Plant-Based Lighting


Hemp leftovers, discarded leaves and stalks from tobacco cultivation, and pomace made using the solid remains of wine production are each responsible for creating a different hue of the three available versions.

All three available lamps are compression-molded with the help of a bio-based binder, and finished by applying a natural wax coating responsible for protecting their surfaces from moisture. The surface pattern of each lamp is unique and unpredictable.

The pendants are made from industrial hemp harvest leftovers. The ceiling canopy is made from matte black coated iron and black cotton cord.

The pendants are made from “pomace”, which is the by-product of wine production. These minimal pendant suspension lamps were designed to suit any room and are available in several sizes.

For Tobacco, High Society collects the waste from an Italian supplier who cultivates tobacco without additives. Its natural beeswax finishing provides a smooth and shiny surface and protects it from moisture.

As a responsible bonus, each light sold by High Society supports initiatives against drug dependency in collaboration with Forum Prävention in Bolzano, NE Italy.

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