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Actor Parineeti Chopra searched 30 houses before she first discovered thisfloor, sea-
Apartment facing Bandra, Mumbai.
She wants a space full of quiet and peaceful atmosphere, full of comfort.
Also, she wants a house with her personality.
The Shabnam Gupta of Orange Lane was brought on board and with the equal participation of designers and homeowners, the interior design was shaped.
\"The house exudes a modern and stylish atmosphere, with bare brick walls and splashes of color. It shows 21st-
\"Century English style is exactly what Parineeti wants,\" said Shabnam Gupta . \".
Photo: Orange LaneWho: Parineeti ChopraLocation: Bandra, mumyear build: 2015 Size: 262 (
2815 square feet); 2 bedrooms; 3 bathrooms; dining room; living room; den;
Balcony interior designer: Summer Bunan Gupta, orange LaneThe actor apartment opens in a neutral style
The bright living room is in the center of the stage with the warmth and style in natural light.
White exposed
Brick accent wall, Chesterfield, tufted ottomancum-
Coffee table in shape
Handmade carpet in Red
Painted has carefully selected all the elements to create a comfortable and unique fashion landscape.
It is impossible to miss the spacious balcony, which is seamlessly connected through the sliding door, and you can see the deep blue sea.
Picture: Tulip mat;
Sofa: Gulmohar Lane;
Coffee table: charcoal project \"the living room is designed to be a modern space, the white of the wall is in contrast to the color of persistent organic pollutants, like the red side table, pattern carpet and abstract painting, \"said Gupta.
The balcony is designed as a casual outdoor lounge that complements the living room and becomes an extension of the living room when needed.
Dark wood floors, custom seating and soft embedded lighting help create a calm, vibrant space.
The glass panel installed under the railing extends along the length of the balcony, while the upper part is open, only by half
Transparent blinds
When it is hot or rainy, you can pull them down and keep them weatherproof in the seating area.
The other end of the balcony is a vertical garden and a jhoola seat. A distressed-
The wooden door to the dressing room was opened.
\"The green patches and cobblestone paths on the balcony help create the comfortable, Zen outdoor space palinetti wants,\" Gupta said . \".
The dressing room attracted some quirks through industrial elements.
The counter stand uses an antique sewing machine stand.
A striking concrete ceiling, rippling with arches and vintage bunker lights, complements the wall finish and the black slate on the floor.
\"Scissors lights, mirrors, and brass in shallow pots integrate the room into a seamless fabric,\" Gupta said . \".
Photo: brass accessories: KohlerThe dining area is basically the other end of the living room, designed in the iconic style of Gupta-layers of contrasting patterns, full of color and a strong eclectic atmosphere. “A black-and-
White herringbone pattern, using sea-
\"The green and black slate strips set up on the Pale floor are the basis of the table,\" Pale said . \".
However, the striking thing is the zany installation on the wall above the console.
\"I love this work-it\'s made of vintage fiberglass telephone instruments that add an advantage to this space,\" Gupta said . \".
Floor used in Guptato-
Ceiling sliding doors between rooms make it easy for space to flow into each other.
This private study with herringbone
The pattern of the single board and the Buffalo Board connects the area with the restaurant.
This is a charming space surrounded by comfortable seating and home theater systemin cabinets. The white-
The painted surround Cabinet introduces the whimsical doll with the back-
Painted niches, an apple-shaped shelf and alternative accessories.
Photo: Sofa: all the walls of the gulmohal Blue master bedroom are paneled.
In this darkness
The brown crust, white ceiling, Ottoman and bedding provide a visual relaxation for the space and bring a sense of lightness.
\"The vibrant and fun staples like throwing and drawer handles do reflect the personality of palinetti,\" Gupta said . \". The elephant-
Printed cushion, Big World Map, pink side-
The desk lamp is also very conspicuous --to-
Miss, fun element.
The space is connected to a balcony deck with vertical green walls and a separate fan that you may have never seen before. The brown-
The dominant main bathroom gets a color through carpets, potted plants, and handles on cabinets.
\"Parineeti\'s love of travel is reflected in the design-we have engraved the names of the different cities she likes and has visited on brass, installed on the Desert teak stone, and used as a wall coating in the shower area.
Combination of white-
\"The Mint stone countertops and wood floors, coupled with the continuous wood herringbone pattern, add elegance to the bathroom space,\" said Mint . \".
The second bedroom in the house has been transformed into a dressing room.
This is an elegant space designed for comfort but high functionality. A large white-
The painted art deco unit forms the vanity area while the door next to it leads to the walk-in-wardrobe.
\"The Dresser has a charming feeling, and there is light bulb lighting all around the mirror,\" Gupta said . \".
The other side of the room is a specially designed shoe niche.
Shoe niche. Article by Indian editor Aditi Sharma MaheshwariHouzz
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