puttin\' on the ritz

by:Merttace     2020-04-14
Who would want to live in a big showroom?
Furniture stores?
It\'s scary.
The first drop of ketchup on the sofa will ruin the deal-even if it\'s Heinz.
But I can move into the Ritz Hotel happily.
Model suites and Simcoe Sts in front of Carlton apartments.
Hey, I can live in a walk. in closet.
How it\'s in a suite: The elevator leads to your apartment, like in those funky New York digs that appear in movies like The Bonfire of vanity.
Alessandro Munge, a partner at the Munge Liang architectural design firm, features a set of decorations under the exterior with a designated model kit and a sales center, acknowledging their \"New York feeling.
\"Accommodation in Ritz Hotel
Carlton Hotel will be in 53-
159 floor building of apartment suites and Penthouse.
More than 70 per cent of suites for sale;
The rest is from $1.
The size range is 0. 595 billion to more than 9 million large, ranging from 1,512 to 6,020 square feet.
The model suite is Monte Carlo, with an area of 2,000 square feet and a second bedroom, bathroom and less dressing room. The actual two-
Bedroom Suite starts at $2.
0. 985 billion square feet and 2,557 square feet.
After all, they are the owners of the Ritz hotel, so they are not stingy with anything. Built-
Vanity drawers in hall closets have easy/soft sliding drawers with custom hardware-no longer stuck drawers between drawers.
The best finishes and materials have been integrated: The floor ranges from woven marble tiles to walnut hardwood floors laid in herringbone patterns on the dining room floor.
10 feet high ceiling;
Gate 8 feet.
There is a TV in the bathroom so you can monitor the financial markets or housewives in New Jersey, how cool these two aresided gas-
A burning fireplace between the living room and the study?
\"It opens the space and gives it a 3D effect, just like a photo frame,\" Munge explained . \".
The kitchen is state-owned. of-the-art: Sub-
Zero and Miele built-
In terms of home appliances, five wolves
Gas cooktop, custom made in Bellini-
Designed cabinets-these are fine wine and Playboy but may be redundant as residents will undoubtedly visit the hotel\'s restaurants or room service a lot.
The model suite is low key and not boring.
They combine simple lines with layers of texture and plain colors: Calvin Klein meets Armani.
The master bedroom is a study of beige and beige, and it can be a bit predictable if it is not a dramatic double headboard.
There is a standard padded headboard in front of the custom
It\'s three times the size.
\"We wanted to make a big statement in the room,\" Munge explained . \"
If God is in detail, he will be in heaven here.
Instead of installing a traditional bed skirt, Munge decorated the box spring to create a smoother line.
There are textures on the curtains-silk --
Mix, beige, pure with thin stripes-the wall is a basket-
Weave the texture with silver gloss.
Leather is on the wall of the study, and its center is a chicken claw lamp that looks more like a rough root.
\"This is very organic,\" Munge explained . \"
Hammer metal that looks like wood.
\"The silver gray in the living room and the seam of the Burgundy seaweed Wall cloth deliberately do not match.
From the town of Harold to the streets of Paris, all works of art have become popular, giving new meaning to \"pop art.
\"There is a black leather ottoman in the living room as a coffee table and a screen behind the sofa just for the Performing Arts.
\"The screen is fixed on the sofa,\" Munge explained . \".
\"There is only one floor lamp, and it projects a great lamp on the screen-I like asymmetry.
\"Our mantra is \'unpredictable in your space\',\" he added \'. \" He sat on a bench covered with artificial lizards.
Munger is looking for unique works all over the world;
He and his staff even brought things from their own homes.
\"We will hit 30 to 50 stores,\" he said . \"
\"I went to seven or eight stores to buy the living room carpet.
There\'s a glass in the hall.
Jeff Goodman\'s ceiling fixture looks like a giant goldfish.
The children visiting the suite are related to it.
\"This suite is not just 60-year-
\"Old to old,\" Munger insisted.
\"The population structure is complex and has a strong sense of taste.
I don\'t want it to feel old.
It\'s not so old-fashioned, it\'s exquisite, fresh and secular-a bit exotic but comfortable.
I think I can move in, people say.
\"The occupancy rate is 2010 summer.
I don\'t know when they will hit the model suite, but I can spend the night before that.
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