odd table lamps - not for the typical home decor

by:Merttace     2020-05-06
When there are so many unique and unusual ways to decorate your home, why accept the dull and ordinary desk lamps that others have, because they don\'t want people to think they\'re not \"normal \"?
If you want to buy something and get a lot of fun from looking at it, why not proudly show it at home and forget what other people think?
How can you always be happy trying to please others?
Let me describe to you some unique and unusual desk lamps that you might benefit from. . .
Dragon with ball table lamp. . .
For anyone who wants to add a little sense of middle to the living room, this is the lamp that can be done.
A mythical dragon that looks terrible holds a globe in one hand and a sword in the other.
It is ready to defend your castle at any time. . .
Of course it is symbolic.
The Lamp of death. .
With this light, your friends will find you very strange. -
Assuming they don\'t think so yet.
In this lamp, death watches his crystal ball, which may indicate the future.
Around this crystal ball is the human skull, perhaps a collection of his victims.
It\'s a bit dark, but you might like these weird things. . .
Who should I judge?
Monkey Bahamas lights. . .
This light will add a tropical theme to your living space.
The trunk of the palm tree supports the lampshade.
At the bottom of this light you will see three little monkeys.
His eyes were covered.
One ear was covered.
His mouth was covered.
They listen collectively, speak, and see no evil.
Table lamp with salt bowl. . .
I don\'t know much about crystals, but from some of the people I \'ve heard, they have the power to heal.
They also believe that you will experience peace and tranquility.
All I know is that when the rocks shine they do look warm and the colors are good.
OK, I think I \'ve given you enough examples of unique and unusual desk lamp styles as a replacement for the dull and boring desk lamps that others have.
Hey, don\'t let other people\'s opinions bother you if you like how they look and feel.
Continue to decorate your home with what you really want.
You will be happier.
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