One living room, four seasons, four different feels

by:Merttace     2020-04-22
Some people like spring in the House and outside.
Why not adapt to summer, autumn and winter?
According to regional designer Anne Elliott, homeowners can \"change the status quo, re-examine your house, move debris from room to room as the season changes, maybe something new will be added.
\"We used Elliot to show these possibilities in her Chevy Chase family room decorated for lawyers Ada Fernandez Johnson and Mike Johnson and their three children
The designer\'s company, the overbearing color, specifically helps homeowners overcome their fear of being bright and bold.
\"I encourage people to buy what they like --
A funky lamp, a quirky sculpture
And use it as a starting point for personalized rooms, \"she said.
Elliot and her team left the Johnson\'s couch, Oriental carpet and curtains in place while replacing a tall leather strip box and barrel wing chair and a glass --
Senior coffee table by Mitchell King Bob Williams.
The furniture is a pillar of a series of changing side tables, lights, pillows and accessories, some belonging to the family, but most are borrowed from regional shops and boutiques.
Elliott began to redecorate with a fireplace, which was the focus of the room.
\"There is a policeman with a mirror hanging --out.
I \'d rather see a bunch of large items if you don\'t have the right artwork.
In spring
Designer themed rooms dark brown
Photo of the hue on the fireplace;
In the summer, she gathered a group of paintings of different sizes on the mantel.
The colors extracted from the artwork around the fireplace amplify the entire room through a variety of shades, which Elliott says makes the space feel \"more authentic \".
\"So, don\'t have a beige room with a dark blue light and a dark blue pillow --
\"Popular color\" method
\"I like to use different Blues,\" she said . \".
Elliott grouped the items on the shelves and on the table in odd numbers, not symmetrical pairs.
\"It\'s much more powerful to bring together a series of things than to spread them out in the room,\" she said . \".
\"Pile up books on the table and the room invites you to cuddle up and read together.
Switch to photos and coasters and the room invites a conversation.
The Johnson family liked the changes and even bought a few things.
Nine-year-old Theo Johnson was surprised by these changes when he came home from school in the \"summer.
\"It looks really different, better than before.
Elliott seeks a more sophisticated color scheme than the yellow and green color palette usually associated with the season, instead Russian artist Vladimir Kim draws a soft color of still life above the fireplace.
The side of the painting is a curved vase filled with pussy willow trees.
The pillow and plaid pattern repeat the soft color.
Small bronze side table with ashtray;
Otherwise it looks empty.
Shell boxes, glass vases and old-fashioned brass cranes are on display on the shelves.
\"Visually, we want to distribute pink and warm tones --brass, wood —
The whole room represents the warmth and optimism of spring.
Linen next to the sofa --
There is a retro light on the table. The candle-
Filled lanterns and decorative boxes repeat the pink color of the rest of the room.
To strengthen the mood for a leisure vacation, Elliott gathered a similar-color painting on the mantel and added an old-fashioned rope light to the table.
The nautical scene leaning against the bookcase shows a day on the shore.
There are striped pillows on the sofa and chairs.
Brass fittings and trays are in sharp contrast to the ocean blue of the vase on the coffee table.
Next to the chair is a lotus flower
The shape of the candle holder is placed on the cylindrical molded rubber side table.
The glassware on the bookshelf lightens the mood in a transparent way.
Fig trees from the American factory moved out of the master bedroom.
Elliott avoided traditional autumn colors such as pumpkins and gold harvest to showcase the emerald and purple color of a landscape painting by Massachusetts artist Lisa Houston.
\"These colors represent a shorter period of time and it feels right to go back to school and work.
The box on the bookshelf, the old-fashioned Foo Dog bookshelf and the vase repeat the green color scheme.
Elliott suggested putting the book on the table next to it, not just the bookshelf and the coffee table.
\"I like to put an object on it --
This is the end of the sentence.
\"The glass light next to the sofa is balanced by a tall glass vase next to the fireplace.
Natural materials
Fur pillow on the chair, cowhide pillow on the sofa, rattan tray on the coffee table --
Plus simple outdoor activities.
The side table next to the chair is made of a slice of the trunk of the iron leg.
Elliott chose metal fragments to reflect light during the coldest season, including a Japanese
Style screen, bronze side table and polished gold bar car.
On the coffee table next to the capiz Hurricane light, a golden ball is placed on the rattan.
A brass bull on the shelf and a Bucks bowl on the side table repeat the reflective finish of the room.
The red flowers on the screen above the fireplace were picked up on the homeowner\'s lamp and the designer\'s leather stool.
Simply re-arranging the accessories can change the atmosphere of the room, Elliott said.
\"When you put the bowl or sculpture on the shelf, it looks very vivid.
When you move it to the coffee table, where you can see it from all directions, it is much easier to approach.
Make the most of these tiny changes and the room moves from formal to casual and vice versa. ” Deborah K.
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