nina campbell\'s tips for creating the perfect dining room

by:Merttace     2020-05-13
There has been a lot of discussion about whether the restaurant is ignored and conducive to the kitchen, but I believe there is a suitable restaurant.
My special feature is a William yewald mirrored focus piece of furniture that I brought from my old apartment.
When I moved it was too high for space so I redesigned it with the original top but there was a new cabinet base.
This gives a lot.
Needed storage space and added an extra dimension to a room that is essentially a long and thin.
The result is more than a cabinet.
This is a work of art. the antique glass on the door reflects a flattering reflection.
Here are some tips to add a little bit to your restaurant.
1 Try using the restaurant in order to keep the room alive and in use-
A room table with a pile of books or flowers.
To increase interest, replace your porcelain and glassware on a regular basis.
It\'s fun to change your table settings and update it with a new section.
They may come from cars.
Start selling from traveling abroad.
Don\'t be afraid to buy two, three or four glasses because you can always pair them with something else.
2 Why don\'t you dress up the table with a silver classic pysley, or play in color and cover the table in Sally.
Don\'t be afraid to break the boundaries of the tablecloth and use textured fabric to add vitality to your table.
From a practical point of view, if you are fun, why not place a simple appetizer in place when your guests arrive.
The main course and pudding are always on hand so it is convenient and does not extend the meal time.
The key to the table is that it should encourage dialogue between guests (
Including host)
So make sure there are no obstacles.
The vase should be a little lower in order to limit the interference, maybe only one stem.
The good thing about having a restaurant is that you can close any messy east west door at night and leave the open space until the morning.
I am passionate about good room planning and it is essential to perfect a space before you personalize it.
It\'s easy to get to the dining room from your general entertainment space and kitchen.
Nina Campbell\'s kitchen design tips Nina Campbell\'s bathroom design tips Nina Campbell\'s colorful decor guide Nina Campbell\'s lighting tips Nina Campbell\'s redecorating guide how to show properties for sale light is a must indispensable.
The lights should be subtle but sparkling.
The bright headlamp is not very good except for the chandelier-
Suitable for dining.
The dimmer switch should be installed even with the chandelier.
Experiment with the level of the light to achieve a perfect balance.
Introduce mirrors to maximize the light.
When reflecting the silver and glassware of the table top, this is a clever way to add charm and sparks.
Acoustics is also important but often overlooked.
I often cover the walls of the client\'s room with fabric, not only because I like the fabric on the walls, which can be undisguised in luxury, but also because it is practical.
The padded fabric produces dense, dull effects, so the music and sound are enhanced with no reverb.
These are great qualities for restaurants or entertainment venues.
8 scalable tables are a great tool as they prevent the table from looking empty when serving smaller parties.
But when squeezed into some extra guests, they provide extra space.
You can then reduce the size of the table and store it between meals.
9 Well thought-
Going out for storage is a crucial factor for easy living, and most importantly in the restaurant.
It is absolutely necessary to have spacious cabinets to store all your porcelain, glassware and linens.
If you are a fan of traditional British design, check out the red restaurant, which is an important part of our traditional culture.
But there is no reason for tradition not to be updated.
Rethink the classic red walls with modern square bookcases and shelves from floor to ceiling.
You can then keep other decorative elements more neutral, such as curtains and chair decorations, for a softer modern style.
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