reading lamps: versatile and easy on the eyes

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They are covered in silk with luxurious tassels in their hands
Hammer copper, even paper printed in imitation turtles.
The floor lamp is equipped with standard incandescent lamps in many forms and is once again popular, especially in terms of reading.
Sy Stewart, president of Al-Stewart, said: \"In 1960s and 1970s, only 20 to 25% of the reading lights sold were floor lamps, but now they account for 35 to 45%.
Sy, one of the country\'s largest manufacturers of portable lighting.
Hillsville, Los AngelesI.
Company owned by Emess P. L. C.
A British company produces 15,000 lamps a day.
\"People are buying more floor lamps because the rooms are smaller in the new house . \"Stewart said.
\"The sofa space on both sides of the table and the lights is small.
Claire Dishman, a Los Angeles designer, made her first reading light. a hand-
Hammer copper floor model with bending rod-
Used in her own small apartment.
The lamp has a long rope that can be moved from the sofa to the table.
Even if the space is not a problem, the decorators incorporate floor lamps into their design.
\"The most comfortable reading light is a floor lamp,\" says Manhattan interior designer Mario Butta . \".
\"Usually they are 60 inch high, which is a better reading height than a desk lamp, and when placed on a table the desk lamp is usually only 53 inch from the floor.
People can move the light around them.
\"The ideal reading light has a translucent shadow on top, so the light will cast up, down, and also through what the experts call the shadow of the surround light.
Experts recommend using reading lights and ambient light from other sources to illuminate the reading space.
Nancy kristenson, lighting expert at Cleveland General Electric, said: \"Your eyes move back and forth from light to dark areas, and when the contrast between dark and bright areas is strong, the eyes become more tired.
In most living spaces, you should have at least three light sources for reading and atmosphere so that the light is adjusted.
\"To read the Lady
Christensen recommends standard incandescent lamps or new halogen lamps, which are packed in large glass envelopes and can be screwed to standard sockets.
Small, old readingstyle, T-
The shape of the halogen lamp, she said, would fatigue the eyes: \"It would emit a stronger light so that when your eyes leave the page, the contrast between the light in the room and the dark areas is greater.
\"Consumers can learn from G. E. by calling 800-626-2000.
The line is open 24 hours a day.
Ernesto Gismondi, president of Italian lighting company Artemide, said his company produced more floor lamps than ever before.
Standard bulbs are easier to read, he said.
\"Although the halogen lamp is not as tired as the fluorescent lamp, it is still too strong and bright for the family.
\"Advertising floor lamps are about the same length as electric bulbs, and some can be found in antique shops.
For example, for Victorian enthusiasts, white wicker lights and lights are in a sexy tassel tone.
And copies.
A shop at the American Museum of Folk Art sells a lamp attached to a late replica
19 th century game board.
Some craftsmen hand-crafted Victorian-style fabric tones.
Esther Rist, Portland, Oregon
She was the first person to wear an old prom dress and an old light. shade frame.
\"I tore the dress into pieces, cut out satin and lace, and put a shadow on the old frame,\" she said . \".
Now, she dyed silk, satin, and laces in deep rose, scarlet, and peach tones and made her own metal frame.
In the 1930s S, the style of the lamps changed fundamentally.
David McFadyen, curator of decorative arts at Cooper, said: \"The use of industrial lamps, such as Russo, extends into the home
Hewitt Museum, New York.
On 1937, British inventor George Carwardine sold the patent for metal lamps to Jac Jacobsen, a Norwegian textile machinery import and export company.
The lamp originally designed to illuminate the work area of the sewing machine was improved by Mr.
Jacobson introduced Russo in 1938.
From then on, from the drawing board to the kitchen table, it lights up everything.
According to Robert Luton, general manager of Russo light in Port Chester, 20 million Russo lights have been sold in 50 yearsY.
Jianghuai Jacobsen\'s industry. S. in Oslo.
Spring of light-
The balance arm can be adjusted to a different position when the head remains at the same angle.
In the 1940s S, soft lights with horns and multiple lights became commonplace in the United States and Europe.
Companies like Lightolier and Arredoluce have launched lights for three, four, six or more heads and arms that can go up, down and side at the same time
In the 1950s S, there were lights shaped like atomic illustrations in textbooks.
In more than 60 lamps, plastic is made into the shape of eyeballs, bats with wings, and mushrooms.
Over the next decade, designers have used
The shape of the extremely small and exquisite lamp halogen lamp.
In 1980s, the designer created an asymmetrical lamp. One, a five-foot-
A tall lamp designed by Los Angeles designer Miss Dishman, with a copper head placed on a curved, randomly curved copper shaft.
Another style, designed by Kevin Gray of New York, is in a Z-shape with a black metal shadow at the top.
Both designers predict that handmade lights will become more and more popular.
\"It is found that the future European lamps are too cold, too linear, and too few,\" said Miss Dishman . \".
\"There will be more exotic materials like aluminum, copper, and lamps made of lush fabrics, similar to those designed by Frank Lloyd Wright.
Mr. advertising.
Gray agrees: \"chrome lights will be less because it\'s cold and more handmade --of-a-
Design made of brass, sandblasting glass and wrought iron.
\"On Tuesday, the version of the Late City Final version of this article was printed on page C00001 of the National edition on April 14, 1988, with the title: reading lights: versatile and easy on the eyes.
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