Outward Bound in Merttace Lighting


On January 12, 2017, Zhongshan Merttace Lighting Co., Ltd. carried out enterprise expansion and was undertaken by Zhongshan Challenger Outdoor Sports Co., Ltd.

Corporate development training can effectively be a training process designed to help companies enhance their core values. Through training courses, they can effectively expand the potential of business personnel, enhance and strengthen individual psychological quality, and help corporate personnel build a noble and dignified personality; At the same time, the team members can more deeply experience the relationship between the individual and the enterprise, between the lower level and the superior level, and between the employees and the employees, thus inspiring the team's higher enthusiasm for work and the power of innovation, making the team more cohesive.

In this expansion training, after the brief opening speech, all the staff of our company were divided into two groups, each with 10 personnel. At first, we started to sing warmly indoors, and then we went outside to challenge the multiplayer drumming. After the warm-up of the first two activities, we participated in the next high-altitude challenge.

In order to ensure safety, we need to wear a safety rope. Before climbing to the sky, the team will cheer us up. Then we need to face the challenge of sliding the crossbar from high to low. After one round, each member successfully overcome the fear and successfully complete the challenge.

After the break, we ushered in another challenge, which required us to use only a special pole to pass a 1.6-meter-high rope from above. During this period, neither the pole nor our challengers could touch it. The rope can't be passed under the rope. After half an hour, all the staff of our company finally completed the challenge. Finally, we ushered in the ultimate challenge, the graduation wall, we need to climb a 4 meter high wall without using any tools. In the beginning, we need someone to do the ladder underneath, the people behind are responsible for the protection, let the front players climb up smoothly, and then climb one by one, and finally we realized this challenge.

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