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by:Merttace     2020-05-17
Don\'t be afraid of chandeliers.
Buying and maintaining one is not as complicated as you think.
You should consider the size of the room before purchasing.
Standard chandelier-
The size formula is to increase the room size to calculate the diameter of the fixture.
For example, if you have a 13-by-20-
Foot chamber, add two numbers to find the diameter of the chandelier in inches: 13 plus 20 equals 33-inch-
Chandelier diameter.
This formula applies to any room except for the restaurant.
To determine the size of the chandelier hanging above the table, select the chandelier with a diameter equal to 1-
Half the width of the table.
Next, measure the space between the bottom of the chandelier and the floor or table below;
This is the so-called \"drop \".
There\'s 10 in one-to 22-
Foot ceiling, the bottom of the chandelier should hang at least 11 2 feet above the floor.
Standard 8-restaurant
Foot ceiling, the bottom should be hung about 30 inch from the top of the dining room table.
The effect of the chandelier lighting up the room will be affected.
If it hangs very high, it will be used as ambient lighting;
Lower, it will be the focus and stronger light source.
Once you have selected your fixtures and found the perfect drop, you need to consider maintenance.
There are some easy ways to take care of your chandelier: dust the fixture regularly to prevent it from being cleaned.
Cleaning and polishing the bulb with a soft dry cloth will also have a surprising impact on the quality of the lamp castings.
Most hardware and lighting stores have chandelier spray, which should be as effective as more Labor --
Reinforcement method.
Nevertheless, some chandelier care experts recommend removing crystal pendants once a year, placing them in a bowl and washing their hands individually.
Always draw a rough sketch of the pendant placement before doing so: you may never remember what your fixtures should look like.
When you remove the pendant, place a furniture mat or blanket under the chandelier to prevent the falling pendant from breakage.
Once the pendant is removed, you can wash them with mild soap and very hot water.
The hotter the water, the less spots.
Be sure to dry the pendant to prevent the metal needle from rust.
You can also wash the pendant with a solution of vinegar and water or ammonia and water.
This will leave a high gloss, but be careful to get a solution near a metal nail-
Chemicals accelerate the blackening process that occurs with age.
It is good to clean the glass cleaner and soft cloth in the central part, but do not spray it into the fixture;
Be sure to spray on the cloth first.
When you reassemble the chandelier, replace the pendant from inside to outside and wipe everything quickly
Put down to remove excess moisture before re-hanging.
If you have no way or patience to take apart your entire chandelier once a year, there is hope.
There is no need to remove the crystal and glass bead fixtures and can be cleaned with cloth and mild soap and water.
These materials are stronger than cutting crystals in traditional chandeliers.
With the change of the times, the material and taste are also changing.
Kevin kolanowski of K.
The company in West Hollywood designed to use unconventional materials in his contemporary work, such as Capiz shells and stitched mother-in-cloud films.
The maintenance of his work that does not use crystals usually involves dust removal of the fixture every few months.
Fixtures made of blown glass, such as Dell kehuli
Los Angeles wired esque Murano chandelier that can be cleaned with a soft lens
Most pharmacies have polishing cloth.
Glass can be found using chemicals or water.
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