate the walls.
But, Laurie said, a wall is still blank because \"every room needs a blank wall to rest the eyes.
\"New purchases move in, old accessories find new homes, and colorful accents help brighten up the look.
Finally add a snow Neil throw so Linda can curl up and admire her new but familiar living room.
So what\'s the difference between moving furniture and adding some accessories?
\"I can\'t even believe it,\" Linda said . \".
\"I can\'t believe this is my living room! My God!
It\'s incredible to me.
Just some changes, you know.
I\'m excited! \"Use-What-You-
The interior cost of a room is about $300 and there are designers all over the country.
Linda Watts has a budget of up to $50,000, but she only spends hundreds of dollars on accessories.
With the money she saved, she was going to have a nice holiday with her husband.
To visit the website of the company, visit www. redecorate. com.
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